Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 7 – Jasmine Lennard & Rhian Sugden participate in Trolley Dash

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Thursday 23 August 2012
Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 7 – Jasmine Lennard & Rhian Sugden participate in Trolley Dash

Recap of day 7 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Wednesday 22 August 2012.


Martin is telling Samantha about the glory days of his music career. He describes this period of time as “amazing” and admits that it was a good way of growing up: “travelling around the world first class.” Martin admits that the band suffered like any other band and members argued at times about money, women and publishing. Samantha listens intently and brands the conversation as “interesting.”

Jasmine and Julie are in the garden talking about personality traits. Jasmine jokes that she would rather be “dead than dull” and Julie replies: “Well we’re not going anywhere!” Jasmine admits that she could “tone it down a bit on the crazy scale” and Julie remains silent. Jasmine continues to explain that sometimes she can be “misunderstood” by people and Julie quips: “Well that is their problem!” The conversation turns philosophical as Jasmine declares: “I often think that the people that matter are the people that don’t mind and the people that mind are the people that don’t matter”. Julie agrees and continues: “There is such a thin line between genius and insanity.” Julie refers to Jasmine as “baby” and Jasmine replies: “True that.”

Coleen is confiding in Cheryl in the living area. Coleen claims that she does not think that Julie likes her. Cheryl admits that she feels angry at herself as she has not been listening to what is in her heart. Despite making an effort with Julie, Coleen feels that the pair have not connected and feels bad about feeling this way because her fellow housemates adore Julie. Cheryl agrees with Coleen: “Oh I know,” she assures her. Coleen continues to contemplate asking Julie whether she has a problem with her and speculates to Cheryl that Julie is “acting” every day.


Jasmine and Samantha are glamming themselves up in the bedroom. The conversation turns to modelling and Jasmine claims that she does not understand how “fourteen year old girls can sell adult clothing.” She continues to tell Samantha that she preferred the days of “Helena Christensen” and brands the model as “the ultimate”. Samantha is in agreement and Jasmine continues to declare: “I don’t want to look at a girl that looks like an alien, I want those girls back!”

Ashley, Danica and Rhian are talking about the looming eviction. Rhian claims that the result will be “pot luck” and that there will not be a great difference in the votes. Danica agrees but corrects Rhian’s “pot luck” theory and comments: “I don’t think it’ll be a luck thing at all, it’s whether the public decide to keep in a very strong character or they decide to keep the lovely girl in.” She continues to speculate that the audience may want to keep Rhian in because of the prospective romance with Ashley but adds that Jasmine may kept in to “mix things up” in the house.

Ashley tells both glamour girls that he doesn’t understand who else Jasmine can argue with and brands Danica “as calm as f**k.” He continues to compare both women by adding that he perceives Danica as “stronger” than Rhian. Danica agrees and continues: “Now that I know her, if she says anything, I’m like oh okay.” Rhian asserts that she was shocked when Jasmine had accused her of slating Danica and Ashley, to which Danica replies: “I know for a fact you would say Danica is this, Danica is that.” Rhian quips that she felt she was going to “explode” when Jasmine started arguing with her and that her “low blood pressure was going to reach its maximum”. She admits that since not talking to Jasmine she now feels better and Rhian says profoundly: “Some people are cats and some people are dogs. Some people just don’t get along. If the cat approaches the dog then the dog is proper going to bite the cats face off.”


Martin is asking Ashley how is feeling about his time in the house. Ashley tells Martin that he loves to skip around in the house and struggles to indulge in hourly conversations with fellow housemates. He admits to Martin that at times he can feel “trapped” in the house.

In the garden, Samantha and Jasmine are talking about Ashley and Rhian. Samantha brands Ashley as “vulnerable” and claims that Rhian “knows how the game works”. Jasmine agrees and tells Samantha that she feels sorry for the young judo star and continues: “I think he’ll feel like a right idiot when he watches the series back.” She goes on to speculate that Rhian would never “f**k with Ashley” because he does not have any money. Depicting Rhian and Danica as “smart”, Jasmine disagrees and jokes: “No they’re not clever. They are all t**s and a****. I don’t think there’s a smart game plan, they’ve just shaken their t**s around and put a bit of cream on his face. It’s hardly Einstein’s master plan to survive the Big Brother house; it’s more like Playboy guidelines!”


Danica is getting made up by Julian. playing dress up. Looking at herself in the mirror the model brands her new look as “amazingly hooker like” and Julian jokes: “Well that’s what you asked for!”

Meanwhile, as Harvey is working out in the garden, Jasmine shrieks: “Who do you think you are, Jodie Marsh?” Harvey defends Jodie Marsh and informs fellow housemates that the recently acclaimed body builder did “really well in America”. Jasmine continues to tell Harvey and The Situation that women body builders scare her and that their bodies are not attractive. The Situation attempts the English accent, and Harvey asks him to repeat a number of sentences, before fellow housemates start to laugh.

In the garden Danica is asking Prince Lorenzo to taste the glitter she has on her face. Prince Lorenzo tells Danica that it tastes like fish before she continues to ask him whether he would like to touch her wig. Prince Lorenzo admits that this could “get him going” before licking his lips and Danica is shocked by such revelations. Prince Lorenzo continues to inform her that it’s her flirting rather than the wig, and Danica apologises before asserting: “It’s just me. Do you think that’s bad Lorenzo?” Prince Lorenzo reassures her that being able to flirt is a “good quality” but that if she were his girlfriend it would make him unhappy.

