First Leaders’ Debate Coverage

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The First Leaders’ Debate – News Coverage
BBC News – Thursday 15th
Emily Maitlis Presents ‘The One’ and on BBC News Channel from Manchester
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Huw Edward presents ‘The Six’ and ‘The Ten’ from Manchester
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Laura Kuenssberg, Carole Walker and Nick Robinson in Manchester
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ITV News – Wednesday 14th
Mark Austin Presents News at Ten from Manchester
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Lucy Manning, Bill Neely and Angus Walker with Camps
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Tom Bradby in Manchester
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ITV News – Thursday 15th
Mark Austin Presents the Evening News and News at Ten from Manchester
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Emma Murphy in Bolton
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Jmaes Mates with post-debate poll results
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Tom Bradby in Manchester
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Sky News – Wednesday 14th
Jeremy Thompson presents Live at Five from Manchester
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Adam Boulton presents ‘Unleashed’ and ‘Factor’ from Manchester
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Sky News – Thursday 15th
Eamonn Holmes presents Sunrise from Manchester
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Dermot Murnaghan presents from Manchester
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Adam Boulton interviews Alastair Stewart
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Michelle Clifford, Dharshini David and Rachel Younger with Camps
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Jon Craig interviews studio guests in Manchester
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Adam Boulton Presents ‘Unleashed’ and ‘Factor’ from Manchester
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Dermot Murnaghan presents Sky News at Ten from Manchester
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Joey Jones picks over the highlights
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Five News – Thursday 15th
Andy Bell in Manchester
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