Over 2 million play Channel 4’s ‘The Bank Job’ online

Over 2 million people have played Channel 4’s new online game The Bank Job.

The online game used to source contestants for The Bank Job, a week-long live TV event airing on Channel 4 from January 2nd, has now been played over 2 million times since launching in early December.

The game has been played by over 110,000 people across the UK, who are striving to unlock an application form and take part in the live TV show, which will be filmed in a real bank vault and hosted by George Lamb. Airing for six nights on Channel 4 from January 2nd, the show gives players the chance to pull off the ultimate heist and walk away with a life-changing sum of money.

The show airs on Channel 4 on:
Monday 2nd January 2012 at 10pm – 11:05pm
Tuesday 3rd January 2012 at 10pm – 11:10pm
Wednesday 4th January 2012 at 10pm – 11:10pm
Thursday 5th January 2012 at 10pm – 11:00pm
Friday 6th January 2012 at 9pm – 10pm
And the grand final on Saturday 7th January 2012.

The online game has attracted some hugely determined potential contestants, with one female player in Scotland notching up over 500 games in just one week. At an average of three minutes per game, she has played for 26 hours over a seven day period.

In the battle of the sexes, men account for 61% of all players at the moment. Players under 24 are the most prolific followed by the over 30’s. Currently players in the North West and the South East are the strongest with the highest number of players qualifying for Elite Player status. Wales and Northern Ireland are bringing up the rear as the weakest regions.


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