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Thursday 10 November 2011
Mark Wright

Age: 24
Date of Birth: 20th January 1987
Phobias: “I do have some but I don’t want to say what they are!”
Relationship status: Single

He has never been short of female admirers on The Only Way is Essex, but Mark Wright reveals he definitely isn’t looking for a new girlfriend in the jungle.
Laughing, the club promoter says finding love under the stars isn’t on his agenda.
But the cheeky, likeable star won’t rule out flirting with any pretty fellow campers if he finds them attractive.

Mark reckons he will be a great shoulder to cry on around the campfire. Explains the star: “I am looking forward to making new friends and finding out more about their lives. I just want to roll with the whole experience, but I do think I will be a shoulder to cry on. I am a massive team leader and I will help people through everything.”
But the star, who has always been incredibly honest and upfront on TOWIE in the past, says he will not be trying to pick arguments with the rest of the jungle camp.

The only trial he is really dreading is the banquet meal challenge that sees celebrities eat a wide range of slimy jungle insects and bugs. “I am dreading the eating one,” he laughs.
“It is going to be very hard but it’s also going to be an amazing opportunity. I could love it or I could hate it – but one thing is for sure, I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

As for who he’d like to join him under the stars, Mark, who has never shied away from the fact he
He says he didn’t tell many people before he went in the jungle about the once in a lifetime opportunity, but reveals all his family, including his mum, sister, Jessica, and Nanny Pat, all felt it was a brilliant opportunity for him.

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