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Post by kaylover » Mon Apr 23, 2007 1:42 pm

What does Sky News need to do, to once again be the most watched and best news channel?

Here is what i think:

> New Graphics. More modern and less 2D. Softer news ticker, maybe tansparent. Make the text in the ticker go red for breaking news. A new live Bug that moves. Use blue again. Shows (eg:sunrise) to have better branding and their own graphics along with stings etc...

> Strong presenting duo's: Anna & Jeremy/Martin & Julie/Kay & Mark.

> Shows to have their own set. Right now the use of the whole studio is just too big and cold. There are lots of spaces for shows such as upstairs, the newswall, westminster studio and the newsdesk (facing the globe to stop the set looking big and cold)

> Launch Primetime Shows and get rid of that Stupid News every 15min. Primetime should start at 7pm and be made up of three shows. One at 7/8/9. Themes for the shows would be @7 Magazine style show. @8 Debate style show. @9 Legal issue based show. Have headline updates every 30 min.

> Idea's for Schedule:

06:00 - Sunrise

Eamonn Holmes & Charlotte Hawkins

09:00 - Newsroom

with Martin Stanford & Julie Etchingham

12:00 - The Live Wall

with Anna Jones

14:00 - Newsroom

with Kay Burley & Mark Longhurst

17:00 - Sky News Today

Jeremy Thompson & Anna Botting

19:00 - ? (Magazine Style Show)

20:00 - ? (Debate Style Show)

21:00 - ? (Legal Style Show)

22:00 - Sky News Tonight

with Colin Brazier & Lorna Dunkley

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Post by classeyham » Mon Apr 23, 2007 3:39 pm

Not without the young membersNixen - bixen, no way, kaylover. Not without the young Soulfull Dynamic asLukwesa Burak, Samantha Simmonds, Faye Barker, Angela Corpe, Ursula Errington, Paula Middlehurst, Helen Fospero, Steve Dixon, Colin Brazier, Mark Longhurst, Gilian Joseph, Orla Channaui, Allan King, Charlotte Hawkins, Eamonn Holmes, Martin Popplewell and Paul Harrisson plus, of course Jeremy Thompson.Forget the oldtimer Kay Burley, Anna Botting, Anna Jones, Martin Stanford, Julie Etchingham, James Rubin, Chris Rodgers, Peter Spencer, John Craig, Rona Dougal and Lorna Dunkley. And it is only the beginning......classeyham.

Of course not any viewers are agree with me - but many of the new viewers is looking after number one.....

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Post by classeyham » Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:28 pm

Looking after number one...Of course - not any viewers are agree with me, but many of the new Sky News-viewers are looking after number one.....Sky News 2007/8 - sorry!

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Post by universalstudy » Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:16 pm

A news channel like sky news is great,becuase you can watch it any time you need to even when you finish work at 1am in the morning.

go guys go, number one in my books.

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