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Friday 11 November 2011
Nu Vibe

MENTOR: Tulisa Contostavlos

Nu Vibe were contestants on X Factor 2011, They were voted off in week 2.

Richard, Stefan, Bradley, Jordan and Ashford all entered The X Factor this year as solo artists. They were given a second chance at the final stage of Bootcamp when the judges decided to put them into a group and Nu Vibe was formed.

NAME: Richard Milford
AGE: 16
LOCATION: Birmingham
Richard started singing in a choir and realised he had a talent. Since his first audition he’s been taking vocal and dance lessons to boost his confidence.

NAME: Stefan Romer
AGE: 19
LOCATION: Hampshire
OCCUPATION: Unemployed
Stefan loves music and singing. He learnt to play the guitar aged 12 and then six months ago decided to learn the piano so played at home for 48 hours straight until he knew how to play four songs.

NAME: Bradley Johnson
AGE: 16
LOCATION: Liverpool
Bradley started singing seriously six months ago after his dad heard him sing and decided to get him singing lessons for Christmas.

NAME: Jordan Higo
AGE: 16
LOCATION: Manchester
Jordan only realised he was good at singing 18 months ago and since then he has done a few concerts and sung in school assemblies. Until The X Factor his biggest audience was 600 people.

NAME: Ashford Campbell
AGE: 19
LOCATION: Huddersfield
Ashford’s dream is to duet with Chris Brown and be the first of three generations in his family to fulfil a dream of making it as a singer. His dad and two granddads all wanted to be singers but never had any success.

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Nu Vibe’s Song Choices:
Week one: Chris Brown – Beautiful People
Week two: U2 – With or Without You

Survival song:
Week two: Cheryl Cole – Promise This

Nu Vibe were voted off in week two, losing the sing-off to Frankie Cocozza. Gary, Kelly and Louis all send Nu Vibe home.

Nu Vibe on Twitter: @nuvibeoffic

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