Big Brother 2012 Housemate: Lauren Carre

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Tuesday 5 June 2012
Big Brother 2012 Housemate: Lauren Carre

Lauren Carre

Age 20

Star Sign Virgo

Home Town Jersey

Interesting Fact
Lauren has a black belt in karate, can drive a tractor!

Lauren grew up on a farm in Jersey. From the age of five Lauren was a gymnastics prodigy and by the age of 13 she had represented Jersey before taking up karate. She’s currently a black belt and holds three world championship titles.

Her favourite party trick is tumbling or jumping into the splits at which “people are always amazed”. She claims to be a total “lightweight…after two drinks I think I’m on Dirty Dancing.”

Always the dumper in relationships Lauren is newly single, and says, “It would be nice for there to be some good looking and intelligent guys in the house.2 She thinks her toughest challenge in will be getting “annoyed by boys not doing washing up, who don’t clean the toilet. My room is always spotless.”

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