Kitty Brucknell

Kitty Brucknell
Updated on Friday 11 November 2011 by @TVNewsroom

AGE: 26
LOCATION: Cheltenham
CATEGORY: Over 25’s
MENTOR: Louis Walsh

Kitty Brucknell was a contestant on X Factor 2011, she was voted off in week six.

Kitty has been singing since she was five-years-old and has sung at various summer camps and local venues. She was inspired by Britney Spears and loves Adam Lambert. Her dream is to have a hit record…she just wants to sing.

When she found out Louis had put her through to the Live Shows, she said: “‘Ah it’s amazing, incredible. I’m so grateful for Louis taking a risk with meant putting me through!’

Kitty Brucknell’s Song Choices:
Week one: Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever
Week two: Bjork – It’s Oh So Quiet
Week three: Paul McCartney – Live And Let Die
Week four: Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
Week five: Madonna – Like A Prayer
Week six: Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Survival songs:
Week three: Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory
Week five: Kelly Clarkson – Beautiful Disaster
Week six: Over The Rainbow

In week three, Kitty was in the bottom two with Sami Brookes, and was saved by judges Louis, Gary and Kelly.

Then in week five Kitty was in the bottom three with The Risk and Johnny Robinson. The Risk received the fewest votes and was voted off the show straight away, leaving Kitty and Johnny in the sing off.. Johnny was voted off with a 3 of 3 votes Majority (Gary was not required to vote as Louis, Tulisa and Kelly had already voted to majority)

Kitty’s luck run out in week six when she lost the sing-off to Misha B.

Kitty Brucknell on Twitter: @kittybrucknell

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