Big Brother 2012 – Day 55 – Housemates confess their sins in BB’s Confession booth

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Tuesday 31 July 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 55 – Housemates confess their sins in BB’s Confession booth

Recap of day 55 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Monday 30 July 2012.


Yesterday Big Brother set housemates their toughest task yet. Whoever stood on a box the longest would win a prize including a toilet brush, spa break and TV. Housemates battled it out for over 12 hours.
Luke S was in the final four and discusses the task with Conor. “When I saw some of the prizes I just thought, I could buy any of those prizes. We’ve got no food to eat, I’m hungry and it’s 3am.” He tells Conor that apparently Luke A fell of his box once Luke S had thrown in the towel. Conor tells him that he also felt it wasn’t worth standing on a box for a TV. “I still don’t like them both,” ponders Luke S and Conor agrees. Adam and Deana are in the bedroom and he tells her that he will “miss” her when they leave and smiles: “I don’t have that many friends on the outside.” Luke A has come to the diary room for a chat about yesterday’s box task. “I loved it!” he starts then admits that he didn’t want Luke S to beat him. “Everyone expected him to win so f**k it,” he smiles and claims that the task was a “personal victory,” adding: “Sometimes he’s made me feel so small.” He mentions that he felt “frustrated” that Luke S beat him on strength during a previous task so he was glad to be able to beat him on endurance. Luke S and Ashleigh are in the garden talking about the box task. “Are you proud of me,” he whispers and Ashleigh says that she is. He tells her that Luke A claimed to have tripped off his box. “I’m a clumsy b*****d but he was too focussed to fall,” pipes Rebecca. “He only stayed on cos of you,” Ashleigh quips.


Although there is no food in the house, Scott has found a new use for lemon juice and smears it into his hair. Adam, Luke A and Luke S are having a snooze in the living area. Big Brother sounds the alarm and they all groan. “It was a f***king long day yesterday, it’s Sunday, a day of rest,” booms Adam. Deana has come to the diary room with Adam’s comment about friendships on her mind. She tells Big Brother that she if fearful that her friendship with Adam is “one-way.” She mentions that she initially felt like “a loner” in the house but then she was saved from eviction and got closer to Adam and Luke A. She wonders if Adam would have stepped down for her if she wanted a prize badly enough. Big Brother asks Deana if Adam would be surprised to hear that she felt this way but Deana is unsure.


Ashleigh is lying in the bath talking to Scott. She asks him: “Have you ever measured your penis.” He tells her that he has but “years and years ago.” “I hate men that do that,” Ashleigh confesses and Scott asks her if Luke S has ever done it. “I don’t wanna know, it would be bit weird if he did,” she remarks. Adam, Deana and Luke A are in the living area. “Do you think of me as a friend, there have been a few things, maybe I’m just being paranoid,” asks Deana. Adam says that she is a friend although there have been a few “trust issues,” which have been resolved. Deana tells them that she is worried at looking like “an idiot,” when she leaves the house. “Friendship means a lot to me, more that money and prizes,” states Adam adding: “Come and hang with me in Dudley.”


Today each housemate will be called to Big Brothers Confession booth where they can confess their sins, darkest secrets and wipe the slate clean. Adam is the first housemate to be called and heads to the booth in the garden. “I have lusted over housemates, talked in a more sexual way than I should have,” he starts. He names Lauren, Sara “and a little bit of Deana” as the objects of his lust. Conor is next into the booth and admits that his sins have often been “anger related.” He now says that he’s a new man but says that isn’t proud of “shaving my pubic region into a moustache.” Deana confesses that she has broken the rules and let people behave badly towards her, “I let quite a lot of people treat me badly,” she reflects. Next to confess is Luke S who says he was a “total lemon,” during his talk with the fictitious Bar Bell Media during his secret task. “I regret being gullible, I got me ball out on TV,” he smirks.


Scott is quizzing Sara about her modelling achievements. She tells him that she came fourth in a Miss Great Britain competition and Scott smiles. “I’ve been doing a dance with Miss No.4 for Great Britain,” he repeats sarcastically and Sara laughs. Still in his repentant mood, Luke S talks to Ashleigh in the bedroom. He tells her that during his task with Bar Bell Media, he mentions that they asked him if he would prefer the “Katie and Peter route or the Mark Wright Hollywood Nights.” Luke S tells Ashleigh in a round about way that he opted for the latter. “Then I felt stupid cos of how it will be perceived, I just said it as a bit of a laugh,” he admits. She looks confused and doesn’t seem to digest what he’s said.


Five housemates have yet to confess their sins and Rebecca is next up. “I’ve hidden food behind my bed, just for me,” she beams. Luke A confesses: “I may have enjoyed my own company a bit too much,” he grins and says that he has been “envious” of Luke S, Benedict and Arron’s physical condition, “and Adam’s penis would be a bonus,” he laughs. Ashleigh is next into the booth. “I’ve been brutal with my words,” she starts and says that she feels “guilty,” about it. Ashleigh also mentions that she could be nicer to Luke S “I should be happy I’ve got him and happy for the things he does for me.” Scott admits that he has been “lustful,” in the house and mentions his dream about a housemate “that rhymes with puke.”

