Soaps Spoilers 28 May 2013: Emmerdale, Corrie, EastEnders

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Tuesday 28 May 2013
Soaps Spoilers 28 May 2013: Emmerdale, Corrie, EastEnders

Soap synopsis and spoilers for Tuesday 28 May 2013.

Emmerdale – 7pm, ITV
Andy and Amy grow closer, leading to a passionate embrace, but the moment is ruined when Kerry turns up at Dale View declaring she’s pregnant.

Meanwhile, Adam reacts badly to the news Cain might be moving in, Debbie tells Robbie she no longer needs his protection, and Steve makes Nicola an offer when Angelica fails to get into private school.

EastEnders – 7.30pm, BBC One
Tanya sets out to help Lauren beat the booze, asking both Kirsty and Denise to refuse to sell her any more alcohol. But it soon becomes clear that if Lauren wants a drink, she will get it from somewhere.

Max is excited at the thought of finding out his baby’s sex at the next scan, Alice finds it hard to say no when Janine asks her to work overtime and Sharon is angry with Shirley for criticising Phil in front of Dennis.

The residents gather for Kim’s birthday party, which is doubling up as her and Ray’s leaving do, where a certain gift makes her think twice about her plans.

Coronation Street – 9pm, ITV
Tensions continue to run high in hospital, where Gary begs to be given a second chance after Izzy refuses to let him see his son, and Tommy’s feelings for Tina begin to re-emerge as he comforts her in the special care unit.

Elsewhere, Rob and Tracy’s game looks to be up when Carla finds a silk supplier who claims to have been offered the stolen material, and Katy moves in with Ryan following an argument with Owen and Izzy.

Karl is less than happy to hear Stella arranging for them to have dinner with Dev, and Sally is encouraged to join a dating website.

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