Dancing on Ice 2012 results: Corey Feldman voted off (week four, live updates)

Dancing on Ice 2012 results: Corey Feldman voted off (week four, live updates)
Updated on Sunday 29 January 2012 by @TVNewsroom

Tonight, The twelve remaining Dancing on Ice contestants will take part in a twist called ‘The Duel’

The twelve celebs will be put into pairs and will perform on the ice at the same time, sharing the same music, but will perform different routines.

The judges – Louie, Katarina and Robin – will then choose one act from each performance to be given immunity from elimination. It means that only six acts will face the public vote on Sunday.

The pairs have been drawn up based on their places on last Sunday’s Leaderboard.

The two celebrities with the lowest votes from the public will skate again, with the judges deciding who’ll leave the competition for good.

Live Updates: 6:45pm..

1st up, dancing to Under Pressure by Queen, are Chico & Jodeyne Higgins and Sam Nixon & Alexandra Schauman.

Louie = Chico
Robin = Chico
Katarina = Chico

Chico is immune from the Public vote..

The second pair of celebs on the ice, dancing to Just Can’t Get Enough by The Black Eyed Peas, are Sebastien Fouca & Brianne Delcourt and Jennifer Ellison & Dan Whiston.

Louie = Sebastien
Robin = Sebastien
Katarina = Sebastien

Sebastien is the second celebrity immune from the public vote..

Third on the ice, dancing to Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract, are Chemmy Alcott & Sean Rice and Corey Feldman & Brooke Castile.

Louie = Chemmy
Robin = Chemmy
Katarina = Chemmy

Chemmy is immune from the vote..

The fourth pair to take to the ice, dancing to the Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton classic Islands in the Stream, are Heidi Range & Andrei Lipanov and Charlene Tilton & Matt Gonzalez.

Louie = Heidi
Robin = Heidi
Katarina = Heidi

Heidi is safe from the public vote..

Fifth of the ice, dancing to 4 minutes by Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake, are Jorgie Porter & Matt Evers and Matthew Wolfenden & Nina Ulanova.

Louie = Matthew
Robin = Matthew
Katarina = Jorgie

For the first time tonight, a split decision by the judges, which sees Matthew immune from the public vote.

Last up, dancing to Baby It’s Cold Outside by Cerys Matthews and Tom Jones, are Rosemary Conley & Mark Hanratty and Andy Whyment & Vicky Ogden.

Louie = Andy
Robin = Rosemary
Katarina = Rosemary

Rosemary is the last celebrity immune from the vote.

So, the celebrities facing the public vote tonight are: Sam Nixon, Jennifer Ellison, Corey Feldman, Charlene Tilton, Jorgie Porter and Andy Whyment..

Phillip and Christine will return in an hour’s time with tonight’s results, where the two celebrities with the least number of public votes will skate again in the skate-off.

9:30pm Results show, Welcome Back..

In no particular order, the first couple save and skating next week is, Jorgie and Matt.
Second is Sam and Alexandra. The third couple through to next week is Jennifer and Dan. The fourth and final couple through is… Andy and Vicki..

So, Corey & Brooke and Charlene & Matt will skate again in the skate-off..

It’s decision time.. the judges will now choose the couple they want to SAVE and see skate next week.

Katarina saves Charlene, Robin saves Corey and Louie, with the deciding vote saves Charlene.

Speaking to host Phillip Schofield after his exit, Corey said: “It’s been a lot of fun, it’s been a tremendous experience, of course I love London, so any excuse to vacation in London.. ”

Next week, Dancing on Ice goes POP as One Direction perform live on the show.. Sunday, 6:25pm, ITV1.

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