PC Sharon Beshenivsky's funeral Coverage

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Post by DDP » Sun Jan 22, 2006 2:43 pm

If it had been a father of multiple children who had been on the job a matter of months the media would have barely raised an eyelid. Another double standard of an hysterical media organisation such as SKY News.

I don't recall the murder of two Leicestershire Police officers (both with a family) getting similar coverage a few years back, or any outrage from any news organisations that the killer was handed a manslaughter sentence and will more than likely be out in seven years. A sentence I further add, he is appealing against.

SKY News are obsessed with single story coverage. Who cares about how well they can cover something when they should really question their amount of time given to a story (re: the whale, George Best, POL tank explosion. etc etc) and it's relevence. There is far too much emphasis on 'breaking news'. Who cares if David Cameron has left his house to vote in a leadership election? Does that kind of crap really warrant breaking into anything? period? The news channels are all trying to outdo each other by reporting on the most pedantic of details before each other regardless of their informational value and relevence :rolleyes:

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