Danica and Prince Lorenzo continue to talk about trust in relationships and are in agreement that trust is the vital ingredient in a successful relationship. Sensing that the conversation has become deep, Danica proposes that Prince Lorenzo touches her wig again, and he becomes coy: “Not really, it reminds me of being at home and erm it really is – pretty good. Where was I going with this?” Danica laughs at Prince Lorenzo’s reaction.


Big Brother has given Samantha, Julie, Julian and Coleen a last chance to win fellow housemates more money in the “Big Spenders” task. “I really hope that it’s nothing nasty or that it tastes bad,” tells Coleen. Housemates are informed that they must tell each other home truths in order to win them extra shopping budget.

Firstly, Coleen is asked to tell Julie one thing that she would change about her, to which Coleen replies: “To be more honest than I think you are being.” Fellow housemates seem shocked by what Coleen has said and she is next to endure the rapt of Julian. When asked to describe Coleen in one word, the ever sarcastic Julian replies: “overweight”. Julie is asked to finish the following sentence about Samantha ‘When you walk in the room I think…’ and without hesitation Julie declares: “I think, you think you are f****** beautiful do you lady!”

When asked to describe Julian’s career in one word, Samantha quips: “mediocre” and a defensive Julian mutters: “It’s not over yet!” Coleen then tells Samantha that her worst feature is that her roots need doing before Julian informs Julie that her personality is “vulgar.” Julie replies: “Oh charming – thank you.”

Finally Julie is asked by Big Brother to give Coleen one bit of advice and declares: “It would be to shut the f**k up!” After an awkward silence, Julie asserts: “Well I think we’ve all bonded” and Julian rubs Coleen’s arm reassuringly before a narked Coleen bites: “Don’t touch my fat!”


In the kitchen Julie is mulling over the home truths activity. “Well I think Coleen has probably topped herself!” she quips and adds: “Well Julian’s p**sed off in the lavatory and won’t come out.”
Samantha laughs and informs Julie that Julian said the worst thing somebody can say to a woman.

In the garden, Coleen is telling Ashley that she told Julie to be more honest and Ashley seems shocked: “F**k*** hell it got personal!” Coleen continues to tell Julian and Ashley that her woman intuition is telling her that “there is something” between them and that Julie does not like her. Ashley tells Coleen: “You are a loving person.”


Cheryl is talking to Martin about meeting her husband on the internet. She tells him that he “liked” her husband’s picture online and the romance went from there. Cheryl asserts that her husband did not know what she did for work and in the beginning assumed that she was a struggling musician before he Googled her. Martin claims that the internet is “a great thing for meeting people.”

Julie and Julian are talking about their fellow housemates in the house. Julian tells Julie that he is dubious of Samantha because she is a journalist and speculates whether she will write an article about her experience in the house after she leaves. “She works for the Daily Mail,” Julian jokes and continues: “That’s all that needs to be said!”

Julie asks Julian his opinions on Martin and he quips: “He eats with his mouth full – that’s his only crime!” Conversation turns to Cheryl and Julian brands her as “long winded” before Julie adds: “She’s really into that internet isn’t she? That’s how she met him!” Julian continues to match housemates with where they sleep and claims that he wouldn’t be bothered if all the other housemates left the house. Julie agrees and quips: “It needs thinning out!”


Housemates are gathered on the sofas and Big Brother informs them that they have passed this week’s shopping task. Jasmine and Rhian are told that they have been selected to participate in the ‘Trolley Dash.” Jasmine quips: “It’s like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb!” Big Brother informs both girls that if they spend over £725 then they will not receive any items that they have accumulated. Rhian laughs and tells Jasmine: “You are going to struggle. I can’t steer a trolley.” Jasmine is shocked and replies: “You’re going to struggle because you can’t add up honey!” and continues to brand the Trolley Dash as a “potential disaster”.

Jasmine is the first to dash around the supermarket Morrison’s, and Rhian is the second: “Just grab, throw and run!” Jasmine shouts at Rhian through the megaphone. After an intense dash around the supermarket, both girls have run out of steam and Rhian jokes: “Help! Has anyone got any water?” Jasmine brands the checkout as the “ultimate tease” as both girls recognise that they will not receive any items if they have spent over £725. Jasmine is unsettled “there is no way we have done this.” The cashier informs Rhian and Jasmine that they have in fact spent £438.60p and both rejoice and Jasmine thanks the cashier profusely.


Coleen and Martin are in the bedroom talking about their fellow housemates. Martin is reassuring Coleen that everybody wants to be liked. Coleen claims that it is easier outside the Big Brother house because you do not have to be around people that do not like you and she asserts: “I just want people to talk to me if they have a problem.”

Rhian and Jasmine return to the house with their shopping. “Hello, we are home!” Jasmine shrieks before informing fellow housemates “we killed it!”

Jasmine informs Harvey that she got him all the sauces that he asked for and he replies: “Oh my gosh.” Julian asks Julie to go for a smoke. In the bedroom, Julie is complaining that Rhian and Jasmine did not buy any butter: “I can’t have crumpets without butter!” Julie exclaims and Julian replies: “You’ll just have to have jam!” In the kitchen housemates are showering Jasmine and Rhian with compliments: “You did amazing!” Danica tells them and Jasmine replies: “We were just desperate not to come home empty handed!”

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