Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 1 – Julie & Cheryl set secret task

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Friday 17 August 2012
Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 1 – Julie & Cheryl set secret task

Recap of day 1 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Thursday 16 August 2012.


Julie is the first celebrity housemate to enter the house and is seemingly happy with where she will be living for the upcoming weeks. Cheryl is the next celebrity housemate to enter the house: “This is alright. It’s quite posh,” she says and embraces Julie. Big Brother calls the two soap stars into the diary room. After eventually working out where the diary room is, the women enter the diary room and are told about their secret task. “We’ve only just got here!” Julie exclaims. The housemates discover that their mission is to create a night of drama worthy of a soap opera and that for the rest of the evening they will be wearing an earpiece. When Big Brother cues them they must use their ears of acting experience to deliver some high drama in to the house. If they go undiscovered and perform to Big Brother’s satisfaction, the whole house will be rewarded.

The Situation is next to enter the house and is greeted by Julie and Cheryl, who are waiting for their first instruction on their secret mission. Big Brother tells Cheryl that she must take The Situation to one side and tell him that Julie once had an affair with an ex-boyfriend.

Stand-up comedian Julian is next to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house and on seeing Cheryl jokes: “I didn’t recognise you without your balaclava on!” The housemates are getting to know each other and discuss what they do on the outside. As Rhian enters the house, Julie tells The Situation to behave himself. The Coronation Street theme tune begins to play in to Julie’s earpiece: “O heck!” Julie says taken back. Big Brother tells Julie that she must tell Rhian that she reminds her of the barmaid Raquel on Coronation Street and that she should be wary of men in the house. Looking over sheepishly at The Situation, Julie tells Rhian: “He’s on a reality show that one – be careful.” Rhian tells Julie that she appreciates what she has said and mutters: “I’ve got your back and you have got mine.”

Journalist Samantha is next to enter the house and tells her fellow celebrity housemates about the reaction she received from the audience: “I expected to be booed” she claims. Prince Lorenzo is next to enter the house and says: “I don’t know what just happened out there.” Cheryl and Julie hear the soap opera theme tune once more in their earpieces. Cheryl is told by Big Brother that she must now tell Harvey that Julie had an affair with her ex-husband and cry on his shoulder. Pretending to cry, Cheryl successfully tells Harvey about the affair. “You can’t get upset. Please don’t start. I’ve only been here for a minute,” he replies.


The Situation and Rhian are getting acquainted. Danica enters the house and Rhian asks her whether she was booed. “No not really,” Danica replies and Rhian tells her that she did. Judo Olympian Ashley is next celebrity housemate to enter the house and comments that his fellow housemates are unsure who he is and informs them that he is an Olympian. Harvey tells Ashley that he did well and that he is “proud” of him. Singer turned TV personality Coleen enters the house. Julian proclaims: “Very famous woman coming down the stairs.” On entering the house, model Jasmine tells fellow housemates that she is known for her “bad behaviour.”

The final celebrity housemate to enter the house is pop legend and actor Martin. “King Kemp is in,” Cheryl declares.


Cheryl and Julie are told by Big Brother that they must stage an argument and that Julie must throw water in Cheryl’s face. On hearing Big Brothers instructions, Cheryl tells Julian that Julie keeps giving her “evils.” Confronting Julie, Cheryl tells her loudly: “Can we sort this problem out. These guys do not know the history!” Housemates surround the arguing pair. “Don’t talk s****e”” Julie yells and tells Cheryl to “leave it!” before throwing water in her face. Martin and Jasmine console a tearful Cheryl. Branding herself as “queen bitch,” Jasmine tells Cheryl not to worry about the argument as there are lots more people in the house that she can get on with.


Celebrity housemates are gathered on the sofas and Big Brother reveals Cheryl and Julie’s secret mission. “I’ve still got it,” Julie quips. Housemates are shocked by the revelations and Cheryl tells them that their task was hard to do. Harvey tells Cheryl that he believed her up until the point she was crying: “There were no tears,” he sniggers.

The housemates are told that Cheryl and Julie have passed their secret mission and therefore, housemates will receive a party this evening.


Danica and Coleen are bonding in the garden. Coleen admits that she is not very good at remembering people’s names. “Good job we have name badges on,” Danica jokes and Coleen replies: “Yeah I might I have to stare at your left boob tonight.”

