Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 12 – Housemates nominate; four face eviction!

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Tuesday 28 August 2012
Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 12 – Housemates nominate; four face eviction!

Recap of day 12 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Monday 27 August 2012.


Today, housemates will nominate for the third time. Julie is worried about nominations and has come into the diary room to talk to Big Brother. “I’ve not come around yet,” she says and mentions that she may feel alright once she’s been to the toilet. “I’m glad I’m still here, I’m a survivor and this (nominations) is all part of the Big Brother experience,” she muses. “When I have a poo I’ll start to think who I could bear to live without,” she remarks.


Coleen and Julian are talking about the girls. “When was flirting considered such a crime?” quips Julian and Coleen adds: “It’s not as if the girls haven’t told them that they’ve got boyfriends.” She continues: “Why don’t the boys just say ‘don’t flirt with me.’”

Prince Lorenzo is in the kitchen and mentions to Julie that he will do a bit of “detective work” today. She tells him that she can see things from “both sides” as Lorenzo says that Danica’s story has “confused” him. “She told Coleen that she had a long talk with her boyfriend before entering the house,” he explains. “I really like the girl, either she’s the most perfect girl ever created or not, it’s not adding up,” he asserts.


In the bedroom, Julie asks Ashley for a quick chat. “Are you being played?” she whispers. He pauses before telling her that he thinks he may be and she tells him to keep their conversations secret. Prince Lorenzo is in the garden, trying to find out more about Danica. They both agree that they are missing home and the things they take for granted. Lorenzo then asks Danica is they can have a “serious” talk adding: “I’m gonna ask you another serious question, don’t lie to me. What did you talk to your boyfriend about,” before entering the Big Brother house. Danica looks confused then explains that she initially met her boyfriend on “fun terms” adding: “I didn’t wasn’t anything heavy or full on.” She tells Lorenzo that she told her boyfriend that she intends to “have fun in the house but won’t cross the line,” adding: “I’m not here to prove myself anymore, I’m sick of doing that.”


Julian is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about who he can talk to in the house. He mentions that the “Daily Mail journalist” constantly asks him if he is “alright.” “That will fill a whole segment,” he quips. Big Brother asks Julian why he refers to Samantha using her occupation. “It’s the one thing I can’t get over, she is a Daily Mail journalist, I can’t trust her, it’s such an awful paper, so right-wing, I think they pay very well, two pounds a word,” he ponders.

Julie and The Situation are at the sofas in the garden. Julie asks for a private chat with him. “You know I adore you,” she starts then leans in asking: “Do you feel like you’re being played?” The Situation mulls over the question as Julie continues. “I love you and want this to stay between us.” “I would say yes,” The Situation replies as Danica comes over to join them. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re my boy,” Julie tells him.

Martin is talking about tans with Prince Lorenzo as they laze on the sun loungers and mentions that he takes after his dad so tans very easily. “It can cause a lot of problems with continuity,” he adds.

Harvey asks The Situation about his life in the US and he mentions that he has been banned from staying in various hotels in Las Vegas. “I burned a couch, they charged me 75 hundred,” for the damage The Situation admits. He adds: “But there were 30 other people in the room at the time.” The Situation continues, “Once I leave a VIP area people ask ‘can I come?’ I say yeah but security says no.” The Situation adds: “They’ve never seen someone bring back so many females since Clooney,” he boasts.


Today, housemates will nominate for the third time and it’s on everybody’s mind. Harvey is the first housemate to nominate and opts for Danica and Coleen. Next up is Coleen who names The Situation and Samantha. In the garden Julie tells Julian that she would normally be preparing a Sunday roast with all the trimmings at this time. Julian says someone else normally cooks “while I drink gin.” Julie asks if he includes tonic and he says that he does. “I never drank it but Bet had gin and tonic,” Julie muses. Coleen comes into the bedroom. She lies next to Harvey and they cuddle. “I’m lying with you but there’s nothing in it, I don’t like this part of the game,” she confesses referring to nominations and Harvey agrees.

Rhian is next into the diary room and nominates Martin and The Situation; Ashley nominates Danica and Rhian.


Samantha is in garden unaware that 2 hours and 13 minutes ago, Coleen nominated her. She confesses to being nervous about nominations and Coleen admits: “You feel like a two-faced b***h.” Samantha goes into the house and Coleen puts her head in her hand and mumbles with regret: “Like right now, she’s fabulous.”

