Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Day 4 – Paula Hamilton, Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt face Eviction!

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Wednesday 9 January 2013
Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Day 4 – Paula Hamilton, Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt face Eviction!

Recap of day 4 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Monday 7th Januaury 2013.

Last night to earn their freedom from the basement, the basement housemates had to pick one of their own to face the public vote. Frankie volunteered. Today, housemates will nominate for the first time and at least two housemates will join Frankie in facing the public vote.

While most of the housemates are asleep, Heidi and Spencer are stirring.
Heidi asks: “What did Rylan say?” Spencer replies: “He was like, the Americans always make it for at least over a week, we’re an exception to the rule.” “I’m just so glad we’re all in the house and thank God Frankie ended up being so nice, cos I thought he was going to be such a jerk. I like everyone; I hope everyone is not just pretending.” Heidi worries.

While most of the housemates are asleep Heidi and Ryan are washing-up. Frankie and Spencer are chatting in the living area. Frankie tells him: “I’ve written a book and it only sold 100,000 copies, about my plane crash. I used to have a two engine plane and I crashed it and I survived.”

It’s been 3 hours and 21-minutes since Heidi and Spencer woke up, all of the housemates are now awake. Big Brother announces that nominations will take place today, adding, “Housemates are reminded not to discuss or influence nominations.” Lacey comments, “Not the nicest morning,” as Spencer beams, “I’m excited?” Heidi adds: “I think its fun, it’s the game baby?”

Sam, Lacey and Ryan are working out. Sam: “I’ve only been working out
a few weeks and I feel a lot better. I used to party and not put on
weight.” Paula is in the bathroom opening up about her car accident: “I wasn’t smashed, it wasn’t like I was about 20,000 times over the limit, it was just bloody bad luck… I swerved and missed a baby deer?”

It’s nominations time. Big Brother asks Rylan to come to the diary room first. “I can’t believe I’ve got to go first. This is tragic, why have I got to go first?” he worries.

Rylan begins: “My first nomination is Heidi and Spencer. I feel they haven’t had a great connection and they didn’t say hello. I found it rude. My second nomination is Lacey. She has a childish side and sometimes it’s not the right place to be childish.”

Sam is next nominating. “My first nomination is Heidi and Spencer cos in the basement they were not keen and stayed down and didn’t say hello. When Frankie came down they hid under the covers.” His second nomination is Gillian “I’ve bonded less with her than all the other housemates,” he adds
Gillian is the third housemate to nominate and her first choice is for Paula. Her second nomination is for Heidi and Spencer, “Because they get to cuddle and they’ve got a double bed?” Next up is Tricia who first nominates Spencer and Heidi who she brands “ignorant” for not greeting the housemates at the first opportunity and also mentions that their refusal to do the hot water task.

While nominations continue some of the housemates are preparing dinner. Rylan asks Ryan how protein shakes work and claims that he need to put on weight. In the diary room, Lacey names Heidi and Spencer as her first nomination as the “blanked Frankie” when he entered the basement. Her second nomination is for Claire. “She’s not been as interesting as everyone else and she doesn’t make much eye contact with me.” Paula is next and also nominates Heidi and Spencer adding: “They don’t particularly wanna be here.” Her second nomination goes to Sam whom she says has not asked her anything about herself, “I wouldn’t miss him,” she ends.

Paula exits the diary room and joins some of the housemates in the kitchen as they prepare to start cooking their roast chicken dinner. Paula tells housemates she has “an amazing nose,” then leans in and smells the raw chicken and beings to wretch and cough. “That chickens off, don’t touch it,” she exclaims and rushes off. Claire is called to the diary room and tells housemates she will look after things on her return.

In the diary room Claire begins to well up and whispers to herself, “Oh my God, I’m fed up.” She first nominates Heidi and Spencer and mentions that they failed to attempt the task. “I don’t believe any other housemate wouldn’t have done it, they’re not team players.” She starts to cry again and starts, “Half of me doesn’t want to nominate Paula.” Claire says that Paula will always bring conversations “back to her,” but says that on the plus side, Paula is “very funny” so part of her would like Paula to stay in the house.

Rylan is hiding behind the diary room door and jumps out on Claire as she exits. She jumps and tells him that he scared her and he notices her tears. In the bedroom Claire confesses that she found nominations hard, “I feel like a two-faced bitch,” she worries and Rylan blames Big Brother for asking the questions. Claire lightens up laughing “I can’t believe that f**king chickens off!”

