Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 15 – Samantha, Danica and Coleen nominated!

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Friday 31 August 2012
Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 15 – Samantha, Danica and Coleen nominated!

Recap of day 15 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Thursday 30 August 2012.


While some of the housemates are still asleep, Samantha talks to Julie about facing eviction. She claims that she is at a “disadvantage” because she is “the quiet one” in the house. Julie reassures her and comments: “You are doing everything in here, you are looking after everybody.” Samantha emphasises that if she stays in the house she will change and admits that there “is a steelier side to me.” Julie adds: “I feel stronger everyday. I am really going for the last shot Sam,” and Samantha speculates that some housemates are not being themselves. Julie says that Prince Lorenzo has lost his balls and Coleen is a “two faced b*****d.”


Coleen and Julian are in the garden talking about the weather. Julian has been suffering with toothache and will be visiting the dentist later on in the day. He confesses that he has never “looked as forward to going to the dentist as he does today.” Coleen confides: “I’d struggle with coming back in if I went out.”

Ashley is working out in the gym as Prince Lorenzo limbers up. In the bedroom, Rhian and Danica are working out how many days they have left in the house. Samantha enters the bedroom and Rhian asks: “Are you excited?” Samantha responds: “I keep wondering if my husband is on the way, I wonder where he is; I wonder if he’s put the dogs in the kennels yet. I’m so excited!” Rhian says that she feels her “time has come.”

Martin is in the diary room and tells Big Brother: “Everybody across the board is talking about each other.” He says that he doesn’t like some of the things that Julie has been saying, and that issues have been caused as a result of “Danica’s bed hopping.” He adds: “If she’s not bed hopping, she’s teasing those boys up until the point that they think they can go in for the kiss. I saw Prince Lorenzo through the Gods All Seeing Eye and I thought they were going to kiss. It was like watching some version of Eastenders. Danica led him to that point that I thought he was going to propose.”


Housemates are completing this week’s shopping list. On hearing that cigarettes are £7.39p per pack, housemates’ debate whether they should remove food to spare the smokers more money. Martin doesn’t agree and declares: “You don’t want to take off food for fags.” Coleen interjects: “I’m leaving because I’m not gonna argue about cigarettes.”

In the garden, Coleen informs Rhian and Julian that their fellow housemates have ordered too much food and not enough cigarettes: “How much f****** food do you need for a week?!” she exclaims.


Ashley is on a cleaning spree while some of the housemates retrieve the shopping from the store room. Danica is massaging Julie’s feet in the garden. During the Gods & Mortals task Julie spoke about Danica to the other Gods and commented that Danica “deserves to be handcuffed” and “I don’t like players!” Back in the garden Julie informs Danica that she cannot imagine her not being in the house and declares: “I love you.” Danica confesses that she feels “fine” about the looming eviction and that Rhian is ready to leave the house. Julie continues to add: “I feel shell shocked that I am still here” and Danica admits: “I’m shocked that I have escaped two nominations. So I’m pleased about that.”


Housemates are anticipating the looming eviction. The Situation admits to Coleen that he hopes to “survive.” Samantha confesses that being in the Big Brother has “tested every single emotion and fibre in my body.” In the kitchen, The Situation speculates whether his fans will be on the outside to support him. Danica playfully slaps him and asserts: “Of course they will! You will be here until the end.”

Rhian admits to Julie that she might cry if she doesn’t leave the house this evening and Julie comments: “It’s because you have a life on the outside.” Danica confesses to Big Brother that she will feel “amazing” if the public save her but she understands that she does not have a “fan base outside the house”.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas and wish each other luck. Host Brian Dowling announces that Rhian has been evicted from the Big Brother house. As she leaves, Julie tells Samantha “Danica next,” and Samantha says she will have a glass of wine and wait for Coleen to come and congratulate her. “You’ll have a long wait” quips Julie.


Big Brother announces that nominations will be taking place and that the housemates will be nominating face to face.

Harvey is the first person to nominate and chooses Danica and Lorenzo. Next is Julian who chooses Samantha and The Situation. Coleen is the third housemate to nominate and picks Samantha and The Situation. Next up is Prince Lorenzo who opts for Julian and Julie while Ashley nominates Danica and Coleen. Julie is next to stand, and nominates Danica and Coleen. The seventh housemate to nominate is Martin, who names Samantha and Julian, The Situation nominates Coleen and Danica. Samantha nominates Coleen and Danica. Danica is the final housemate to nominate and chooses Samantha and Ashley.

Big Brother announces that Samantha, Danica and Coleen have received the most nominations and will therefore face the public vote. Seemingly upset, Danica admits that she should not have used the word “bullying” when explaining her nomination for Ashley. During nominations she accused Ashley, The Situation and Harvey of making other housemates feel uncomfortable because of their “gang mentality.” She claimed that their behaviour could be considered as “bullying” as they always side with each other. Harvey comforts Danica who has started to cry. “There is a bigger picture darling. Everyone has to do it. We have all got to make uncomfortable decisions,” Harvey empathises.