Prince Lorenzo asks Jasmine why she is in the house. She tells him that she has come into the house for her son. He continues to ask what she has done to enter the house and she becomes coy. “I’m sure it’s not that bad,” Prince Lorenzo tells her. “My behaviour is bad. It is unpredictable and unmanageable,” Jasmine asserts and continues to ask Prince Lorenzo what star sign he is. Learning that Prince Lorenzo is a Gemini, Jasmine tells him: “Gemini’s are the worst star sign. I am attracted to Gemini’s. They have different personalities,” and they both laugh.

Meanwhile in the garden, Ashley, Harvey, Danica and Jasmine are playing darts. Harvey asks Ashley whether he has a vengeance against somebody outside the Big Brother house because he is throwing the darts with force.

Coleen and Julie are talking about Danica, Rhian and Jasmine’s figures. Coleen looks across at Jasmine and tells Julie: “My arms are fatter than her legs.” Julie tells Coleen that the girls who appear on Page 3 have unrealistic bodies are not and claims that Rhian’s bottom is “fake.” Surprised by Julie’s claims, Coleen comments, “I’m embarrassed about taking my hair out, let alone taking my a**e off.”

Cheryl is in the diary room. She tells Big Brother that her fellow celebrity housemates seem relieved that her and Julie’s argument was a task. Meanwhile, The Situation and Prince Lorenzo are talking about the women in the house. The Situation asks Prince Lorenzo whether Jasmine is married, and tells him that he hasn’t asked any of the girls if they are single yet. Their conversation turns to Julian and The Situation tells Prince Lorenzo: “He don’t seem happy.”


Housemates are in the garden talking to Ashley about his judo career. Ashley tells Julian that he will teach him some moves later on in the evening. Julian replies: “I’ve got brittle bones.”

Big Brother informs housemates that the bedroom door is open. Rhian and Danica choose to share the double bed. As Harvey enters the bedroom, Rhian asks him whether he is going to sleep in the bed next to them. “If you go here, we can stroke each others faces,” she jokes.


In the smoking area, Rhian and Jasmine are talking about press leaks. Jasmine quizzes Rhian about her “sex texting” scandal and Rhian reveals: “We spoke as friends. We were just friends – but we spoke too much. I never sent a sex text. I never sold a story.” Jasmine questions Rhian about a direct quote from the model that she read in a newspaper. Rhian tells her that the quote was taken from a Twitter account that was not hers. When asked whether she fancies the TV personality involved in the scandal, Rhian tells Jasmine that he is “too old” for her. The two girls debate whether it is okay to text a married man and Jasmine declares: “It was your fault at the point you knew he was attracted to you. People are not going to feel sorry for you. They will feel sorry for her.” Rhian continues to tell Jasmine that before coming into the house, she learnt that Samantha had written a negative article about her and continues to brand living together as “awkward.” Rhian tells Jasmine that she has also learnt that Coleen is best friends with the TV personality’s wife involved in her sex text scandal, and that she was nervous about entering the house.


In the garden, The Situation and Danica are talking about his TV show Jersey Shore. Danica tells him that she has watched his programme once and that her friends outside the house are fans of his. The Situation tells her that he likes “genuine people.” Danica replies: “You have got it right.”

In the diary room, Martin is talking to Big Brother about his fellow celebrity housemates. “It’ll be really nice when people drop the characters, be genuine and relax,” he asserts. Martin continues to speculate that there may be challenges between the three younger men in the house because there could be too much testosterone. “At the moment it is like being at a party – everybody has got their party face on,” he quips.


Julian is in the diary room talking about his fellow housemates. When asked which housemate is likely to be the alpha-male, Julian says: “I think Ross Kemp will be. Oh the last one in. Martin Kemp – yep that’s him.” He is happy that he will be sleeping in the bed next to Julie and describes this scenario as “a dream come true.”

Rhian and Danica are in bed talking about Jasmine. Rhian tells Danica that Jasmine is asking lots of questions about the outside world and that it seems too soon for her to do that. However, Rhian says that Jasmine is “nice” and tells Danica: “What you see is what you get with her.”

In thegarden Jasmine and Harvey are speculating about why they seem to get on so well. Jasmine declares:” It is because we’re both addicts” and labels Harvey as a “sex addict.” Harvey defends his actions outside the house and tells Jasmine that he does not like hurting people. The pair bond over the topic of infidelity and Jasmine admits that she understands why people cheat on each other. “I don’t speak that language of love – it’s like Chinese to me,” she announces. Harvey smiles and tells Jasmine: “Just holla at your boy. I’ve got your back.”

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