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Post by DRL » Thu Nov 23, 2006 9:05 am

Am I alone in feeling that personal and abusive comments , such as the one above, are not appropriate on this forum? We all have our personal favourites, but I don't think we should be too negative about the others. There is one lady in particular who I find too irritating to watch, but I wouldn't be abusive; I simply find other things to do on weekend evenings and look forward to the return of one of the stronger presenters in those slots. (I have mentioned the halcyon days of Liza Aziz or Paula Middlehurst at weekends on several previous occasions.)

Daisy Steiner
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Post by Daisy Steiner » Thu Nov 23, 2006 3:07 pm

Could someone please explain to me what this obsession is with the "DAY"?

The average person like myself, is out at work. We catch the news first thing in the morning, early evening, and late at night.

I'm assuming people who work at home, house wives/husbands, and of course the Media Mafia, are day watchers.

Hear hear DRL - As for such abusive comments, there are elements of the playground bully. i enjoy watching many presenters on many channels, but this does not mean i would be so abusive about others.

Daisy Steiner
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Post by Daisy Steiner » Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:11 pm

p.s. Lukwesa...ordinary looking??????

Each to his own i suppose.

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Post by skyspy » Fri Nov 24, 2006 3:08 pm

classeyham wrote:

r....and Sky Spy too childish. Sorry - but I mean it - and You mean the same to me...........Still haven?t found what I?m looking for..... Classey.....

You think you're a man but you're only a boy < divine 1988>

this means nothing to me

Ordinary looking , No .

I think she's a bit weird looking for my tastes.

Leave them all behind

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Post by xxx » Fri Nov 24, 2006 3:58 pm

I enjoy reading both negative and positive opinions, maybe the negative comments could be slightly more constructive, but then again if we expect that, then we must expect all positive comments to be constructive.


(Have a Nice Day)

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Post by classeyham » Fri Nov 24, 2006 7:51 pm

Vienna (Midge Ure v/g.) Ultravox (up to no. # 2 in the UK 1981 (Guinness Brit Hit Singles) HMV, Oxford Street).

Thank a lot, U Guys!Couldn?t answer before now, and in fact, I must back to CPH., again at PM 02.00 CET, because I?m a reporter/journalist, stand by for a danish TV-and radioshow up to Christmas from monday - thuesday CET 22.00 or friday CET 14.00 this week, ok!)

Havn?t seen Sky News the last three days, except for this morning (Pussycat Dolls feat. Nicole Scherzinger), it?s not my kind of style and Det Svenske Dagblad (Svenska Dagbladet)...Stockholm f?rst med avenceret kr?ftkampagne for patienter mellem 60-90 ?r....Stockholm f?rst med unik cancerkampajn...(The Papers 07.45-07.53 UK time). BTW have any Sky-members show(ed) the new Hollywood-movie "The Painted Veil" with Naomi Watts and Edward Norton - the old Greta Garbo-film from 1937, where - at least Naomi Watts must having an Academy Award nominations to the Oscars, Golden Globe and to The BAFTA?s in january/february???

A few words to: Of course "techno_surfer". It was nice to talk with you last week. Not only about my favorite, Lukwesa Burak, - but all other things. But as you know, there was some problems with my post friday/saturday, but I hope, it is in order now....I like to hear from you....

To "sweetyboy" or jonn0boy. Thanks for always been the same person in this Forum. Thanks for always be a very fair. I try myself to be "fair" monday, but I needed 3 or 4 days in Copenhagen. So, I couldn?t answer. Sorry about that. Thanks to all others, who read my post, but didn?t wrote again.. Then I think about "Vienna" with Ultravox, when I was just a young kid live at Roskilde-Festivalen 1981 (but I am sure I am a man today - not only for my wife and for my to big children. Also with two jobs as 1) reporter/journalist and 2) teacher for people, who likes showbiz (between 20-55).

And then some words to JIMO96: First time you wrote to me, you called me for a champion there like "new faces" to Sky News. No - it was only Lukwesa Burak and Samantha Simmonds. Anything else...Then you told me, ...and for the overnights, you?d rather watch BBC with Karin Giannone than any of the Sky mob.

The other day you told me - again, that she (Lukwesa Burak) was CRAB????? And with very ordinary "awfull" hairstyle. Again from JIMO96: I hope they let her nowwhere near the day schedule. Long may Julie Etchingham rule the day-slot!

I am sure, Julie Etchingham is ruling the day-slot. She is Sky News best payed female presenter/

colleageue in Westminster. You and I know her from The tzunami two years ago in dec., first woman (with Adam Bolton) to cunduct The Election last time in May 2005 plus interwiev with Mrs. Rice (right hand for George W. Bush) US and the Soham Murder Trial!

Of course she rule the day-slot for SN.....

But Lukwesa Burak is the best newcomer and this years 2006 Breakthrough at Sky News. But you have looking at BBC. I couldn?t call Lukwesa crab. I dot call anyone crab. Even you! And with your very ordinary "awfull" hairstyle, you are so insane, that the most people in the Forum, you know, get off.

