Glee Season 4: Sadie Hawkins – Tonight, 8pm on Sky1

Glee Season 4: Sadie Hawkins – Tonight, 8pm on Sky1
Updated on Sunday 24 March 2013 by @TVNewsroom

The fourth season of Glee returns to Sky1 this evening after taking a week’s break.

The 11th episode from this season, entitled Sadie Hawkins, sees the girls of McKinley High plan a Sadie Hawkins dance.

Everyone’s nervous as the girls of New Directions ask their desired guys and secret crushes spread throughout the glee club.

Sam and Blaine investigate a possibility of The Warblers cheating at Sectionals, and the tension between the love triangle of Kitty, Jake and Marley weakens when Kitty sets her eye on Puck.

Meanwhile in New York, Rachel is preoccupied with Brody, so Kurt tries to find his niche in NYADA. He meets and forms a friendship with Adam, who is the lead of the glee club, Adam and The Apples.

Glee: Sadie Hawkins is on Sky1 and Sky1 HD at 8pm this evening, and repeated at 9pm on Wednesday.

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