Big Brother 2012 – The Live Final – Luke Anderson Wins

Big Brother 2012 – The Live Final – Luke Anderson Wins
Updated on Monday 13 August 2012 by @TVNewsroom

The final of Big Brother 2012 is taking place right now, live on Channel 5.

Adam Kelly, Deana Uppal, Luke Anderson, Luke Scrase and Sara McLean will find out in the next 90 minutes who has been crowned the winner of Big Brother 2012.

Host Brian Dowling will whittles down the contestants one by one, leading them quickly through the best and worst of their time on the show until the public’s favourite is announced as the winner.

The show starts with Brian introducing the class of 2012. The 12 previous evicted housemates came out in pairs – Victoria Eisermann and Chris James, Benedict Garrett and Lydia Louisa, Arron Lowe and Shievonne Robinson, Lauren Carre and Caroline Wharram, Becky Hannon and Conor McIntyre, Scott Mason and Ashleigh Hughes.

Phone lines close for the first time, and viewers see a recap of the final full day in the house..

“Big Brother house this is Brian, the housemate finishing in fifth place is…? Luke S”

In Luke’s very short interview he says he would like to see Adam win, and Deana out next.. After seeing his reaction to Conor winning the £50,000 in the White Room task, Luke said his reaction “wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be..”

The housemate finishing in fourth place is…. Sara.. she says she wouldn’t mind seeing Luke A win..

Finishing in third place is.. Deana.. which means best buddies, Luke A and Adam will fight it out in the gold medal match for the £50,000 cash prize..

After 70 days of nominations and evictions, bonding and boozing, bickering, bitching and back-stabbing, the moment has finally arrived.. The winner of Big Brother 2012 is.. LUKE ANDERSON!

Speaking about losing out to Luke A, Adam from Los Angeles said: “He’s my boy, I have no problem, I feel great.. I ain’t homeless, I ain’t living on the street and I had the opportunity to be here.”

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