Glee Season 4: Britney 2.0 (Sky One, 8pm)

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Sunday 13 January 2013
Glee Season 4: Britney 2.0 (Sky One, 8pm)

The fourth season of Glee continues on Sky One this evening with episode 2, Britney 2.0.

Brittany is depressed, and turns to her namesake Britney Spears for inspiration, leading to the Glee Club and Sam to help her out.

Rachel continues to struggle in adjusting to life at NYADA and in New York, as well as the constant tormenting of Cassandra, but gets help from new friend and classmate Brody.

And Puck returns when Will calls him and meets Jake for the first time as he gives him an attitude adjustment.

Glee: Britney 2.0 is on Sky One at 8pm this evening.

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