One Direction to appear on U.S. Sitcom iCarly

One Direction to appear on U.S. Sitcom iCarly
Updated on Wednesday 1 February 2012 by @TVNewsroom

One Direction are to guest star on the sixth season of Nickelodeon sitcom, iCarly.

In the episode, entitled iGo One Direction, Carly (played by Miranda Cosgrove) returns home sick after a trip and discovers that One Direction has accepted an invitation to perform on their web show. Not long after arriving, band mate Harry becomes sick and we see Carly doting over him.

Realising Harry is playing sick for the attention, they hatch a plan to get him back in the group by telling him Gibby has become their newest band member.

One Direction – Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson – will perform their song “What Makes You Beautiful” on the show.

Harry Styles said: “America is a massive place and it’s going to be hard. Nothing is gonna come easy.

“A lot of people have tried and failed but we want to break the mould and see what we can do. We’ll definitely give it a go.”

The episode is set to air in America in the Spring.

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