Westminster ? they?re on the take yet again!!!

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  • NaRvIcK DeViL

    Or should it be I?m alright jack, **** ***!!!!!

    MPs are giving themselves a series of above-inflation pay increases which will boost their salaries from Sixty thousand pounds to sixty-six thousand five hundred

    The Senior Salaries Review body which assesses MPs pay (with MPs sitting on it, no surprises there then) have said that their pay has been falling behind other professions. (What Professions?!! They are only Members of Parliament not Directors of Private main stream companies)

    MPs are voting on their pay settlement when they return to Parliament in the New Year. (Well they won?t be voting, No!! will they!)

    Didn?t Oliver Cromwell march into Westminster with troops and suspend Parliament by force of arms for actions such as this?



    Oooo dont forget we are are paying for their Sky dishes ,Tv Licences, Fitted Kitchen’s, House Extentions, Taxi’s fares and even Food in Fat John Prescots case. Ahh get shafted everyday Britain eh , dontcha just love it ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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