Big Brother 2012 Housemate: Scott Mason

Big Brother 2012 Housemate: Scott Mason
Updated on Tuesday 5 June 2012 by @TVNewsroom

Scott Mason

Age 21

Star Sign Taurus

Home Town Macclesfield

Interesting Fact
This image-conscious peroxide blonde hunk is a former Avon rep who collects wooden spoons. And his father is a “ruffian”…

Scott is a 20-year-old history student hoping to launch a career as a ‘celebrity historian’ after Big Brother.

He has an obsession with the British upper classes and the Regency Rakes from the 1800s are his idols – he admires their cavalier attitude and how recklessly they spent money. A member of shooting and countryside societies at university he enjoys hunting game and would love to visit Africa and “bring trophies back”.

His most recent job was as an Avon Cosmetics Representative, he “quite fancied being an Avon lady” but he didn’t think it through as he “didn’t get any orders”.

Scott has never been in a long-term relationship; the longest lasted a month but he is on the look-out for love “it’s a never-ending crusade”. He says that his family are mostly unaware he is gay but suspects that they may have “gathered”.

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