I’m A Celebrity 2013 Contestant: Steve Davis

I’m A Celebrity 2013 Contestant: Steve Davis

Steve Davis is a contestant on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity..Get Me Out Of Here 2013!

Age: 56;
Date of Birth: 22 August 1957;
Phobias: I may appear stupid but do you really think I’d let you know what I am scared of?!;
Missing any special occasions: Yes, the UK Snooker Championships;
Relationship status: Long-term relationship;

As six times former Snooker World Champion, Steve Davis likes to win – but even he isn’t sure whether the creepy crawlies will get the better of him or not.

Laughing, the 56-year-old, who has won more professional titles in the sport than any other player, explains he has decided to take part in I’m A Celebrity because he wants to find out if he can really handle jungle life or not.

“Many people lead comfy lives these days so a little bit of deprivation is perhaps good for the soul,” says Davis. “Like many viewers, I would like to know, faced with a plate of animal innards or a cockroach filled space helmet, whether I could handle it.

“And now as it is getting closer, I’m feeling more excited but the trepidation Richter scale is rising fast!”

Vowing to take on every challenge, the sports player has made it clear that his decision to take part on the hit show does not mean he is now turning his back on snooker.

“I’m not really using the jungle as any type of ‘stepping stone’ but purely just to have a laugh and a challenge,” says Davis.

“I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame. I’d swap the fame and jungle notoriety for another world championship at the drop of a cork ridden hat but I’m further down the pecking order and bookmaker lists in snooker than I am even in being crowned King of the jungle!”

Steve adds that he is definitely planning to take on the role of joker.

“There seems to be a growing opinion that I’m not as boring as people once thought and it’s my aim while I am in the jungle to put a stop to this once and for all!” he quips before adding he would love to give his fellow celebrity campers a few lessons on how to play the game.

“If anyone wants any snooker coaching then I’m their man,” he adds.

Given he is so laid back, you wonder if anything gets on his nerves? He replies: “Human traits. I despise self-centred people, which has a certain amount of irony attached as I’ve spent my life thinking about me and the next snooker event on the horizon!

“Am I argumentative? I am not unless the other person is wrong.”

Confiding he will miss his partner and two sons tremendously, Steve also admits he is grateful the jungle will save him some money whilst he is roughing it with the celebrity contestants. Says the sports champion: ”I am going to miss not being able to contact my girlfriend, Jeannie, and my two sons, Greg and Jack, although I think they will both refuse to say they know me while the show is being aired – probably by claiming their mum had the hots for the window cleaner! I am joking of course!

He says his girlfriend is particularly looking forward to watching Steve squirm. “And that’s talking to any politicians that may or may not be in there”, he adds.

Given he is used to being indoors so much playing snooker, will he find it tough living in outdoor conditions with little food?

“I am not sure how I am going to cope with the lack of food,” he admits. “But I am not a massive carbohydrate and sugar addict and so hopefully I will be ‘better than most’.

“My biggest fear actually is not being able to stop swearing!”

As for whether going in the jungle is harder than playing a World Snooker final, Steve thinks it probably will be.

“It may be harder than winning a final purely because it is not what I was cut out to do,” says Steve. “But we shall find out soon enough!

“Of course I want to still play pro-snooker for as long as possible but occasionally it is nice to enjoy myself too.

“Fingers crossed, I do represent myself and snooker in a good light whilst in the jungle and be as good value as I can be.”

As for how he would feel if he walked away with another title – this time King of the Jungle, Steve roars with laughter.

“I am not really interested in winning,” he declares. “Unless it is snooker or poker…”

Posted on Sunday 17 November 2013
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