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ITN today unveils a new corporate identity designed to project the company?s

emergence as a global multimedia content business, building on its role as the UK?s

leading commercial news broadcaster.

ITN also announces that it has received new investment of over ?1m from its existing

shareholders to accelerate the growth in its key multimedia units. Further detail is

included in the Operational Update below.


�� From today ITN?s business units are as follows: ITN News (which includes ITV

News, ITV London, Channel 4 News, More4 News); ITN Source (formerly ITN

Archive); ITN On (formerly ITN Multimedia and ITN Radio); ITN Consulting; ITN

Factual; Visual Voodoo.

�� ITN?s new branding gives each division its own identity and colour. It also

emphasises the unifying purpose of each business within ITN to deliver the right

content to our customers at the right time.

�� The new investment will accelerate the growth of the archive business, ITN

Source, and the 3G and broadband business, ITN On. Turnover for ITN Source and

ITN On has trebled over the past two years and is currently growing at around

35% year on year.

�� ITN Source is one of the world?s leading commercial providers of moving image

content, with over 700,000 hours of footage across a diverse range of collections

including British Path?, Reuters, Granada, Channel 4, Fox News and Fox

Movietone. ITN Source performed strongly in 2005. The ongoing digitisation of

the business?s most popular content will drive further growth and efficiencies in

customer service. In January 2006, ITN Source announced a partnership with

Google, providing content for its Video Store. In April 2006, ITN announced a

project with Sony to create an internet-based access system that will provide

desktop access to a large selection of the iconic footage managed by ITN Source.

http://itn.co.uk/images/itn_news_logo.gif http://itn.co.uk/images/itn_source_logo.gif http://itn.co.uk/images/itn_on_logo.gif http://itn.co.uk/images/itn_factual_logo.gif

New Slogan: Right Content, Right Now.


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