As nominations reach a climax just four more housemates are left to nominate, Frankie, Spencer and Heidi, Rylan and Ryan. In the diary room Ryan nominates Paula whom he says “feels like she need to fight for everything” and get “one-upmanship” on her fellow housemates. He then mentions that Heidi and Spencer seem to be enjoying themselves now but were “pretty rude” to Frankie in the first instance and therefore nominates the couple. Razor is next to nominate and also names the couple and mentions their “disrespect” of Frankie adding: “They were rude to my friend.” Lacey gets his second nomination for her disregard of other housemates, “she came into the bedroom giggling while everyone was trying to sleep.”

Next in the diary room are Spencer and Heidi who waste no time in naming Rylan “Cos he sent us to the basement, terrible place.” There next nomination is for Gillian who Heidi claims is the “standoffish” and says that they don’t’ feel as “we liked by her,” as they do with the other housemates. Frankie is the final housemate to nominate and first names Heidi and Spencer adding that they were “disrespectful” for not saying hello at the first opportunity. His second nomination is for Paula who he thinks is “trying to hard” and at times can be “a bit overpowering, it doesn’t feel like the real her,” he adds. At the end of nominations Paula has received four votes and Heidi and Spencer and will therefore face the public vote with Frankie. Ryan, Rylan and Tricia received no nominations.

While housemates are preparing dinner, Sam and Lacey discuss cooking. He tells her that he has only just learnt to cook but finds it hard to cook for one. Paula is sitting nearby and remarks, “That’s a huge hint.” Lacey seems oblivious and then when she realises what Paula means she giggles then tell Sam, “Sure, I would cook for you.

Spencer is in the diary room and tells Big Brother that the nominations were “the first fun part of the game.” He adds: “It’s finally getting down to business, I have a bad feeling that we’re gonna win, it’s how life has always been, but my British super fans are gonna save the day,” he grins.

Rylan and Razor are in the garden talking about Heidi and Spencer. “When Heidi went to the diary room Spencer said that’s the longest time they’ve been apart from each other, that’s not right for anyone,” Rylan comments. Rylan mentions that he wouldn’t even act that way if he were dating David Beckham. “He could do worse,” Rylan quips, “He already has,” Razor remarks and they both laugh.

Housemates have been gathered on the sofa. Big Brother announces the results of this week’s nomination and relays that Paula received four nominations while Heidi and Spencer received 10. All of the housemates laugh including Heidi and Spencer but Paula is not impressed. “I’m going to go and pack now, I’ve just gone from boiling to freezing cold.” Paula heads into the bedroom and Sam promptly follows her. “Are you p***ed off?” he asks her and Paula tells him that the British public already think she is “crazy,” so will vote her out. Rylan comes into the bedroom and tries to convince Paula that she must stay in the house. “Don’t walk out and leave me,” he adds and lies across the clothes she had laid out on her bed. Paula laughs.

Paula is in the bedroom packing. Razor and Rylan are talking about Paula and Razor says that her moods are “up and down.” “If she f***ed off, I’d be really upset with her,” worries Rylan.

Paula has come into the diary room to talk to Big Brother, saying she wants to leave. “It’s very very different for everyone,” she says referring to being nominated. She continues, “Heidi and Spencer, to get 10 out of 10 doesn’t affect their career, it makes me wanna draw back from people,” she bemoans.

Heidi and Spencer are talking to Ryan about Paula. “It wouldn’t be so hard (for us) if she didn’t take it so personally,” Ryan tells them and Heidi adds: “It’s a popularity contest.” Some of the housemates are in the garden and Paula continues to tell them that she is ready to go. “The public are going to know that they (Heidi and Spencer) annoy you so much, they keep people in that are most annoying.” She reminds her housemates, “I’m a highly intelligent woman,” she tells her housemate as the reason behind her claims.

Heidi and Spencer are having some special time lying on the bed together. They share a kiss. Paula is in the diary room and tells Big Brother, “I’m staying but I won’t be close to the women in the house.” Tricia and Claire are in the living area taking about Paula. “She’s taking it really bad,” Tricia adds. “She’s like a caged animal with nowhere to go,” adds Claire and they both say how “fantastic” they think Paula is. “It’s a game; it’s what you sign up for. She (Paula) says no one will vote for Frankie or Spencer and Heidi,” Claire worries.

Back in the diary room Paula says she has decided to stay in the house and reveals: “I know it’s the girls.” Although she is aware of this fact, Paula says that she will still be polite to everyone.

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