Big Brother 2013 Week 4: Who nominated who?..

Big Brother 2013 Week 4: Who nominated who?..
Updated on Monday 8 July 2013 by @TVNewsroom

Callum, Charlie, Hazel and Wolfy have received the most nominations after housemates nominated for the third time this series..

On Sunday, housemates were called to the diary room one-by-one and had to nominate two housemates to face this week’s eviction.

Wolfy received 8 nominations, Callum received 5 nominations and Hazel and Charlie received two nominations each.

However, only three of these four housemates will face the public vote because on Tuesday, Gina and Dexter – who are currently living in Big Brother’s safe house unaware to the other housemates – will be given the power to save one of the nominated housemates and replace them with another.

Channel 5 will announce who Dexter and Gina has saved and nominated on their website on Tuesday afternoon!

Who nominated who?
Jack & Joe = Charlie and Wolfy
Callum = Wolfy and Hazel
Dan = Wolfy and Callum
Sam = Wolfy and Sophie
Jackie = Wolfy and Callum
Hazel = Callum and Wolfy
Daley = Callum and Wolfy
Charlie = Wolfy and Callum
Wolfy = Charlie and Dan
Sophie = Sam and Hazel..

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