More viewers watch Best funeral on Sky News

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Post by calciofan » Wed Dec 07, 2005 8:17 pm

coloro:redMore viewers watch Best funeral on Sky Newscolorc

The funeral of football legend George Best was watched by more viewers on Sky News beating rival BBC News 24.

In terms of reach and share across the day, Sky News reached 2,468k (1.14% share), BBC News 24 reached 2,169k (0.82% share) and the ITV News Channel reached 1,131k (0.29% share)*.

Sky News also achieved the highest peak figure of the news channels across 1230-1245 with 468,000; BBC News 24 peaked at 418,000 and ITV News at 124,000.

Nick Pollard, Head of Sky News, said: "The rolling news channel market is more competitive than it's ever been, so it's gratifying to see Sky News continues to be the market leader. BBC News 24 is much closer than it's been in previous years and it is certainly keeping us on our toes. But the viewing figures speak for themselves and regularly, when big stories break, such as the Asian Tsunami, the death of Pope John-Paul II, the July 7th bombings, and the funeral of sporting great George Best, people tune to Sky News."

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