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Tuesday 10 January 2012
Nicola McLean

D.O.B: 16 September 1983
Home town: London
Job: Ex page 3 girl/Television personality
Star sign: Virgo

Nicola McLean one of the UK’s most successful glamour models. She also came fourth in a poll for “Best Page 3 Girl of All Time”, beating rival Jordan.

Famous for her 32G’s, Nicola is a regular in the tabloid showbiz pages as well as on the covers of lad’s mags. She is also a famous British television personality and has taken part in a number of TV shows, from The Weakest Link: Page 3 Special to The Sexiest Girls in Britain.

Nicola also shot to fame when she was a main star in the TV documentary Help! I’ve Got a High Maintenance Wife and then went on to have her own show WAGS World… With Nicola McLean.

She is married to Kettering FC footballer, Tom Williams and they have two sons together, Rocky and Striker. She has been very vocal about her thoughts on girls who have affairs with footballers to sell their stories and has had a very public Twitter row with Imogen Thomas.

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