Lilian Garcia Returning to World Wrestling Entertainment

Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia is returning to the company.

It was announced on the WWE’s official website that Garcia will be returning to ring announcing full time, working for the SmackDown brand. Her first appearance is set for the December 6 taping.

Garcia joined World Wrestling Entertainment as a ring announcer in 1999 on the August 23, 1999, episode of Raw is War in Ames, IA. She was involved in her first storyline on the September 13 episode of Raw is War, when Jeff Jarrett applied a figure four leglock to her after she angered him by announcing his loss by disqualification to Luna Vachon.

She left the company 10 years later on the September 21, 2009, episode of Raw from Little Rock, Arkansas. Garcia made an emotional speech in the ring, thanking the fans and all of her colleagues.

You can see Lilian discussing the news of her return in a video on the WWE website

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