Big Brother 2012 – Day 7 – Nominations take place, Ashleigh and Luke S talk boobs and balls

Big Brother 2012 – Day 7 – Nominations take place, Ashleigh and Luke S talk boobs and balls

Recap of day 7 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Tuesday 12 June 2012.

It’s Day 7 in the Big Brother house and after a week of fun and frolics things are about to get serious as housemates prepare to nominate for the first time.

The nominations are as follows, with housemates reasons:

Due to passing her secret task Becky is immune from nominations but is still able to cast her votes.

Becky votes for Chris because she doesn’t feel as though they got off to the best start and states: ‘It’s given me a really bad taste for Chris.’

Her nomination comes as a result of a previous conversation where Chris reacted badly to Becky guessing that he was a rubbish collector.

Becky’s second nomination goes to Lydia because she says: ‘She (Lydia) gets too involved in everyone’s business and gives dirty looks.’

Lydia’s first nomination goes to Arron and this is because he is over-confident and playing the game. She adds ‘He doesn’t bring anything to the house.’

Her second nomination is for Deana. She believes that following Becky’s secret task, Deana insinuated that Lydia was talking about Becky behind her back.

Luke S’ first nomination goes to Deana because she distances herself from fellow housemates and reads into things too much. He says: ‘Deana tries to make everything about herself.’

His second nomination goes to Chris, stating that he feels that he has been on occasion, ‘out of order’.

Benedict’s first nomination goes to Scott as he is concerned that at times he can be offensive to other housemates.

Benedict’s second nomination goes to Sara because her character changes, especially when she has had a drink.

Chris nominates Arron because he feels that despite being a nice person he may be playing a safe game and that he is not being himself.

Chris’s second nomination goes to Caroline because he believes that she can be unhygienic. He also doesn’t like her because she takes the ‘piss’ out of his voice.

Caroline ’s first nomination goes to Chris because she doesn’t think that he is ‘all there’. She refers to him as unhygienic and does not find him very interesting.

Her second nomination goes to Lauren, accusing her of acting like ‘Mrs Charming’ the evening before nominations. She refers to Lauren as ‘artificial’ and as being overly nice to fellow housemates in order to gain more votes.

Conor nominates Deana because he feels as though she puts a ‘dampener on everything’ and feels she is over-paranoid. He says that she does not bring a ‘nice vibe’ to the house and believes that she tends to make everything about her.

His second nomination goes to Lydia because he thinks she has a fiery side and at times takes things too seriously. He doesn’t like her general attitude and predicts that if she gets wound up she may explode and cause further problems. His final reason for nominating Lydia is that he considers her as ‘confrontational’.

Deana’s first nomination goes to Luke S as she feels that he is not being himself and can be overly nice and fake. She believes that he has a game plan that involves him ‘sitting on the fence’, choosing to watch what is going on but failing to
contribute any of his own opinions.

Deana’s second nomination is for Arron, as she believes he has a game plan.

Adam’s first nomination is for Arron because he thinks he is ‘a liar’. This follows the sausage-gate incident where Deana took the blame for taking more than one sausage and Arron denied that he had.

Scott is next into the Diary Room and nominates Chris. He accuses him of being fake and does not think that Chris ever wants to talk to him. Scott says: ‘He’s been talking to me today and that’s not real. He doesn’t want to talk to me, he’s just
being fake.’

His second nomination goes to Benedict and states: ‘I think he sees me as an opposite force.’ He describes Benedict as being serious, which is hard to take when he knows he’s a porn star and tells Big Brother; ‘He’s fake, I don’t think he can
take a joke and I don’t find him attractive.’

Lauren is the next housemate to be called into the Diary Room. Her first nomination goes to Arron as she believes that some of his principles clash with hers. She refers to the incident in which the boys took sausages from the group and failed to take responsibility for doing so, which led to fellow housemates receiving the blame for his actions.

Lauren’s second nomination goes to Luke S. She feels that he has had a game plan in order to secure his place in the house. She tells Big Brother; ‘He is going round all the girls singularly to get more votes. He has a game plan and saves face to
keep everyone happy.’

Sara is called in next to the Diary Room to make her nominations. Her first nomination is for Lydia because she perceives her as being moody. She says: ‘I haven’t bonded with her, we haven’t really spoken.’

Her second nomination goes to Benedict because he doesn’t like the Royal Family and Sara is bewildered as to why.

Luke A’s first nomination goes to Sara. His nomination is based on Sara’s unpredictable tone when she is drunk. He tells Big Brother: ‘She is like a cheetah. Beautiful to look at but can cause harm.’

His second nomination goes to Luke S and describes him as ‘condescending, patronising and arrogant.’

Shievonne is the next housemate to be called into the Diary Room. Her first nomination goes to Caroline because she thinks that she is blunt and sometimes offensive to fellow housemates.

Her second nomination is for Arron, stating he has a competitive nature because he is used to competing outside of the house. She also refers to Arron as vain: ‘He does love looking in the mirror.’

Arron’s first nomination is for Sara. He refers to her as ‘unattractive’ when she is drunk and tells Big Brother that she makes a fool out of herself when she’s been drinking.

His second nomination is for Luke A. His reasons for this nomination are that he doesn’t think Luke A does very much in the house and only speaks to a select few housemates. Arron doesn’t think the pair share much in common and states: ‘He spends
most of his time in the smoking area – I don’t smoke.’

The final housemate to be called to the Diary Room is Ashleigh. Her first nomination is for Chris, stating that at times he makes her feel uncomfortable when he compares her to his ex-girlfriend: ‘I’m not his ex, I’m Ashleigh-fucking-Hughes.’

Her second nomination is for Lauren and says: ‘She’s a bit much’.


Housemates are gathered on the sofa to hear the results of the nominations. Big Brother reveals that Chris and Arron will face the public vote.

On hearing he is up for eviction, Chris says: ‘I’m f******…I knew it, I knew it.’

Arron thinks Chris will be safe and says to him: ‘I think the public f****** love you.’


Chris and Lauren are chatting about nominations.

Chris says: ‘I’m taking it better than him (Arron).’

Lauren replies: ‘I think he realises what a prat he’s been and today isn’t gonna help.’

Later on, Arron is in the bathroom taking a shower and Chris goes in to have a chat.

Chris asks him how he’s feeling and Arron responds: ‘I feel like absolute dog s*** …I’m scared of being up against you.’

Arron continues: ‘I don’t know who the f*** voted for me.’

Chris says, with some hesitation: ‘I voted for you.’


Things are hotting up in the bedroom between Ashleigh and Luke S, who are lying in bed together. They talk about the size of Ashleigh’s boobs and Luke S has a feel. Luke S then reveals he has ‘one massive ball’ and vows to show Ashleigh one day.

Posted on Wednesday 13 June 2012
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