Big Brother 2012 – Recap of Day 62 in the House

Big Brother 2012 – Recap of Day 62 in the House
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Recap of day 62 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Monday 6 August 2012.


Two days ago Luke S was seconds away from winning £50,000, and last night Deana couldn’t let it lie. Luke A asks her, ‘Do you remember what you said to Luke?’ She replies, ‘Yeah, nothing that bad.’ The chef says, ‘But he’s upset about it, imagine you just lost 50 grand.’ The beauty queen adds, ‘Oh well, he’s nasty to people.’ Luke A replies, ‘But nobody deserves that.’ She quips, ‘I didn’t say anything that bad! I said sorry to him loads of times. I treated someone the way I was treated…maybe a little bit of revenge.’

Luke S walks into the living area to get to the diary room, the three say morning to each other. Deana tells Luke A, ‘Oh, I feel a bit bad now… he’s a grown man he’ll be fine.’

Luke S tells Big Brother, ‘Mixed bag of emotions last night; still is. What she (Deana) said was making me doubt if my decision was right. I shouldn’t need to doubt myself. She gets drunk very easily! I’ve still got respect for her as she’s very ambitious.’

Luke A tells Deana, ‘You’re a cheap date! Two drinks!’ She moans, ‘My mum will be really angry. She told me not to drink in here.’
Luke S leaves the diary room. Deana asks him, ‘Are we doing a work out today?’ He replies yes. She adds, ‘Sorry for being insensitive last night.’ He accepts her apology.


Housemates comment in the diary room on how dirty the house is. They all clean the house and start to change their sheets. Some housemates comment that Deana and Scott are not helping.


In the kitchen, Deana is making herself lunch. Smoke from the toaster starts to engulf the house. Deana moans, ‘Argh, why’s it do that?! Stupid toaster! Supposed to pop up, the toaster’s fault not mine.’

Ashleigh walks into the living area, and announces ‘Oh my god! Who’s done this?’ Deana replies ‘the toaster’. The Essex girl snaps, ‘But who done it?’ Deana quips, ‘I put the toast in the toaster.’ Ashleigh remarks, ‘Don’t start getting mouthy! I was just asking you a question; don’t start getting mad at me!’ Deana snaps, ‘I answered your question.’

Ashleigh storms back to the bedroom to relay her argument with Deana back to her housemates. ‘She burnt the toast! The front room is in flames!’ Deana hears this and shouts from the kitchen, ‘Why does she have to tell everyone else?!’

Ashleigh returns to the living area. Deana asks, ‘Do you feel better now you’ve told everyone else?’ The Essex girl replies, ‘Oh Deana, shut up.’ The beauty queen adds, ‘Why do you have to go and tell people about it?’ She snaps back, ‘You’re so mouthy!’

Ashleigh returns to the bedroom and announces, ‘Must be time of the month for her. I can’t stand her.’ Back in the living area, Deana thinks out loud, ‘Who does she think she is?’


In the bedroom, Deana is discussing the row with Scott. ‘I get very offended when someone tells me to shut up, I get insulted.’ Scott adds, ‘Becky did it to me once.’ The beauty queen continues, ‘I can not stand it, she could have just said ‘I don’t want to hear it.”

Ashleigh is in the diary room. ‘She’s 23 years old and doesn’t know how to make toast. She was getting mouthy to me and I did not like it. She is just getting on her high horse as she’s been saved.’ The Essex girl adds, ‘She’s hurting people’s feelings. She irritates me so much. I’ll be civilised in here but can’t wait not to see her again. Oh my god.’


For today’s task, Big Brother is setting the house a challenge with chocolate finger biscuits. Big Brother tells each housemate as they enter the diary room individually, that they must attempt to place as many chocolate fingers on their faces as they can! They get to work. Luke S quips, ‘I’ve just washed my hair!’ Adam remarks, ‘You want me to stick them up my nose? That’s f**ked up!’

Deana has triumphed and wins a TV dinner and drinks for her housemates to share later.


It’s time for housemates’ prize of a TV dinner! While they eat Big Brother reveals that they will be watching their launch night profile videos filmed 62 days ago, prior to entering the house. Adam’s video is played first, ‘I think I’m always right, I’m the rightest thing from your left!’ The housemates applaud him.

Scott moans, ‘I’m so nervous now, mine is so cringey!’ Ashleigh’s VT is up next. ‘I’m single and ready and to mingle! I haven’t had sex for ages, it’s been three weeks!’ Housemates laugh, Deana asks, ‘Did everyone cheer you when you came in?’ She says yes. Deana’s is shown next where she reveals that she lives in Mumbai and has three servants! She cringes. Sara smiles, ‘I can’t wait to see mine!’ Luke A’s VT is broadcast. ‘Before I met my wife I played the field quite a lot!’ All housemates loved it.

