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Post by AJ » Fri Feb 24, 2006 4:11 pm

How about the new: "video your message and send it to us"

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Post by mickey » Sun Feb 26, 2006 1:08 pm

I'm not surprised the Sky News has lost out to News24. Since the new studio and change in programming the station has lost it's character. Sunrise was my favourite breakfast viewing but now with Eammon H it's a disaster and borders on the banal. Big changes are need if Sky news is to get back to the top slot again.

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Post by AJ » Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:10 pm

Maybe the loss of "News Channel of the Year" will kick Sky's increasingly smug and lazy arse into action?

Let's face it - I think that Sky were starting to think that they could do no wrong after having won for 4 years in a row. Their presentation has become lazy and stale, and as said above, they've lost everything that made them "Sky News".

The old studio may have been cramped, but it felt a lot cosier than this new place and had a hell of a lot more character.

The newswall is far too big. A massive gimmick - what's the point in the massiveness of it when a smaller one would have done the job just as well (displaying images).

Where's the newsroom? The thing about the old Sky News Today is that you could be a part of the action - right there in the pulpit of the newsroom. In the new complex, the journalists are tucked away around the corner and out of sight.

The 2 desks near the newswall. What the hell is the point (especially during Sky News Tonight) of Chris Roberts staying put, and Gillian Joseph moving a few metres to another desk. This abolishes any chance of any banter and distances the presenters making them relatively lifeless. Sky News used to be about warmth and interaction whilst presenting the news. Not anymore it seems.

The rotating desk - another expensive and under used gimmick. All it seems to be used for is to look good whilst the camera pans across the studio at the start of each hour. Why not vary the background throughout the day rather than just for World News Tonight? Why not use the full 360 degrees?

The "shoebox" - a highly underused area of the studio - used only in Saturday Live and The Sky Report. What's wrong with it? Why not use it as a soft area during sunrise and throughout the day?

The mezannine level. Urgh. I really can't see the point in going up there to be honest. The background is boring - there's no action in it, and you can't really see anything except the top of the set.

Sports News - this really gets on my wick. Is it really necessary to have a chat around the sport?

Personality led programmes. It doesn't work - especially as we're now getting "The Sky Report with Anna Botting in for Julie Etchingham" The news needs to lead the personalities, not the other way around. Why advertise the programme as something else? It's getting increasingly confusing to see the 12pm hour advertised throughout the day as "Lunchtime Live with Kay Burley" only to see Mark Longhurst presenting it. Big mistake. It's tacky in America, and it's just daft here in Blighty.

We want your views.... we want your views.... we want your views.... you can email us on mailto:news@sky.com">news@sky.com or if you prefer, you can text us on 84501. and you can now send us your messages via videophone to.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Does this really make good telly? The tickertape says how we can get in touch every 20-30 seconds, so why do we need the presenters telling us after every story?

Sky News Today's TOTH. Another of my gripes. It is really REALLY annoying to have to watch almost a whole minute of what's coming up in the next hour before we actually get to the headlines. Here's a simple idea... do it the way you used to! A nice extended run of the headlines. How about telling us what's coming up after you've done the top story? i.e. about 7 minutes into the hour? It's really wierd to be able to watch the whole of News24's headlines, and then switch to Sky News only to find they've not even started theirs yet.


Now, when a viewer can come up with that many suggestions/problems/gripes with the channel, surely there's something wrong.

Big changes ARE needed, and I only fear that these rumoured changes coming up soon will not address the real problems with the channel.

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Post by sky.dub » Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:21 pm

There are many inconsistencies in the presenter line up.. I think the first week of the relaunch was the only week where the correct presenters were presenting in their respective time slots.

Ginny and Martin P were presenting SNT today (bringing an all time high for amateurishness) and Mark L on live at 5..No Martin S in the morning either.

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Post by scottish » Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:31 pm

The heading of Jeremy Thompson's Live at Five blog has been updated to include "RTS News Presenter of the Year" in it. A nice touch I think.

Very well deserved award for JT I would say. Amongst the other nominees he was the clear candidate to win. I think that he's just out of place in the new studio and that his style of presenting doesnt quite suit the gimicks of the new look Live at Five. In the field and reporting on location though, he is without equal. I suppose that all those years as a foreign correspondent really pays off now in terms of news presentation. I know I've slightly strayed off topic now, but I wouldn't be surprised if the fact that BBC News 24 have now appointed one of their best foreign correspondents Ben Brown as a presenter may be an attempt to create their own sort of JT-type presenter/reporter. A bit of speculation on my part. But for the moment, JT reigns supreme over the world of British news presentation, and the Royal Television Society obviously agree.

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