Big Brother 2012 – Day 69 – The final full day in the house

Big Brother 2012 – Day 69 – The final full day in the house
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Recap of day 69 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Monday 13 August 2012.


Adam and Luke A are talking about the end. Adam quips, “This is it Luke!” The Chef grins, “This is it.” Adam adds, “No more!” Luke A says, “No more biatchiness!” The friends laugh together.

Deana comes to diary room to talk to Big Brother. “It’s quite a sad feeling. I’ve still got nerves.” The beauty queen continues, “I’m ready to leave now, it’s been over 2 months, it’ been a long time.”
In the living area, Luke S and Sara are talking. “We’re leaving. It’s just getting ready and packing the suitcase, saying goodbye to the house, I think all that will be really emotional.”


Big Brother gives housemates the ingredients for a Sunday roast, and it’s up to Chef Luke A to make it happen. “Chefs can we all ensemble in the kitchen please! We are not housemates anymore, we are all Chefs!”

All housemates get stuck in and help prepare the meal. Luke S grins, “F**k you Chef man! I will cook this chicken how I want!”

Chef Luke A stops Deana, “Look at the situation we’ve got here. No one likes a messy Chef!” He asks her to clean up after herself.

The housemates sit down at the dinner table and tuck into their Sunday feast. Adam toasts, “F**k the past, f**k the future, we are in the moment! Cheers!” They all cheer.

Deana asks her fellow housemates what their best bits are. Sara says, “Pool party, that was amazing!” Luke S tells, “Task day, I love a task!”
Adam adds, “The letters was a great night. It’s been real good in here.”


Big Brother calls the final five housemates to the diary room one last time. They all high five each other! The five admit they will miss the house and confirm that they will not miss Mondays. They all want to win!

Luke A and Luke S both admit that they will feel accepted as a person if they were to win. Deana quips, “Like what is better than winning Big Brother?!”

Big Brother thanks them all for being great housemates and wishes them luck. They thank Big Brother and leave the diary room.

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