Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemate: Charlotte Crosby

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemate: Charlotte Crosby

Age 23; Star Sign Taurus; Home Town Sunderland;

Charlotte Crosby is a British reality television personality who shot to fame on Geordie Shore. Her on-off relationship with fellow cast mate Gaz had viewers gripped.

Famously labelled as Cheryl Cole’s favourite, Charlotte loves to be the centre of attention and describes herself as fun, loveable, ditzy and laid-back.

In April 2013, Charlotte was kicked out of the Geordie Shore house after a fight with Gaz, when she caught him sneaking a party guest upstairs. In dramatic scenes deemed too violent to be shown on MTV, Charlotte managed to pull a bed apart with her bare hands, breaking her foot in the process.

Charlotte admits that she’s terrible in relationships and once got dumped by a boyfriend for breaking into his house and getting into bed with his dad.

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