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Wednesday 22 February 2017

During an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 in Philadelphia, former pitcher and ESPN personality Curt Schilling said that his former employer has gone too far to the left. This is a criticism that he has levied against his former employer, and is one that is often levied by conservatives against what are generally considered mainstream sources. Given the political climate in the United States today, should ESPN offer its take on current events that are not related to sports?

Politics and Sports Do Intersect in Some Regards

When Colin Kaepernick takes a knee before the national anthem, he is making a political statement. As it happens within the context of a sporting event, it would be irresponsible for ESPN not to comment on this issue. While not everyone may agree with the position that Kaepernick or others are taking, sports are an important part of American society. Therefore, it is the job of any reputable to cover the story even if it has nothing to do with the final score of a game.

Politics Are a Lot Like Sports These Days

It seems like political parties are a lot like sports teams these days. Today, it is more important for a representative to be loyal to his or her party as opposed to the people that he or she serves. Those who support a party tend to overlook the negative policy positions that they have in favor of pointing out the flaws in the other party. Furthermore, political debates and election nights are now treated like sporting events and boxing matches as opposed to opportunities for candidates to express how they will help the American people.

It Seems Too Easy to Write Off Those We Disagree With

It is popular for politicians or others to make excuses when they disagree with an idea or the person expressing an idea. Demonstrations by supporters of progressive policies are dismissed as false flag operations by paid protesters. Conservatives tend to believe that anyone in the media who disagrees with them is dishonest or part of the “lamestream media.” Democrats tend to dismiss conservative voters or commentators as uneducated or racist. In that context, it’s hard to tell if ESPN should just stick to sports or if the people need to learn how to think critically before lashing out.

In almost all cases, a journalist is going to insert his or her own biases into a story. That is the natural course of events whenever someone reports the news no matter how objective the reporter tries to be. Therefore, it may be better for people to learn to get their news from multiple sources. This may help them start to see issues from multiple perspectives instead of just dismissing anything that they don’t like or agree with.

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