Big Brother 2012 – Turf Wars – Day 3

Big Brother 2012 – Turf Wars – Day 3
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Task details of day 3 of Big Brother 2012′s Turf Wars task.

Bail Out – Playing for the Garden

For the next part of ‘Turf Wars’ housemates may have a slight sinking feeling as they play the game ‘Bail Out’ to win the Garden.

Two Housemates from each team will board small rowing boats; each rowing boat has two holes in the bottom of them which have been blocked with bungs that are attached to ropes.
On Big Brother’s instruction housemates must pull the bungs out of the holes, the boats will start sinking, and housemates must start bailing out using the small buckets in the boats.

The team whose boat sinks or flips over first will lose that round. There will be three rounds and so the winner will be determined by the best of three games. Before each round, Housemates must choose which two team members will play. The winning team will gain control of the entire garden.

Task Rules

Once the Garden has been won by either the blue or green team, flags will be placed in the Garden to mark thresholds that the losing team cannot cross. The white walk way running from the bathroom, past the living area, then to the bedroom and down to the large task room will become a ‘neutral’ area.

All housemates are permitted to travel around this walk way to get to areas that they are permitted to enter. Housemates are not permitted to loiter in the ‘neutral’ area.

Housemates from the blue team have lost the bathroom and will be permitted to cross the threshold to the shower block. They are only permitted to shower and must then return to their own territory.

Housemates from the team that loose the Garden will still be permitted to smoke, but they are only allowed to smoke on the smoking stool which will be placed in the middle of the garden. Only one person from the losing team will be permitted on the smoking stool at one time.

Once Housemates finish their cigarette they must cross back to their own territory immediately. Housemates are reminded that crossing forbidden territories is forbidden. Housemates that do so will be punished.

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