If you don?t like Lukwesa Burak JIMO96, (and you don?t) - you are still very welcome to look at Karin Giannone and all the other Mob at BBC. We don?t need you at SN. Or....I don?t!

I mean, Lukwesa Burak is so sexy, talented, reverence and clever - have you even seen the other female at SN??? :rolleyes:

Sky News needed her, and Lukwesa need(ed) them too - not only as Overnights presenter, but always the-whole-day-around (!)...

If anybody here wanted to write again - I suppose - it couldn?t maybe first be with answer on friday night. Thanks....Friendly............Classeyham.......

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Post by classeyham » Sun Nov 26, 2006 1:24 am

Play The Game with The Queen (1980).....

Well - I am back again, and first it would be nice to talk with "tecno_surfer" - again!

Of all things. Your problems. Other problems and How do Lukwesa Burak have it right now? Is it still SKY NEWS or Terrestrian TV? As I wrote it few days ago: I don?t think you are right, as Lukwesa?s style isn?t SN and she prefer Terrestrial TV!

It can be more warmth and personality - but I fell 100 % that SN?s is her style. Looked at Helen Fospero, Gillian Joseph, Paula Middlehurst, and Samantha Simmonds.

They all looks like stars in Sky News Television - and if we talk "stars" and weather-girls (sorry Francis) - you got Francis Wilson, Joanne Wheeler and maybe the best right now, 35-years old, Isobel Lang. The three people knows something about the weather, and the Theme always try to do the "best out of it" to "us" viewers...

It is not all about beauty and kindless in the line to be a success. It?s all about enthusiasm, intelligence, intuition (men have not intuition, even at home and especially when they work...), but together beauty and professional suviver. That?s exactly what Lukwesa Burak have....and of course a few other womans in Sky News, too!

Dear techno_surfer! Take a long while and watching Lukwesa in SKY environment. As you wrote. She always came across as a enthusiasm friendly, megastyle presenter. :rolleyes: Lovely!!! Remember - Play the Game......and if you were hoping for views. Ask again.....

To all other: JIMO69, Guvnorgaz, jonn0boy, erxin, sky spy and a "lot of friendly fans" in this TV Forum. Write again. I try - have my mistakes - but I do my best......... classey...........

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Post by classeyham » Sun Nov 26, 2006 1:25 am

Hi "techno_surfer". Do you remember, that I dropped anything about Imelda Marcos and her shoes m.v. It went wrong for me, that Lukwessa Burak said something I couldn?t hear, so I didn?t wrote nothing. Okay? ....classey...... :rolleyes:

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Post by classeyham » Sun Nov 26, 2006 3:15 am

Thin-legged history from the Overnights......

Normal Sky News Overnights from 12.00-07.00 is the best news from Sky News with always sweet and quiet Samantha Simmons and pretty, welknown and very quickly, Lukwesa Burak - but this Overnight was a very Thin-legged history with Alexander Letvinenkes suddenly death (30 hours ago????what a news) - but it wasn?t Samantha Simmons, she was off tonight and it wasn?t nor, neither Lukwesa Burak. She was also off tonight.

Both the best one, Sam Simmonds and Lukwesa Burak. Since summer holiday Samantha Simmonds every week presented The Overnights 2 or 3 days a?5 hours plus at least one weekend watch every sunday. Lukwesa have taking 4 or 5 (yes, Emma & Emma, it was 5 days) Overnights every week a?5 hours, and Sky News needed NO news at all, especially because they thanks to beauty and quiet Samantha Simmonds and pretty cool and ambitious Lukwesa Burak!

But Tonight exploded the Balloon. The third woman at the Overnight, Ursula Errington, wasn?t there - so young and very untested, Miranka Schunke, tried to talk about the former KGB-agent, Alexander Litvinenkes suddenly death in London - but with a lot of advertising every 15 minutes and sports-results the other 15 minutes plus "old news" from ABC two times 30 minutes. Not special Overnights news-luck. Poor Miranke Schunke (Anna Botting, Anna Jones, Kay Burley or Julie Etchingham could all have done this Thin-legged historie better than the Devil himself!

And Helen Fospero, Paula Middlehurst, Gillian Joseph and Steve Dixon could have done it over 2x45 min. plus extra time.......

............Friendly Classey............. :rolleyes: Thanks to Samantha. Thanks to Lukwesa and thanks to Miranke Schunke........

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Post by classeyham » Sun Nov 26, 2006 3:39 am

Sorry about that!!! :mellow:

It is difficult to speak danish 23 hours a day and suddenly spelt post/topics in english. It is easier to listen to english and spell it the same day!

Last night I couldn?t see anymore of Miranda Schunke and ex-KGB, Alexandr Litvinenkos, dead in London. But now it seem easy to spell Sky News Overnight members name: Samantha Simmonds, Lukwesa Burak, Ursula Errington - is she a sister to Juliet Errington? - and Miranda Schunke. I hope for you, that you got much more training before next SN Overnight, Miranda!

And I can see today, that the most newspaper spell the russian, Alexandr Litvinenko. Sorry about that! And sorry about, that I couldn?t spell to Miranda Schunke.......Classey....

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