Samantha, Lorenzo, The Situation and Danica are in the bedroom. Danica is upset as she explains that would “never have nominated” The Situation “even if they had a row.” The Situation embraces Danica and clarifies that his nomination was in response to the task: “You were laughing and joking and I was in misery cleaning. You were laughing and smiling and I was like, does she know that I am hurting right now?” Danica confesses that she thought The Situation “out of everybody” would “have her back” adding: “I thought I could rely on you.” The Situation continues to assert that the “real” reason for his nomination was a strategic one and that he had three cards in his hand not two. He adds:” I don’t know if it is f*****g aloud, but I had in my head Prince and Coleen, but then my name came up twice. If I had nominated Coleen and Prince, I would have been in the process and I felt like due to the last few weeks, that I didn’t want to be in this weeks nominations. I would have felt bad if you went home and I would have played a part in that. You know we were safe together this week, you and me?”

In the diary room Harvey explains that he feels “insulted” by Danica’s words. He says that he has always “done his best being the middle man” and feels “disgusted” to be associated with the words that she chose. He adds: “It’s stereotypical. Just because I am a rapper, does that make a bully? It was a cheap shot but it’s the name of the game.” Harvey continues to brand Danica a “clever girl” and claims that since being saved by the public she now believes “she has lots of fans.”

Back in the bedroom, The Situation admits to Danica: “I practically love you.” She replies: “Sometimes in life you have to overcome those feelings and you have to do what you think is right. I think, deep down in your heart that you did not think it was a good idea to nominate me.”


Julie is to talking to Julian about Coleen not looking after Danica. Julian defends Coleen and says that she was upset at being nominated herself: “She had other thoughts to think,” he declares and Julie jokes: “Well I’ve been nominated.”

In the diary room, Coleen is “seething.” She explains to Big Brother that she is “sick” of people being “false” in the house. Coleen speculates it will be those “fake” housemates that will make it to the final and claims that she is “sick of the gang mentality” in the house “that nobody sees”. Seemingly upset, Coleen apologises in advance and brands Julie “so f***ing two faced.” She says that she “felt like a b***h” for “slagging” Julie off. “She (Julie) is playing a game in a vile way and it’s like p*** off Julie, you haven’t loved me from day one. You don’t love all these people but you are loving the young ones so that you can come across as some hip seventy year old that can do this and do that. They all fall for it but she’s got all these barbed comments about everyone and I wish that I had nominated her. But I didn’t because I thought she’s a national treasure and people are going to hate me if I keep nominating Julie. She is so p*****g false and I don’t care if people vote me out because I’m not false and I am not jumping ship. I’m not in anybody’s ship.”


Housemates are clearing the air after face to face nominations. Coleen tells Ashley that she does not have any “bad feelings towards him” and Ashley responds: “lots of love.” He continues to assure Coleen that he has nothing to do with what Julie says and Coleen comments: “she has had it out for me since day one.” Ashley laughs and exits the living area, as Coleen mutters: “I just wish she’d stop telling me she loves me because it makes me feel f***ing sick.”

In the garden The Situation says to Julian: “It’s all good. I made it this far.” He continues to assure Julian that he “genuinely likes” him. “I guess that some of my views bother you and for that I apologise,” he adds. Julian jokes that he will change his views and The Situation continues to shower Julian with compliments. Julian replies “likewise.” “It’s funny who you end up living with in here,” Julian adds as The Situation embraces him. “You smell nice. Nice quality leather,” quips Julian.

Harvey, Ashley, Prince Lorenzo and Danica are in the bedroom. Danica wants Harvey and Ashley to understand how she and other housemates may feel that there is a gang going on in the house. Ashley disputes that just because some housemates may be closer to each other, it does not amount to “bullying.” Danica explains that she said “bullying” because at times she feels that “the gang will always stick to the boys.” Harvey declares that he feels upset by her “bullying” claim and questions whether they are “bullying” Danica when she is sitting with them on the bed. Danica apologizes once more for using the work “bullying” and Harvey comments: “It was a big statement.” She continues to speculate that she knew Harvey and Ashley would nominate her, but admits that it was a shock that The Situation did.


Danica clears the air with Samantha and the pair embraces. Both women agree that they are different and Samantha confesses: “You will be shocked at how many compliments I have given you.”

In the bedroom, Prince Lorenzo and Harvey are struggling to get along. Prince Lorenzo declares that there isn’t a love triangle in the house as “there are no relationships” and “nothing to be jealous of.” He continues to brand the love triangle as a “whack excuse” for Harvey to nominate him. Harvey continues to declare that Danica is “sexual” with some men in the house and asserts that her “flirtatious nature is not fine.” Prince Lorenzo speculates that the reason Danica likes him is because she knows that he would never cross the line with her, as Harvey brands her behaviour as “disgraceful.”


Some of the housemates are getting ready for bed. Samantha is in the diary room and describes the mood in the house as “explosive.” She continues: “I said in the beginning that there was only room for one Queen Bee in the house and Julie has held that. It is definitely a position that Coleen would like to have but I think in the next 48hours you will see another split in the house. It will be Julie vs. Coleen and it’ll be who backs who. You don’t get to seventy and you don’t spent years in the entertainment industry without being a survivor. Julie is a survivor.” Samantha speculates that Coleen will gain more respect if she begins to voice her feelings towards Julie. Meanwhile in the bedroom Coleen and Julie share a hug as a seemingly concerned Julie declares: “It’s hard in here.”

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