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Thursday 10 November 2011
Freddie Starr

Age: 68
Date of Birth: 9th January 1943
Phobias: “I don’t like putting my hands in a hole and not knowing what is in there”.
Missing any special occasion? “No but I am going to miss my fiancée Sophie. We have never spent a day apart.”
Relationship status: Engaged

Freddie explains the main reason why he decided to take part in I’m a Celeb 2011 is to try and raise his profile again.

The comedian, who hopes to launch a big nationwide stand-up tour next year, admits: “I am not going to lie. I am doing this to raise my profile. I want to get my profile up and anyone who says anything different is lying. “But I also like the TV programme. I am a fan of the jungle and I always watch the show without fail.

For Freddie, the hardest thing about taking on the jungle show is, without a shadow of doubt, being apart from his fiancée Sophie. “We have never spent a day apart as we are together 24/7,” he says. “I don’t know how I am going to cope without her. Sophie is my rock. She is an angel. We’ve been friends for four years, but we only got together (romantically) after I had my heart attack last year. We’ve only recently got engaged and we plan to marry soon.”
Although he has had major heart surgery, Freddie says he is not concerned about living in rough conditions. “It will be fine,” he stresses.

Freddie says he hopes viewers will realise he is a kind, caring family man when they watch him on the show. The comedian, reveals: “I do hope people see a different side to the person they saw on Celebrity Wife Swap. I am nothing like I was on that show. I do care for people and I love my little girl.

As for who he’d like to join him in the jungle, Freddie says he’d love Frank Bruno and Paul Gascoigne to sit next to him at the campfire.

He then declares: “I am looking forward to this experience. It’s going to be a challenge and it’s a great show. I think Ant and Dec are very professional. They make me laugh. They work so well together….”

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