“It’s not recurring, it will never recur, it was just the devil,” he ends.


Rebecca is in the pool and swims under Scotts legs. Ashleigh is in the diary room reflecting on today’s task. “It feels relieved (sic),” she starts and tells Big Brother that she would have liked to apologise to Luke A and Adam for Caroline’s prank with the shopping. “I was involved; I should have said to her ‘don’t do it.’” Big Brother asks Ashleigh if Luke S enjoyed his time in the confession booth and she mentions that he said something “cheesy” that he regretted. “He said he’d rather do the Katie and Peter thing, cringey!” she grins. Ashleigh exits the diary room and Luke S is lying on the rug in the living area. He pulls her to him and they lie down together and snuggle.


Big Brother has gathered all of the housemates on the sofa for the results of today’s Confession booth task. Big Brother was suitably impressed and therefore, housemates pass the task. However, as housemates confessed so many sins Big Brother wants them all to absolve them with various good deeds. Luke A must teach and mentor Ashleigh and Sara in cooking tonight’s slap-up roast dinner which they will then serve to their housemates. Luke S must sacrifice his vanity and must not go topless until further notice but to ensure that he isn’t tempted to strip off, he must wear all of his clothes at once until further notice. To improve the emotional well-being of the house, Adam is the feel-good machine who must hug each housemate for at least 30 seconds, give them a genuine heartfelt compliment and be available to deliver hugs on request throughout the evening.

A short while later, Luke A mentors the girls and advises Ashleigh on preparing vegetables. He tells her how to cut the broccoli and Ashleigh gets poised and ready. “Broccoli is the green one by the way,” he adds as Ashleigh replaces the cauliflower she was holding; Adam hugs various housemates “You are well groomed and educated,” he beams at Scott after sharing a hug. “You bring laughter to the house,” he tells Conor and lifts him off the floor during his hug. Adam tells Luke A: “You have a good spirit; you’re a great man, thank you for being my best friend,” and they share a long hug.


Scott is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about his Adam’s hug. “I’ve never felt like someone fancied me more,” he beams. He adds: “He paid me a marvellous compliment, looking into my eyes like I was the love of his life.” He tells Big Brother “You should have one!” Scott ends: “He’s not my type but it’s nice to have someone who fancies you.” Adam, Conor and Luke S are talking about Caroline’s shopping fiasco. Conor jokes to Adam: “I bet your eyes lit up when you saw those custard creams.” Adam is still appalled at the situation but Conor tells him: “You had your guard up cos you thought we knew,” and reveals that he didn’t approach Adam on the day as things may have got heated.


After more than two hours of preparation housemates are enjoying their well earned roast. Ashleigh reveals her wish to have “electional lessons (sic)” and housemates correct her. “What are elocution lessons?” queries Adam. “Instead of speaking like Ashleigh you speak like Scott,” replies Luke S. Ashleigh announces: “For the last few days I’ve wanted to apologise to Luke A and Adam and I’ve wanted Big Brother to help.” “I’m sorry I flew off the handle,” Luke A tells her as Ashleigh adds: “I don’t wanna ever upset anyone in the house” and Adam also accepts her apology.


It is now time for the rest of the housemates to absolve their sins. Big Brother announces that Scott must spend time on the “naughty step,” the sixth steps up the staircase in the living area until further notice. “I was a very naughty boy,” he quips. Conor must give a massage to any housemates that he feels he has acted ill against and any housemate who feels that Conor has wronged them is free to request a massage. “How about giving Deana a foot massage,” booms Adam and the housemates laugh. During his massage from Conor, Adam moans and giggles. “It’s not supposed to be sexual,” Scott retorts from his step.

In order to focus on improving her own morals, and those of her fellow housemates, Deana must give a lesson in morality and self-improvement. She has 30 minutes to prepare her speech on the white board provided which she must then relay to her fellow housemates. To banish misery from the house, Rebecca must bring smiles to all housemates by painting happy smiles on their faces.


Scott has been on his naughty step for 40 minutes. Housemates have been called to the living area to listen to Deana’s speech. She reminds housemates that it’s “very important to have morals,” and urges housemates to be “kind, trustworthy, unbiased.” She continues: “Never judge people if they are different.” At the end of her speech, all of the housemates applaud her.


For the past three hours Conor has been busy paying for his sins. Deana is getting into position for her hand massage and Conor obliges. “Isn’t the hand the most sexual part of the body,” laughs Adam and Conor is unfazed. Big Brother announces that all of the housemates have absolved their sins; Scott leaves the naughty step and Luke S removes his extra clothes. “I wanted a massage,” Scott moans. “I’ll give you one,” Conor offers as Scott grins adding: “You’ll give me one?”


Scott has come to the diary room and tells Big Brother he felt jealous with all “the cracking of the backs.” He adds: “People have said things and now we’re all joined together, or seems to have done so.” Luke S, Conor and Adam are talking about the events of the day. “Like I say in the diary room, you gotta do what you gotta do,” Conor declares. “I love sitting back watching everybody be everybody’s best friend,” he adds sarcastically. “I know what it is tomorrow, but who gives a flying f**k, it’s finished 10 days from Friday.”

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