Luke S is up on the screen. ‘I’m just a lad…I’ve been with married women before, have seen a couple of people at the same time before. Can’t wait to see the girls in the house!’ He adds that he doesn’t like girls with strong accents! All the housemates laugh. Sara is up next and explains she can lose her temper quite easily and is attracted to chavs. Luke S quips, ‘Wow, Chris was your man in here!’

Scott’s is the final one to be shown. ‘I am who am I and do what I like!’ He remarks, ‘I look so fat! I sound so gay.’ Ashleigh and Luke S both admit that they fancy each other even more after seeing the VTs.


It’s been 12 minutes since housemates watched their videos together. Ashleigh remarks, ‘I’ve took things too seriously in here after watching that video, it’s been amazing!’ She tells Luke S, ‘You looked SO fit. You are not that kind of person in that VT show, no way.’

In the smoking area, Adam asks Luke A about Luke S’ VT, ‘What do you think about that annoying voice comment?!’ He replies, ‘Yes, everyone stopped and laughed!’ Deana comes and sits down and moans, ‘I’m just upset, I need to lose a lot of weight.’ Luke A tells Sara, ‘I would have cheered you, wouldn’t have cheers Luke! Did you hear what he said about accents?!’ The four laugh.


Deana has something to say to Luke S. ‘I haven’t sussed you out yet, I haven’t completely worked you out.’ He replies, ‘Ask me a question then and I’ll give you an answer?!’ She adds, ‘I don’t know what it is…not a bad thing. Sometimes you come across soft and nice then sometimes harsh and stuck up.’ Luke S listens on looking miffed.


Deana, Luke A and Adam are talking. Luke A tells Deana, ‘I think you’re brave what you said to Luke when it’s Monday tomorrow?! She laughs, ‘Stupid or brave! There is something not right about him…’

In the living area, Ashleigh has noticed that Adam and Deana like to get the last word in. Sara says, ‘I will always be civil to everyone, I just don’t understand about the bitchiness and dishonesty in this house.’ The Essex girl adds, ‘I haven’t spoken to Deana today, I’ll be civil but I hate her. She’s so manipulative but no one sees it.’

She then starts to talks about their toast disagreement. Sara asks, ‘She may be joking about it?’ Ashleigh shakes her head, ‘No no no Sara.’ Scott adds, ‘She does need to keep a rein on things at times. I think you and Deana don’t get each other.’ She replies, ‘Her face irritates me so much, you even said that!’

Scott declares, ‘I actually don’t find her irritating anymore.’ Ashleigh quips, ‘You’ve changed your mind!’ He replies, ‘Yes but don’t misinterpret that as me just going back on stuff.’ She reminds him, ‘Two days ago you told me she was doing sarcastic things to you.’ He snaps, ‘No no, this is wrong. You are irritating me. You are putting me across wrongly now. People’s perceptions on people change. So that’s it basically. Everyone should be treated with respect.’ Deana walks in and quips, ‘Here, here!’ Ashleigh looks bemused.


Deana, Adam and Luke A are going through their weekly ritual of praying before nominations. Deana starts the prayer. ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for us so far…I would like to please ask tomorrow if you could keep us safe. Please.’ Adam adds, ‘Thank you for everything we had today.’ They say amen, Luke A says cheers dude.

Luke S is in the diary room talking about his VT. ‘I come across as an absolute w*nker! I don’t regret it. If you get to know me I’m actually alright! Ashleigh ticks all my boxes; I described most of her in my VT. If you get to know me I’m not what you think I may first seem.’


Scott is talking to Big Brother ‘I’m also caught in the middle and I hate it! I understand both Ashleigh and Deana’s points. I’m friends with everyone! I’m on neither side. It’s stressing me out.’ Deana tells Luke A, ‘When I talk to Scott he’s telling me how he thinks Luke S is gay.’ He replies, ‘No we’re starting to talk. In my mind I’m thinking be careful as he could be leading me into a false sense of security. Maybe that’s just me…He trusts you.’

She adds, ‘Scott’s talking to them about us and then with us, he’s taking about them.’ They agree. Luke A admits, ‘I just hope everyone’s up.’ Adam replies, ‘Luke S is in the best position right now, he just needs to sit back and watch.’


Ashleigh and Luke S are in bed kissing. He asks her, ‘What do you think tomorrow will bring?’ She says, ‘I just want a cuddle.’ They cuddle.

In the living area, Luke A and Adam are talking about nominations. Adam asks, ‘What do you think Luke S’ approach will be? People that he doesn’t like or people have been saved? The chef replies, ‘I’ve been saved three times…’ Adam confirms, ‘That makes you his opponent, competition! So which way will he go?’ Luke A concludes, ‘I don’t know mate, who knows what will happen.’

Deana and Scott are taking a late night swim. She asks, ‘Do you think there’s groups in the house or have people been united?’ He replies, ‘Not united, there’s been groups. It’s horrible.’ The beauty queen adds ‘Ahh well Scott, I don’t expect you to pick a group! There’s a saying ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!” He protests, ‘No Deana.’

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