Martin is the fifth housemate to nominate and chooses Danica and Harvey. The Situation and Julie are mulling things over in the garden. “It’s a hard day,” The Situation comments and Julie replies: “Man up, I respect that.” In the diary room, Danica nominates Martin and Sam; Julie nominates Rhian and Danica while The Situation chooses to nominate Danica and Prince Lorenzo.


Martin and Prince Lorenzo are discussing their jet set lifestyles and discuss the differences between “upper class” and “economy class.” Samantha is opening up to Julie and tells her, “I lost everything five years ago.” Julie asks her how and Samantha reveals: “I had a TV company, two Mercedes, one for the dogs, I had a dressing room, designer dresses,” and reveals that although she ran the company, she left the financial side to others. “Well you’ve learnt,” Julie sympathises. Samantha admits that she put all her own money into her business and seemingly had a lot of friends, but they failed to be there for her when things went wrong, “It was horrible.” Julie tells her that the friends who stuck by her are her true friends.

So far, Danica and Samantha have 3 nominations, Rhian and Martin have 2 and Harvey and Coleen have one each. Julian is next into the diary room and nominates Samantha and Prince Lorenzo; Samantha nominates Rhian and Danica. With six votes Danica will definitely face the public vote. Prince Lorenzo is the final person to nominate and names Julian and The Situation. Danica has received 6 votes, Rhian, The Situation and Samantha received three and therefore, all four housemates will face the public vote. Ashley and Julia received none.


Rhian has dressed up as a man. The Situation is holding court with Harvey in the living area and reveals what it’s like, to be The Situation. “People chase me, like the Backstreet Boys,” he boasts and says that the new season of his show will air a few weeks after he leaves the house. Julian is sitting with them with a distant look in his eyes as The Situation says how hard he trained to get in shape for the show adding: “I was jacked, I trained for 80 days straight, no women, no snacks, no Doritos, not only was I jacked, I was ready to fight,” he says. “I was ready to get into it while I was in clubs, lots of fights,” he continues while adopting a boxing stance. Julian walks off.


Big Brother has gathered housemates on the sofas to reveal this week’s nomination results. Danica and Rhian giggle as their names are called out while Samantha sits in silence. Julie tells her, “I want a word with you” and they head off into the bedroom. “Don’t make me cry,” Samantha pleads. In the garden Prince Lorenzo ponders: “Why get the pretty girls out?” Danica tells Rhian that they have both “lasted longer” than she thought they would. “If Rhian goes, I should go home,” Danica tells them. In the bedroom Julie gives Samantha a pep-talk. “You’re not going, cut the s**t, go through the motions but it won’t happen!” she tells her adding: “I know your hubby would love to see you but tough titty!”


The housemates have just finished a dinner that Samantha has prepared for them. Harvey hugs her from behind and kisses her cheek while thanking her for the meal. Samantha looks teary and Martin tells her to “be strong.” “I don’t know what we would have done without you in the kitchen,” he adds and they share a toast. Julian and Coleen are in the garden. “I can’t bear it,” Coleen bemoans. At the dining area, Samantha wipes her eyes and tells housemates: “It’s harder when everyone is nice to you.”


For today’s task Julian reads the housemates a bedtime story which stars each housemate and includes his trademark humour. If Julian completes the task to Big Brother’s satisfaction, he will be rewarded with a very special prize. Big Brother has provided an oversized picture book entitled Julian’s Tale and housemates have been gathered on the sofas.

Julian’s story features “a local farmer, Le Situation with the biggest cock…” that was ever seen. At the end of the story housemates applaud their storyteller as Big Brother announces that Julian has passed with flying colours. Housemates receive a further surprise when Big Brother announces that Julian will get to spend time with his dogs Albert and Valarie.

Housemates watch on the TV screen as Julian enjoys playing with his dogs in the diary room.


Samantha has come to the diary room to reflect on the day’s events. “I swore I wouldn’t cry,” she starts, adding: “Everyone thinks I’m this hardnosed journalist.” She tells Big Brother that some of her housemates have mention that she has enough information to write stories on certain people in the house but Samantha says that she couldn’t do something like that. “It’s not fair, I can understand why people are suspicious about me, it’s not me, I’m really quite soft.”

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