Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 2 – The Situation takes a liking to Danica

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Saturday 18 August 2012
Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 2 –  The Situation takes a liking to Danica

Recap of day 2 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Friday 17 August 2012.


Housemates are waking up to their first morning in the house. Collectively, the topic of conversation is how well celebrity housemates have slept. Harvey tells Rhian that he did not have good dreams. She replies: “Why didn’t you get into my bed?” Harvey begins to laugh and mutters: “not yet”. Martin tells housemates that he dreamt about nominations before waking up and Harvey jokes: “Well I never thought I’d be waking up to Julian and Martin in bed.”

The celebrities are in the bathroom conversing about shower privacy. Cheryl is telling Prince Lorenzo and Samantha that she wore a swimming costume in the shower as she didn’t want to be seen naked. Coleen asks Prince Lorenzo whether he wore anything in the shower and he tells the two women that he did not. The women debate whether it is worse for women to be seen naked and Cheryl proclaims: “I just don’t want anybody to see my crunch.”
In the diary room, Julie is telling Big Brother that Julian informed her that she was talking Russian in her sleep last night. “I haven’t got any Russian contacts” Julie quips and seems confused by Julian’s revelations. She continues “It could be the last orders in Russian I suppose.”


Julie and Coleen are bonding in the kitchen. “How long have you been married?” Coleen asks. Julie tells her that she has been with her partner for sixteen years, but they have been married for five years. “This is the first time we have been apart” Julie declares and Coleen is shocked. Branding the separation from her husband as “hard”, Julie continues to tell Coleen that “it takes balls” to deal with.

The Situation and Danica are working out in the garden. Their two spectators Rhian and Cheryl look on. Cheryl asks The Situation why he is trying not to look in the mirror; he admits that if he looks in the mirror that he will end up staring at Danica. The women laugh and tell The Situation that he is getting rather “tutti-frutti”. Looking across at Prince Lorenzo, Cheryl jokes: “I like the Prince of Bel Air’s technique over there.” Cheryl admits that she feels “satisfied” watching girls and boys work out when she is eating breakfast and continues: “ That’s why her (Danica) a**** is like that and mine is hers and his (The Situation) put together.”


Julian seems puzzled by Prince Lorenzo and asks Martin to enlighten his curiosity. Martin tells Julian that he has a “great back story” and educates him about Prince Lorenzo’s career outside the house. “I thought he did some pet food thing” Julian confesses and Martin responds: “I guess if you’re called Prince, that’s a reason to invent dog food.”

In the garden, Jasmine is also bewildered by the Prince: “He comes from America, but they don’t have Royalty” she exclaims. Coleen tells Jasmine that she should ask Prince Lorenzo his story, and Julie says: “leave him alone”. Branding herself as “gullible”, Jasmine tells fellow housemates that she is always the first person to get “sucked in” to lies.


In the bedroom, Samantha asks The Situation if he is single. Admitting that currently he is not with anyone outside the house, Samantha quizzes him about who he fancies in the house. The Situation admits that he has taken a liking to Danica.

Julie admits that her sons’ father left her a few weeks after her son was born and that she has not heard from him since. Jasmine announces: “It is really weird because I feel like I am at the beginning of that journey.” Julie and Coleen listen to Jasmine as she informs them that the father of her son has left them. A supportive Julie declares: “You can do it. If I can do it – you can too.”


The Situation is showing Danica his beauty products in the bedroom

In the garden, Coleen is quizzing Jasmine about her past: “Didn’t you go out with someone really famous?” Jasmine remains silent.


The Situation is in the diary room telling Big Brother about his crush on Danica. He brands Danica as “hot” and speculates that she likes him too. He says: “I’d be pretty surprised if A. She likes me B. She’s playing me or C. She’s a flirt. I need to find out the situation – she could be a girl I could date.

In the garden, conversation has turned to Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Jasmine admits to the group that she met up with the star in Los Angeles before he met Katy. “He was strutting around like a peacock. But he was more like a dirty pigeon” Jasmine quips. Rhian then admits to the group that she too has met with Russell in the past and that the pair has shared a kiss. Julie voices her distaste for the man in question and declares: “Oh he needs a bath.” The two girls look at one another and Rhian says: “We’ve got a lot in common Jas.”


