Big Brother 2012 – Day 9 – Housemates pass shopping task and sexual tension between Chris and Caroline?

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Friday 15 June 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 9 – Housemates pass shopping task and sexual tension between Chris and Caroline?

Recap of day 9 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Thursday 14 June 2012.

Ashleigh and Luke S are in the bedroom the morning after they have shared a kiss. Shievonne tells Ashleigh she wants her and Luke S to be “together forever”. Benedict is working out in the garden. Luke S is in the diary room talking about Ashleigh. He tells Big Brother about their kiss and confirms that he does like her. “Watch this space,” he smiles and says that although he does like her, the fact that Ashleigh is a smoker will be an obstacle. Luke S is worried that his feelings for Ashleigh could be unrequited so he might “look like an idiot.”

The housemates are sitting in the garden sunbathing. Shievonne asks Ashleigh whether she would ever “do anything” in the house. Ashleigh retorts: “No, it would be disgusting and slutty!” Luke S agrees with Ashleigh as she continuously massages his back and shoulders. Some of the other housemates work out and sunbathe. Arron joins Adam and Luke S in the garden and mentions how good Lauren looked during her work out. “She’s sexy, despite her tom-boy side,” Arron comments. Luke S agrees and says that he would have a fling with Sara if “personality didn’t count.” Adam says that Deana, Shievonne and Lydia have relationship potential but if it came to just sleeping with someone, then he would also opt for Sara.

Scott is called to the diary room, Big Brother has to inform him of some news of a personal nature.

The housemates have been gathered on the sofa. Big Brother announces that Scott has left the house temporarily for family reasons. Big Brother also tells the housemates that the task is now over and they will receive the results later today. Caroline looks sad following the news about Scott and begins to cry. Sara hugs her and tells Caroline that Scott will be okay. “I’m not being disrespectful but I’m going out,” Chris announces.

Ashleigh is in the bathroom, dyeing Caroline’s hair. “Oh God, half my beautiful hair is pink!” she mocks and begins to imitate her parent’s likely reaction. Arron is doing a number two in the garden – shaving the sides of Conor’s head. Chris quickly takes over when Arron makes a mess of things.

It’s been four hours since Scott left the house. He returns to the house, goes in to the bedroom and lies down. Adam is also in the bedroom lying down but doesn’t notice that Scott has returned. Ashleigh comes into the bedroom and sees Scott in his bed and rushes over to him. She gives him a cuddle and he tells her that he is okay. Adam joins them and tells Scott that he can talk to them “In his own time.” “Thanks for caring,” Scott smiles. Caroline comes into the bedroom and lies down with Scott and they hug. “Your hair is so horrible,” Scott smiles. She tells him that she has been worried about him and Scott reassures her.

Adam, Ashleigh, Luke S and some of the other housemates are in the garden. Adam broaches the subject of Ashleigh and Luke S’ relationship and asks: “So, are you guys f**king?” then laughs. Ashleigh quickly shouts, “No, no, no!” and Adam laughs harder. Some of the housemates are laughing as Adam continues: “If you do have sex, let me know so I can rub one out in my bed!” Ashleigh looks disgusted and repeats the comment to the gathered housemates. They all laugh but feign disgust.

Housemates have been gathered on the sofas for the result of this week’s shopping task. During the task, housemates were allowed a number of fails. The exact number is written in an envelope that is attached to the laughing sailor. Chris is instructed to retrieve the envelope. He announces that the housemates were allowed up to 25 fails and they all look nervous. Big Brother announces that housemates incurred 19 fails and they have therefore passed the task. They cheer loudly and hug as Big Brother informs them that they will also receive beer and pizza later this evening.

In the garden, Chris and Lauren snuggle up together near the smoking area. “Food is my biggest love in the world,” she sighs, “I’m your second,” Chris adds. “I’ll make someone happy one day,” he muses and Lauren tells him that he will.

