Big Brother 2012 – Day 5 – Sausage-gate

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Sunday 10 June 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 5 – Sausage-gate

Recap of day 5 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Sunday 10 June 2012.


New housemate Rebecca is waking up to her first day in the Big Brother house and Chris is waking up with a hangover after last night’s excesses.

Chris is keen to clear the air with his fellow housemates: Jekyll and Hyde came out last night didn’t it …when I’m drunk, and I don’t like blaming it on drink, I don’t think it controls me, but it does…I ended up having an argument with Luke S, Luke S is one of the nicest blokes I’ve ever met …I don’t want people to change their perception of me over one thing …you’ve seen a hundred good things and two bad things and I don’t want the two bad things to overtake the good things.

11:12 am

Ashleigh is in the Diary Room and ready to tell Big Brother a secret.

She says: I want to tell you about Luke S, I really like him, sometimes I think he’s awkward, he’s very blunt, then on the other hand he’s really kind and nice, it’s a bit weird…I just like his muscles I think that’s why I like him, don’t think it’s his personality, we’ll see what happens…

Chris is still apologising to some of the boys over his behaviour last night.

He says to Conor: Sorry about last night, I had a drink…me and Luke have sorted everything out, I want us to be the trio, how it always was.

And to Arron: I want us to carry on as if everything’s the same, I’m just not going to drink.


In the bedroom Rebecca asks the question everyone wants to ask porn star Benedict

Matter-of-factly, Rebecca enquiries: “Is it quite large?”

Benedict replies: I’m happy with the size, I wouldn’t say my penis is enormous, when it’s erect it’s about eight inches, the average I believe is six…I’ve seen other guys’ penises and there’s a variety of sizes, but obviously not small.

Out in the garden Ashleigh still has a certain someone on her mind.

Chris tells Ashleigh: I don’t think there’ll be any love in here.

Ashleigh says: I like Luke a little bit, but I know other people like him…I think Lauren.

Chris tells her: He is a good looking guy and he’s got a good old body on him.

Ashleigh: But we haven’t got anything in common.

Chris asks her: Is it just attraction?

Ashleigh: Yeah…I think he likes Lauren…so that’s why I’m going to stay away, I don’t want to get involved.

Shievonne asks: Do we think she (Lauren) likes him?

Ashleigh promptly answers: Yeah, 100 percent, I can see it all over her face.

Later that day Rebecca is called to the Diary Room to talk through what her strategy is for getting people to like her the most.

When asked what her strategy is, Rebecca replies: I don’t know, it’s a hard situ this, I can’t be arsed getting evicted already it’s a joke, there’s too many people to get around, I can’t get through every bugger can I.

Rebecca reckons Deana would be a good housemate to focus on and tells Big Brother: I might make her some cups of tea or say ‘Deana do you want some grub?’…maybe my jokes, I might tell them some jokes.


Rebecca is busy going about her mission and decides to use food to win over Deana and teases her with the promise of some jelly babies.

Out in the garden, Sara is feeling suspicious and confides in Benedict.

She tells him: I’m looking at people thinking are you real? Are you fake? You just don’t know…I think some people are just being a bit too nice.

Benedict offers: I think it’s hard to keep up an act 24/7, I think people are, at least most of the time, being genuinely themselves.

Lydia and Scott are gossiping about Deana.

Chris says: The thing is with Deana, you’ve got to take things with a pinch of salt, I don’t think people get her at all.

Lydia adds: There’s lots of things with that one (Deana) that just don’t add up…one minute she’s saying that because of her family she doesn’t like talking about certain rude words, then she’ll sit there using all these disgusting words …I don’t dislike her but there’s definitely stuff going on.

In the Diary Room, is Rebecca’s plan working?

Deana tells Big Brother: She (Rebecca) is amazing, I feel comfortable around Rebecca, she’s a nice girl …and she gave me jelly babies.


Ashleigh is gossiping with Shievonne and says: I’d love a relationship, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think people can handle my personality.


It’s time for the evening meal, sausages…it’s meant to be one sausage per person, but it turns out Arron took two, and secretly gave one to Chris, who is suspicious, saying: He (Arron) is up to something.

It turns out Deana had two as well.


The subject of food is still going on and some of the housemates want more food.

Lauren isn’t happy: Have you cleared it with everyone…everybody is hungry!

Arron doesn’t take kindly to Lauren’s words and she tells him: You’re a selfish bastard.

In the garden sausage-gate continues and Lauren says: People have no consideration.


Luke S and Lydia are discussing who’ll they nominate and Luke S tells her he knows who one of his nominations will be, and it’s a male housemate.

Lydia says she kind of has an inkling.

In the bedroom, Rebecca and Deana are talking about Chris.

Rebecca says: I just think he is everything I’m against…I don’t think he’s a very nice person, I just think he’s playing a massive game.

Deana adds: It’s good that other people are noticing and it’s not just me.

Then in walks Chris, unaware of the conversation they girls have just been having.


Housemates are making their own fun with some dressing up and dancing.

Ashleigh, Shievonne and Sara are in the toilet talking about Lauren and how she reacted earlier to sausage-gate.

Sara says: I really liked her…then little cracks…do you guys think I should pull her to one side?

Unaware they can be heard, Lauren and Lydia are listening at the door, trying to working out which one of them they’re actually talking about.

Coming to the conclusion that it’s her that’s being talked about, Lauren goes into the bathroom.

Sara tells her: I hate two-faced people.

Ashleigh says: Everybody is arguing about a fucking sausage.

Lauren starts crying.

Lydia consoles Lauren, who says: I’ve had enough, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, girls never like me.


Lauren is explaining the situation to Adam and tells him: Apparently I’ve said Deana is inconsiderate (for having two sausages) and I’m two-faced…I said ‘people’ were inconsiderate…all the girls have now turned on me.

Lauren seeks refuge in the Diary Room, where she tells Big Brother: Alcohol was drunk, things were taken slightly out of context…I’m gutted, I thought that she (Sara) was a good friend…at the minute food is currency, and currency causes problems.


Sara and Lauren head to the garden to try and patch things up.

Sara says: I don’t want you ever, ever to be upset …I do like you Lauren, I’d tell you if I didn’t…you’re such a laugh but sometimes I just think ‘chill out, be yourself’, I think maybe because you’re so uptight about everything, not uptight but, I mean the experience, sometimes just chill.

Lauren replies: I am like that, that is me.

After clearing the air they hug.


Lauren is still going on about sausages to Scott, Rebecca, Lydia and Adam.

Lauren tells them: I know that she (Sara) has made up with me now but, really…she says that there are cracks with me…she was like ‘You need to chill out’.

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