The Situation and Julian are called to the diary room to begin the “Moment Of Truth” task. Big Brother asks them how well they know their fellow housemates.

Julian jokes: “Well we might need some condoms” and The Situation admits that he has brought a few packs of his own into the house.

The Situation admits that he has made a sex tape but that it is not common knowledge. Julian quips: “Who was filming?” and The Situation replies: “we all took turns”. They tell Big Brother that they think Coleen is the most likely to have made a sex tape.

The task answers are revealed to the housemates. Coleen is trying to hide her face as she is humiliated by the sex tape revelations. Ashley tells her: “If it is you then I’m sleeping in your bed tonight.” Danica was mistakenly identified by Julian and The Situation as having plastic surgery when in fact she gets men to pay for her time on the internet.


The Situation and Jasmine are talking about Danica in the smoking area. He admits that whilst he “liked” Danica, the recent revelations about her career outside the house have “disappointed” him. Jasmine tells The Situation that she observed his facial expressions when he found out and claims that Danica is “playing a game”. Coleen asks The Situation whether he feels “betrayed” by the beauty, and he replies: “No, just disappointed. She’s trying to play me.” Jasmine continues: “It’s not that you don’t like her, she’s just not the person that you thought she was.”


Danica is explaining to Samantha and Coleen about why she is in the house. She feels that the TV programme called “Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys” has tainted her image and wants people to see the real her. Danica claims that she was under the impression the programme would be called “Girls on Top” and she was helpless in the decision to change the title of the programme. Samantha admits that if money was not an issue that she would spend her time writing nice stories rather than controversial articles. She informs Coleen and Danica that her husband was unwell earlier in the year, hence money was an issue.

In the bedroom, Jasmine is talking to Ashley and Rhian about The Situation being upset about Danica. On hearing this, Julian brands The Situation as “No Virgin Mary.”


Coleen quizzes Samantha in the kitchen and asks her why, if she doesn’t like controversy, does she write such controversial articles. Danica sticks up for her and says that she must see a niche market. Danica then goes on to discuss how she’s got a bad reputation because the title of the documentary she appeared in changed from Girls On Top to Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys.

Meanwhile, Jasmine talks about how she feels sorry for The Situation as he was really taken by Danica and how she was the opposite of what he thought. Julian adds that The Situation is hardly Virgin Mary himself.


Julian admits to Coleen that he finds it hard talking about himself. Coleen says how she enjoys learning about the people in the house, and is intrigued why the girls are so defensive.

Danica, Jasmine and Rhian discuss Samantha naming Rhian in one of her articles and how she is actually really lovely. Rhian says that she thinks herself, Danica, Jasmine and Samantha are in Big Brother to prove the public wrong. Jasmine states that she isn’t here to prove anything. Danica talks about how the only thing she needs to prove is that the show she was part of was wrongly named. Jasmine says the ‘sex’ and ‘lies’ part wasn’t right, but the ‘rinsing guys’ statement still rings true. Danica says that ‘rinsing’ isn’t even a word.


The Situation is asking Danica whether she is mad at him. Shocked by his question, Danica replies: “No, do I seem like that?” In the garden, Rhian is telling fellow housemates that she thinks Prince Lorenzo and Danica “have a thing going on”. Jasmine is quick to disagree with Rhian’s claims and tells the group that Danica is “playing games”.

Danica is telling The Situation that he seemed “really gutted” when he found out that housemates had failed the task. The Situation admits that he was worried fellow housemates would be angry.


Julie is talking to Julian about her career on Coronation Street. She tells Julian that the job was everything that she ever wanted. “That £100 a week – it was like we’d won the lottery” Julie asserts sincerely.

Cheryl, Samantha and Danica are talking about the mood in the house. Danica admits that she feels really calm and Cheryl agrees with her. “It’s the calm before the storm” Cheryl declares.

Jasmine has come to the diary room. “I’m starting to work out who is who. There is a bit of tension between me and Danica. I think she knows her s**t won’t wash with me. She’s playing a game” she protests. Branding the day as “fantastic”, Jasmine admits that so far the experience has been “a blast”. She continues to say: “I’m having such a good time but I just know that it’s going to turn brutal. It’s going to turn nasty – there is something in the air.”

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