Some of the housemates are hatching a plan to set Chris up with Caroline. Adam tells Chris “You and Caroline are made for each other,” and Chris cringes. Lydia joins in and jeers Chris on to “chat” Caroline up, “It will be hilarious,” she beams.
Meanwhile, Adam tries a similar tact with Caroline and she quickly realises that he is joking. Adam suggests that she and Chris have a house date over pizza. “I couldn’t think of anything worse, he’ll spend the whole time discussing his testicles!” she quips.

Adam tries to convince Caroline to give Chris a chance, “The banter between you two is sexual tension,” he grins. Chris walks into the room and they all fall silent. He sits with them and tells Caroline, “I’m so attracted to you it hurts, they say that you always hurt the ones you love.” Caroline remarks that she must have “misunderstood” him following his comment to “s**t in my bed.” The housemates burst into laughter. Caroline tells him that she feels “genuinely” bad now. When Chris leaves the room Lydia tells them they should do a double bluff and make Chris believe that Caroline really does like him. After a short while Caroline tells Chris that she will take him up on his offer of sharing a pizza.

Chris is looking forward to his date. Caroline is in the garden talking to Scott about her fake-date. She says that Chris possesses “0.5 of a brain” and calls him “the world’s biggest moron” with the “IQ equivalent to a palm tree.” Chris is in the bedroom getting ready for the fake-date and is going “all out.” Becky encourages him and tells him that it will be “the only time you’ll get to pull in the house.” “You cheeky b*****d!” he retorts to Becky.

Chris and Caroline had their hot date and visited the diary room in turn to fill Big Brother in on the details. “That was the worse seven minutes of my life,” exclaims Caroline. During the date Chris told Caroline that he wanted to be a millionaire and would achieve this through his work as a bailiff. She told him that she had “no aspirations” and mocked his “bailifting (sic)” talk. During the date Caroline told Chris that he was actually a “softy” rather than a hard man. In the diary room Chris tells Big Brother that it would be “silly” of them not to have a “second date.”

Big Brother plays Rudemental’s Feel the Love, into the house and the housemates start dancing. Scott is in the toilet and Becky comes to look for him but fails to locate him. When he comes out of the toilet, he is called to the diary room.

Big Brother asks Scott how he is feeling and tells him that he can always come to the diary room if he needs time alone. Scott assures Big Brother that he is okay.

Ashleigh has something on her mind. In the bedroom, Becky, Caroline and Scott are discussing Chris. “I’ve never come across anyone so ghastly, that’s why I didn’t take the joke well, cos he’s my worse nightmare!” Caroline muses.

Chris, Lydia and Benedict are in the hot tub discussing Becky. Chris mentions that Becky screams too much and was insensitive when he needed quiet time when he found out he was up for eviction. “She hasn’t stopped eating!” he adds. “You need to understand that she’s a big girl,” Benedict adds and Lydia says that every time she goes into the kitchen, Becky follows her, which is “frustrating.” “I’m just conscious that she’s always putting things in her mouth,” Chris adds and they all smirk.

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom dissing the throne. Sara thinks that the Queen doesn’t “poo.” Ashleigh is lying on her bed looking tearful and Luke S calls her over. She stays on her bed and Luke S comes over to her and asks her is she is all right. She says that she is and he urges her to come and talk to him in the living area.

In the living area, Ashleigh sits on Luke S’ lap and claims “It’s just the drink.” Luke S tells her that he doesn’t like to see her crying. “I’m just emotional today,” she adds. Conor joins them and Ashleigh tells them that she normally “runs from relationships.” Luke S tells her that they are “not serious, we’re just friends,” and Ashleigh agrees. Luke S tells her that he likes to cuddle with her and they she tells him that she does too. Ashleigh says that she hates people “speculating” about them and mentions Adam’s comment about having sex in the house. Ashleigh says that although “I talk about sex a lot,” she will not do anything like that in the house. Luke S says that he is glad she spoke to them otherwise he and Conor would have been “wracking” their brains trying to work out what was wrong with her. They both hug Ashleigh and she and Luke S head back to the bedroom.

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