Dancing on Ice 2012 results: week 10 – Chemmy Alcott voted off

Dancing on Ice 2012 results: week 10 – Chemmy Alcott voted off

It’s week 10 on Dancing on Ice 2012, and the five remaining skaters will take part in DOI’s Circus.

The celebrities and their professional skate partners – Chico & Jodeyne Higgins, Chemmy Alcott & Sean Rice, Jennifer Ellison & Dan Whiston, Jorgie Porter & Matt Evers, and Matthew Wolfenden & Nina Ulanova – will use circus props, including a gymnast’s ribbon, strongman’s dumbbells and a lion tamer’s whip.

Pop star Chico Slimani is to be a strongman and has to perform with a hammer, a barbell and a set of dumbells.

Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott is to be a magician and will use flowers, a rope, cards, a cane and some magic hankies.

Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden is skating with a lion tamers whip.

TV actress Jennifer Ellison is to be a clown, with a top hat, a handkerchief, two suitcases and a large squirty flower.

And Hollyoaks babe Jorgie Porter is skating with a long silky gymnast’s ribbon.

Also on tonight’s show, X Factor star Marcus Collins will perform his debut single ‘Seven Nation Army’.

The show begins at 7:15pm on ITV1 and ITV1 HD.

Live Scores:

First up, dancing to Magic by Pilot, are Chemmy Alcott & Sean Rice.

Louie = 8.5
Robin = 9.0
Katarina = 8.5
Total = 26.0

The second couple on the ice, performing to Strong by Kanye West, are Chico & Jodeyne Higgins.

Louie = 9.0
Robin = 9.0
Katarina = 9.0
Total = 27.0

Third on the ice, skating to Lana Del Rey’s Video Games, are Jorgie Porter & Matt Evers.

Louie = 6.5
Robin = 8.5
Katarina = 8.0
Total = 23.0

The fourth couple on the ice, dancing to Real Wild Child by Iggy Pop, are Matthew Wolfenden & Nina Ulanova.

Louie = 9.5
Robin = 9.5
Katarina = 9.0
Total = 28.0

The final couple, skating to You’ve Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman, are Jennifer Ellison & Dan Whiston.

Louie = 8.0
Robin = 8.0
Katarina = 8.5
Total = 24.5

The final leader board:

Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley will return in a hour’s time (9:30pm) with tonight’s results, where the two celebrities with the least number of public votes will skate again in the skate-off.

Welcome back…

Phillip will now name the three couples going through to next week and the two couples who will have to skate again for their survival..

The couples safe and skating in next week’s semi-final are: Jennifer & Daniel, Matthew & Nina and Jorgie & Matt.

So, Chico & Jodeyne and Chemmy & Sean are in the bottom two and will have to skate again..

It’s now time for the judges to pick who they would like to save and see perform in next week’s semi-final.. Katarina saves Chemmy, Louie saves Chico and Robin saves Chico.

Chemmy leaves the competition..

Speaking to host Phillip Schofield after her exit, Chemmy said: “I feel gutted because I love this competition, I love the opportunity I’ve got but everyone’s a lovely skater out there, we’ve all got different elements and I’ve just had so much fun.”

The show continues with the semi-final next Sunday 7pm on ITV1 and ITV1 HD..

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