Big Brother 2012 – Day 37 – Housemates set ‘Rules are for Fools’ shopping task‎

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Friday 13 July 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 37 – Housemates set ‘Rules are for Fools’ shopping task‎

Recap of day 37 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Thursday 12 July 2012.


Housemates are still asleep, blissfully unaware that Big Brother has made one or two changes to the living area. The house has been transformed. For this week’s shopping task, housemates are going to learn some discipline. Big Brother has set some new house rules which are signposted around the house, the housemates go explore. Luke S observes the CCTV in operation sign, ‘CCTV, there’s cameras in this place?’ Conor replies yes.

Big Brother re-opens the transformed garden to the housemates’ amazement. They are intrigued about the new areas that include the decontamination area, punishment zone and smoking area. Shievonne yells, ‘Oh my god, what the f**k is that?’

Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas and requests that the three bossiest members come to the diary room. Housemates nominate Adam and Luke S; with Luke A putting himself forward. Luke S wonders, ‘Am I bossy?’

In the diary room, Big Brother reveals to the three bossy housemates that their role in this week’s shopping task is to be the wardens. They are kitted out in uniform and asked what they think. Luke S replies, ‘I think it’s s**t, I would never wear this in a million years.’

Big Brother explains to them that each time they spot a housemate break a rule they must issue them with a ticket. When a housemate has two tickets they must be punished. Fails will be incurred if they don’t spot housemates breaking rules or issue tickets incorrectly.

Luke A thinks, ‘We have to do it, must not be lenient.’ Adam asks, ‘Since we are wardens we don’t have to follow rules?’ Big Brother confirms that the three wardens don’t have to follow the rules. He replies, ‘F**king love it, that’s why cops are outta control!’ The wardens re-enter the living area where their fellow housemates laugh at their new attire. The wardens will find out tomorrow if they are successful.


Becky and Caroline are in the pool, kitted out in safety equipment. Scott is preparing toast using the litter picker tongs.

Conor breaks the rules by kicking the balls around the garden, shouting ‘I don’t care!’ Ashleigh shouts, ‘Conor you broke a rule, you must follow instructions!’ Adam issues him with a ticket. Caroline then joins in by bouncing a ball when it clearly states: no ball games. She is ordered to step away from the ball. She jumps on the trampoline. Luke A tells her, ‘It’s not big, it’s not clever.’ After misbehaving, Caroline is ordered to go to the punishment zone where she will have to paint coal white for a minimum of 30 minutes, as she received more than two warnings.


For this week’s task housemates have to live by a whole new set of rules created by Big Brother. On Becky’s way to the diary room, Adam shouts an order, ‘Make sure you tumble!’ She successfully tumbles all the way to the diary room door.

Caroline and Conor are painting coal white in the punishment zone. Caroline says, ‘I love this task. I love p**sing off authority, it’s always been my favourite thing.’ Conor adds, ‘Me too!’

Becky is talking wardens to Big Brother. ‘I wish I was a bloody warden now. They are not explaining the rules properly. It’s so unorganised it’s untrue.’ She adds, ‘Probably Luke A is the best warden. If I was a warden I’d whip them into shape!’
In the bedroom, Warden Luke S announces that Conor and Caroline can just stay in the punishment zone as they keep breaking rules. Shievonne disagrees, ‘No! It could be Conor’s last time in here. The boy is just a rascal!’


Caroline and Conor have been in the punishment zone for 32 minutes. Conor states, ‘I’ll be out Friday.’ She replies, ‘No, I don’t think you will. Literally I can’t cope. Bloody hope you won’t be.’
Luke S is helping Becky into her protective gear for dinner. ‘It doesn’t fit my legs. I’m just going to rip it.’ Luke A tells Adam, ‘Luke S is really good at this!’

Lauren rolls into the diary room. ‘I love this task! Luke S is one bossy man, a sure thing…Adam thinks he’s Rick Ross the Boss so that made sense…Luke A put himself forward, I imagine when he’s chefing he’s bossy, a good decision! They like the power!’
Becky is having trouble in the kitchen. ‘It’s all going t*ts up!’

Lauren makes her way to the trampoline in the garden. Warden Luke A announces that she must wear appropriate footwear to use the trampoline. She shouts, ‘You are not my friend anymore! I hate you Luke!’ He bites back, ‘Don’t disrespect the wardens, more attitude and you will be a rule breaker!’ She complains, ‘It’s wrong.’ She is issued a ticket and told not to take it personally. After eating or smoking the rules state that housemates must decontaminate. Some of the housemates are being decontaminated in the booth that blasts them with foam.


Luke S is still mulling over at being picked for the role of warden. ‘Conor, do you think I’m bossy?’ He replies no. ‘You were quick to point out that I was bossy when I was sitting down.’

