Big Brother 2012 – Day 59 – Conor & Luke S continue life in the White Room

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Saturday 4 August 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 59 – Conor & Luke S continue life in the White Room

Recap of day 59 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Friday 3 August 2012.


It’s another morning in the Big Brother house. Conor and Luke S have been living in the White Room for the past 42 hours and they are not enjoying their breakfast. Luke S moans, ‘It feels like I’ve been in here for f**king ever.’ Scott and Rebecca feel tension in the air. Scott quips, ‘Oh god, people are really annoying me today. It’s in the air. I’m like a snake, I put my tongue in the air to taste the air and it’s like hmmm, awkward!’

Sara and Deana haven’t spoken since their argument last night about politics. In the bedroom, Sara asks Deana if she can speak to her quickly and quietly as no one else is around, Deana says of course. Sara begins, ‘I don’t think it was very nice how you handled the whole thing, it felt a bit weird.’ The beauty queen replies, ‘But I don’t think it was very nice the way you spoke to me.’ The model snaps back, ‘Just forget it.’ Deana continues, ‘I’m not arguing with you, I was trying to get something positive out of you.’ Sara explains that she hates ‘things’ from all the political parties. They continue to bicker and Sara asks to leave it, they sit in silence.


Rebecca is giving Scott a swimming lesson.
Deana tells Ashleigh if she were to go then it will be fine as she’s been here so long and is getting agitated by people. ‘I’m not used to living with people.’
The Essex girl adds, ‘It’s mentally draining. I will honestly say, if I leave tomorrow I will leave with my head held high as I know for a fact I’ve had such a great time in here.’ Deana tells her that she’s been herself. Ashleigh adds, ‘I’ve probably got the biggest boos in this house. I don’t care If people don’t like me, it’s their problem not mine.’ The beauty queen concludes, ‘Yeah true.’


In the White Room, Conor and Luke S are elevating boredom by singing Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’. With the possibility of leaving on their minds, the four housemates facing eviction come to talk to Big Brother. Luke A explains, ‘It’s been a life changing experience, I didn’t release how determined I can be.’

Ashleigh remarks, ‘It’s the fear of the unknown that’s gets you going. The most amazing two months I’ve ever encountered in my life!’ Rebecca declares, ‘Just been amazing. I can’t wait to see the back of Luke A and Deana.’

Deana concludes, ‘Some days have been some of the worst days I’ve ever had but some days have been the best days of my life, it would be so good if I’m saved again! I think this week Ashleigh deserves to go.’


Big Brother gathers the housemates for the White Answer task and asks for Conor and Luke S’ biggest supporters to go to the diary room. Luke A says, ‘Go on Rebecca.’ She replies, ‘Do you think?’ Adam adds, ‘You and Conor are pretty close these days.’

Rebecca and Ashleigh head to the diary room. The boys are watching from the White Room. Big Brother gives the two girls an opportunity to win a slap up meal for their chosen housemate, however if they lose, their chosen housemate will be given a punishment. Big Brother tells the duo that they will now go head to head in a quiz. To answer a question, they must shout out the name of the housemate they support and hold up a picture of their face. Ashleigh yelps, ‘I don’t get it!’

All of the questions are related to the colour white but the girls do not cotton on. Luke S and Conor watch on and shout out the answers to the questions the girls are asked. Luke S starts to get frustrated with Ashleigh. ‘You should have known that! There’s a theme occurring girls, it’s white!’

Ashleigh takes an early lead, however Rebecca quickly levels the scores. The girls still haven’t clicked that all the answers contain the word white. A frustrated Luke S shouts, ‘There’s a f**king theme, everything is white! White!’ Conor finds this hilarious.

The scores are level at two all; it’s now all down to a decider question. Rebecca correctly answers ahead of Ashleigh and wins! As a result Conor will receive a delicious dinner and Luke S will receive a punishment. Ashleigh quips, ‘I feel really bad, so sorry for losing…sometimes we lose…’ The Essex girl can’t remember the rest of the saying. Luke S shrieks, ‘She doesn’t know what the f**king saying is!’
Conor is pleased and Luke S is left deflated.


Luke A is admiring himself. ‘I like my shoulders! Do you think out in the real world there are ladies that actually fancy me?’ Adam says yes. ‘That would be amazing!’

It’s been four hours since falling out again and Sara and Deana have finally found some common ground; broccoli. Sara announces, ‘I like it crunchy.’ Deana agrees, ‘I like it crunchy too.’

Conor is talking on the phone to Big Brother. ‘Both got lack of energy… my roomie is gutted; he’s not looking forward to his punishment. His fingers stink of onions! He doesn’t want other body parts stinking of onions!’

From his bed, Luke S smiles, ‘You f**king kn*b!’

Conor continues to joke, ‘So much anger built up inside of him…I’m here if you need a hug, anytime! It’s OK to cry.’ They both laugh. Luke S replies, ‘You can f**k off!’ Conor goes to hug him in his bed.


In the White Room, Conor’s dinner and Luke S’ punishment is served. Luke S is presented with a container of brown and white beans along with a pair of chopsticks. While Conor eats dinner, he must separate the white beans from the brown beans using only the chopsticks. The Irish man laughs. Luke S shouts, ‘F**king bulls**t! You have macaroons! Where the f**ks my food? Bulls**t. Not happy. Ashleigh is a f**king d*ckhead!’ He gets to work.

Deana is in a reflective mood. ‘It might be our last day altogether guys!’ Sara adds, ‘If we get drinks lets just have a party.’ Deana thinks, ‘If we both stay lets do an all nighter.’ Sara, Luke A and Adam agree.


Luke S has been sorting beans for the past one hour and 16 minutes.

In the bedroom, Rebecca is telling some housemates how she would win a beauty pageant in the bedroom. ‘Hey judges!’ She cakes chocolate spread all over her face and prances around in a flamboyant hat. ‘If you think I’m fit then vote for me!’ Scott and Sara laugh out loud.

Luke A is not missing Luke S and Conor. ‘I felt like with them in here, I felt like nothing. I’m not saying its them, its 100% me. Its not that I’m jealous. I feel like I’ve been more myself.’ He continues, ‘In a small group of friends I’m like the joker, so here when you have big jokers, I feel like I have to play down.’ Adam listens and says, ‘I hear what you’re saying.’

Luke S has had enough of separating beans and puts down his chopsticks.


Ashleigh has eviction night on her mind. ‘I’m nervous!’ Rebecca replies, ‘I’m mentally prepared.’ The Essex girl adds, ‘You are not going anyway!’ Rebecca smiles, ‘Don’t be so daft.’

Luke S is speaking to Big Brother. ‘I’m missing everyone in the house, obviously Ash; we have gotten closer and closer.’

In the garden, Deana is rallying her troops. ‘Soldiers we have stuck together and we’ve got to this point!’ Luke A adds, ‘Now it’s getting closer, I just want to experience the last week.’ Deana announces, ‘I think if we do a prayer, are prayers could be answered.’ Luke A says, ‘Shall we do one now?’ The beauty queen says yes, and the trio prays.

Ashleigh is in the diary room. ‘I’m very nervous; more scared this week than last. I don’t know what the public are going to think of me, I don’t want to be booed for something I’m not. I’d rather be ridiculous than boring, that’s just me!’

She adds, ‘Everyone is going to be nervous when they walk out. It’s even worse when I haven’t got Luke Around me. I need him here. I’d love him here.’

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