Big Brother 2012 Housemate: Sara McLean

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Tuesday 5 June 2012
Big Brother 2012 Housemate: Sara McLean

Sara McLean

Age 22

Star Sign Aries

Home Town Edinburgh

Interesting Fact
Sara is a former Miss Edinburgh. She’s a massive fan of Margaret Thatcher and has a love for Meatloaf and gospel music. She also likes a man in a tracksuit…

Sara is a 22-year-old Student/Model from Edinburgh who won Miss Edinburgh in 2010 and finished second in Miss Scotland 2011. (She believes that she should have won but was told she was too opinionated by the judges). She got her modelling break during a school catwalk show when she was 17/18, “I got jobs after that and was signed when I was 18/19”.

A wild, fun outrageous flirt Sara freely admits that she is very argumentative with a short temper. Sara is also a supporter of the Conservative party and a staunch Margaret Thatcher fan, “She was a great woman leader, did amazingly for the country”.

She’s been single for about a year “I could have a boyfriend if I wanted one. Most men think I’m really scary”. She doesn’t really think that she can win Big Brother, “It’s a popularity contest and there are a lot of people I don’t get on with”.

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