I’m A Celebrity 2013 Contestant: Annabel Giles

I’m A Celebrity 2013 Contestant: Annabel Giles

Annabel Giles is a contestant on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here 2013!

Age: 54
Date of birth: 20 May 1959
Phobias: I don’t even like camping
Missing any special occasions: Not occasions but I’m going to miss my bed, cups of tea and the ability to go where I want when I want.
Relationship status: Partner

Former model Annabel Giles is hoping to show ‘posh’ people in a better light when she enters the jungle.

But the attractive 54-year-old also reckons living with her fellow celebrities will be extremely tough as she likens the experience to being ‘stuck in a dangerous lift’.

She says: “A lot of posh people have been going around giving us a bad name.

“I would like to dispel the rumours that all posh people are like David Cameron and George Osbourne. Hopefully I can restore a bit of popularity.

“I am actually quite the opposite to rich. I have been a single parent on benefits for many years.

“It is going to be a challenge living with all those people. It is like being stuck in a really dangerous lift.

“I think a lot of people do find me a bit scary which is quite funny!

“It’s a chance to have some me time as well. It is a weird way to have ‘me’ time but actually, I do think it will be better than going to a health spa as I couldn’t bear lounging around in towelling dressing gowns. This will be exciting for me.”

Smiling, Annabel, whose former husband is Midge Ure, admits she is already worried about the different trials.

“Phobias? I don’t even like camping,” declares Giles. “When I watch the trials on You Tube, I freak myself out and I keep going ‘OMG’. I have had to stop thinking about it because if I do, I wind myself up into a frenzy and I keep wondering what on earth I have done.”

Although she doesn’t think the lack of food will pose too much of a problem, Annabel says any negativity around the campfire will definitely wind her up.

“I can’t bear negativity,” she explains. “If people start being so negative, I will get cross. I am not petty but if I see an injustice, I am very likely to leap in. What human traits annoy me? Most of them!

“I do think I will play the head girl role in the camp. I will jolly everyone along.”

And although Annabel doesn’t think she will learn anything new about herself on the grounds she knows ‘too much already’, she admits she will miss her home comforts terribly.

“Gosh I hope I don’t learn anything,” she says.

“I have learned quite a lot already thank you very much. I don’t need to find out any more! I would like to think I would have a go at everything. I have to remember they are not trying to kill me!

“I am, however, going to miss my bed. And I am going to miss cups of tea and the ability to go where I want, when I want. “

Bursting out laughing, she adds: “My two children are really looking forward to it all in a horrible way! They can’t wait to see me in a lot of discomfort a lot of the time!”

Revealing she’d love Sarah Greene to join her in the jungle, Annabel admits she would be delighted if her stint does lead to other TV work.

“It really is true with older people, especially women, that they are not seen on the television,” she adds. “I would love to start an opening for older people. When you get to 45, it’s as if you are never heard again. It is awful. It is like having the carpet whipped away from your feet. I would like to do more TV so other older people can do television. It is not representative of society at all. There are lots of older ladies around who are perfectly capable. I know we have wrinkles but we don’t lose our marbles at 50. It’s mad.”

As for how she’d feel if she won the show, Annabel says being crowned Queen of the Jungle is the furthest thing from her mind.

“I think there will be much nicer people in there than me,” she reveals. “I can’t even imagine winning. Just to be there is winning. It’s going to be a real experience for me and it will be nice if I can impress myself and be able to say ‘look you are tougher than you think’. I refuse to surrender.”

Posted on Friday 22 November 2013
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