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Post by mahboobkhalid » Sun Jul 24, 2005 4:19 pm


I watched the program "Sunday with Adam Boulton" of Sky News channel on 24th July 2005.

I want to say that why this problem, 7/7, considered political among muslims.

I have discussed with my friends and come to point why some Pakistani muslims become emotional quickly.

First of all they are taught in religious school uncompletely, e.g., they know commands of Jihaad, but don't know its reference in Quran and its conditions.

[Basically there are several meaning of Jihaad, wordly it means effort, among religioun it means to save your religion, that's why if a government give you religious freedom then no way to fight with them on religion.]

They always shouts that US did bad things with muslims, e.g., in Iraq and Afghanistan, hence if any person who supports US action against terrorism, they assume that person as opponent of them.

They give example of Chechniya, why?, since the muslim people in other parts of Russia (even now some of them become independent countaries) forget the islamic style of life due to government cruel action on religion. The only people of Chechniya have islamic style of life.

Due to the same reasons they called conquere of Taliban over Russia at decade of 90s Islamic Jehaad, and they like their style of government.

Also problem of Pelistine is one of the cause to misguide the younger and the people who don't know history of the problem. Along with the problem of Kashmir is another ground of missteer them.

There is a delima with muslim at current age, there are many many rebels and very apart of them called themselves muslims [why they considered the most dangerous people or become more popular than others?]. But other rebels do not announce that they are doing service of their religion, on the other hand the muslims declared that they are doing islamic service in this way to get sympathy of the whole muslim worlds, and unfortunately their voice is backed by some clerics [specially in Pakistan and who belongs islamic polical parties.]

At the end, I agreed with Dr. Maliha Lodhi decision in that talk, that we should work together, removes all roots of terrorism, solve the initiative points of such terrorism, e.g., Chechniya, Kashmir, Pelestine etc. And stop blaming on each other.



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