Big Brother 2013 Housemate: Jemima Slade

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Thursday 13 June 2013
Big Brother 2013 Housemate: Jemima Slade

Jemima is a housemate on Big Brother 2013: Secret & Lies

Age 41; Star Sign Aquarius; Home Town West London

Jemima runs her own matchmaking website called, which she started in 2008. The website is all about women who want a rich man to date. It now has 40,000 clients and four categories: Golddigger Boy, Golddigger Babe, Wealthy Man and Wealthy Lady.

She’s got an eye for a younger man – her last boyfriend was 19 when they met. She admits to being a gold digger and a cougar. Jemima thinks that without money, love will never work. Alongside the website, Jemima is a hairdresser.

She lives with her 13-year-old daughter, Lily, who Jemima had when she was 17. She describes her as “13 going on 18” as she is always telling her mum what to do. Jemima says she has taught Lily to work hard but “if you have expensive tastes, you need someone to pay for them”.

She has vowed not to have sex before she goes into the Big Brother House. When asked if she would have sex in the House, she says: “If I fancy someone, I’ll go for it.”

Jemima would hate to be put in the House with smokers, lazy people or anyone smelly. If her fellow housemates were lazy, she thinks she would be able to motivate them and often has people coming to ask her for advice.

The most difficult thing about the experience will be being away from her close family. She plans to cope with this by bonding with her “new family” in the House and potentially finding someone to share her bed. She would love to win Big Brother and show that a mother of her age has what it takes.

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