In the kitchen, Adam asks Luke A if Deana has said anything to him. Luke A says she hasn’t. Adam explains that Deana is now reluctant to trust Lauren as she has told her some stuff that has been relayed back to Shievonne, which subsequently been brought up in arguments. Adam asks, ‘Wondering if Deana is playing both sides, do you think Lauren is playing both sides? Luke A replies, ‘Not knowingly, she’s nice to people. We just got to stick together.’


Luke S is exercising his powers over his housemates, ‘Attention please all campers!’ Ashleigh tells him, ‘If I saw you as a police officer I would say f**k you’re fit!’

Big Brother invites Caroline, escorted by Warden Luke A, to the diary room where she must find some misplaced batteries in three mystery boxes. Caroline must abide by two rules; she must not ask questions and she must obey Big Brother. Luke A motivates her, ‘We need to do this for the task, just go with it!’ Caroline turns hysterical when she dips her hand into the first box of mystery contents. ‘What the f**k is it…’

The housemates hear her screams. Luke A gears her on. When she dips her hand into the last box she screams, ‘I think its sperm!’ Luke A laughs ‘‘I hope it’s not sperm, it went in my eye!’’
She successfully finds the batteries, and ends in tears.


Warden Luke A is keeping his eye on the housemates in the garden. Adam is enjoying a bacon and egg sandwich. He tells Conor what he thinks about the task, ‘It’s really f**ked up the flow of us living!’ He agrees, ‘Its f**ked up a lot of things.’

Lauren walks into the living area announcing that she’s really hungry. Adam tells her, ‘I’ve just eaten the last of the bacon, hate me now!’ Lauren is annoyed, ‘You didn’t even let me have a bite?’ He replies, ‘I see the hate, the disgust and the anger.’ She barks, ‘That’s it, I’m not speaking to Luke A and Adam.’ Luke A remarks, ‘It’s fair for all!’

She goes to sit on the sofa, fuming. Deana asks if she’s joking; she says she isn’t.


Conor is playing with Luke A’s megaphone, making strange noises. They laugh.

Big Brother broadcasts a new rule on the screen in the garden. Lauren shouts to the housemates that they must stand up, no complaining! Sara breaks the rules in the bedroom by complaining – this goes unnoticed by Luke S.


Sara, Ashleigh and Lauren are painting coal white in the punishment area. Lauren announces, ‘My whole life I’ve always wanted to paint coal.’

Luke S is settling in to the office and the phone rings. Head office asks him for the number of rule breaks, he states eight. Head office tells the warden that they would like to offer the wardens an incentive to work extra hard and issue more tickets. Big Brother explains that the warden that gives out the most tickets today will be rewarded with the prestigious employee of the week award and win a special voucher to buy items from the shopping list to the total of £30. An excited Luke S grins, ‘Legend!’ He accepts. He calls for the other two wardens and explains to Luke A about the extra incentive. Luke S thinks it’s quite cool and gets to work.


Conor is feeling mischievous. He grabs Ashleigh’s sandwich and eats it without using the litter picker tongs and rule breaks. An annoyed Ashleigh then grabs the remaining half of her sandwich and eats it with her hands; Luke S issues her with a ticket. She then sits downs, breaking another rule, which results in her receiving another ticket.

Big Brother has called Shievonne to the diary room to inform her of a new rule – she must not talk with her hands and must wear a sandwich board to remind her of the rule.


Conor is in the shower wondering about the safe zone alarm, in which housemates must run to the safe zone whenever an alarm is played in to the house. In the middle of his shower, the alarm sounds and Conor is forced to run to the safe zone naked. Adam tells Conor that he asked for it by talking about it.


Lauren and Adam are making up in the garden after bacon gate. She tells him, ‘You need to work on sharing! You could have given me a little bite.’ He replies, ‘Honestly, you weren’t in the room, didn’t cross my mind…You can have anything of mine, anything you wanted.’ The blonde replies, ‘You can have anything of mine.’ The two hug.

Conor is invited to the diary room to take part in a task. Luke S is there to issue tickets for any potential rule breaks. Conor is not allowed to repeat himself or say yes or no, when answering a series of questions from Big Brother. He laughs, ‘I’m f**king s**t hot at this!’

At the end of the task he received a total of four tickets and has to go straight to the punishment area. Big Brother thinks he did very well and has the gift of the gab. He says, ‘Always!’


In the garden, Lauren has dressed up as Adam and does an impression of him.

Whilst most housemates are in the bedroom attempting to fall asleep, Conor, Ashleigh and Shievonne are in the kitchen playing with the megaphones. Conor is pretending to interview Shievonne as Brian Dowling after she has been evicted. After they change spots, Conor slams housemates in his ‘interview with Brian.’ The housemates in the bedroom, particularly Luke S and Becky cannot think of anything more annoying than hearing them shout on the megaphones and Becky yells at Conor, Ashleigh and Shievonne to shut up.

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