Big Brother 2012 – Day 36 – Housemates win spray tan session, party & take away

Big Brother 2012 – Day 36 – Housemates win spray tan session, party & take away

Recap of day 36 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Wednesday 11 July 2012.

Yesterday Conor and Shievonne discovered that this Friday, they would face the public vote and possible eviction. Last night, Deana and Shievonne fell out. Deana and Sara are in the kitchen talking about last night’s argument and Deana concludes that housemates will always be “backstabbers.” Sara agrees.


Rebecca and Caroline are dancing and doing Zumba in the pool. Shievonne approaches Deana in the kitchen and tells her that they should have a private chat, “Without everyone else getting involved.” Sara asks Shievonne if she is referring to her: “You, and someone else,” she replies. Shievonne explains that she didn’t have a problem with Sara “until you got involved in an argument you knew nothing about.” Caroline and Rebecca are watching the events in the kitchen from the bathroom. “I can’t see why they just don’t’ stay away from each other!” Caroline muses.

Deana and Shievonne have come into the garden to iron out their differences. Shievonne tells Deana: “Stop acting like the victim,” to gain sympathy from other housemates. Deana protests and says that she has never asked anyone to defend her, “They just felt I was in the right and you were in the wrong.” “Wake up and smell the hummus!” Shievonne starts, adding: “People are mugging you off, can you not see what their doing?” Shievonne becomes upset and tells Deana that she refuses to be “attacked by fools” adding: “I’ve given you advice about what I feel is going on in this house.” They agree that they will keep their conversation between themselves and not involve their fellow housemates.


Sara is in the living area with Deana offering her some words of support. She tells Deana that she is able to “trust” some of the people in the house including her. Deana tells Sara that would just like to “move on” from any bad feelings. Conor and Luke S are working out in the garden. Meanwhile, Ashleigh is in the bedroom putting her face on. Deana has come to the diary room to share her feelings with Big Brother. She talks about their previous relationship but admits that they have never been close friends. “She’s given me dirty looks and I’ve been wondering why she turned on me.” She tells Big Brother that if she was at home, her Mum would help her by telling her not to be silly. She assures Big Brother that she is feeling fine.


Ashleigh and Scott are talking about Sara. Scott says that their housemate is in a bad mood. “She’s up Deana’s a**e and being weird!” Ashleigh spits. Adam has come to the diary room to show Big Brother his new hair. He reveals that “little Lauren” straightened it for him and smiles as he describes Lauren: “Tomboy cuteness, but dolls up real nice.” Adam admits that Lauren burnt him a few times while using the straighteners, “But I’m a grown a** man, I can take it,” he smirks.


Scott and Caroline are talking about pants as Scott contemplates changing his boxer shorts. “These are rather see-thru,” he adds. Some of the housemates are in the living area and Luke S probes Luke A about his impending hormone injections and the effect it has on him. Luke A admits that his “body levels” increase. “He’ll get horny and angry,” quips Ashleigh adding: “It’s the perfect environment in this house!” Luke A explains: “I become more immune to emotions and horny all the time.”


Housemates have been gathered to take part in today’s task, Hot Topic. Each housemate will need to answer a general knowledge question from a random category. Caroline is asked what a Backhoe Loader is. “Sounds like some sort of prostitute!” quips Caroline before revealing that the correct answer is a digger. Ashleigh incorrectly answers “Yorkie” when asked what dogs the queen owns. At the end of the task, housemates answered nine questions correctly and have therefore won treats and prize for the house. They also are eligible for a bonus prize – for this, they choose a spray tan session.


After winning a takeaway for the house, Luke A has come in to the diary room to inform Big Brother of the kind they would like. He decides on Mexican food and informs some of his fellow housemates on leaving the diary room. In the bedroom, some of the housemates are looking forward to tonight’s party. Ashleigh tells them that Luke A has ordered Mexican food and some of them are displeased. “He doesn’t give a s**t, as long as the three musketeers are happy,” quips Caroline. Shievonne says that she can’t believe that Luke A had not consulted all of the housemates. “It’s like me going out and ordering a Caribbean take-away for everybody!” she grumbles.


In preparation for the forthcoming spray tan session that was won during the task, Luke S is in the toilet, trimming his bikini line. Conor is in the garden, shaving his legs. Lauren, Luke A and Adam are discussing spray tans and Lauren reveals that you have to be naked during the tanning session. “I hope not or it might be a little awkward,” smirks Luke A. In the bedroom Ashleigh speculates about the spray tan beauty therapists and asks Luke S: “What if she’s fit and says you’ve got a nice package?” Luke S shrugs. “What is she looks like Megan Fox,” Ashleigh continues and Luke S retorts: “That’s a ridiculous question,” then smiles while leaving the room. Ashleigh confesses to her housemates: “I don’t know what the f**k he sees in me, I don’t even like myself.” Ashleigh’s housemates reassure her: “If you like someone you like them regardless,” Shievonne tells her. Ashleigh reveals that she would never let her previous boyfriend see her without her make up on and tells housemates she will feel fine once she has a spray tan.


Rebecca is in the diary room treating Big Brother to some of her dance moves. “I’m born to be a dancer,” she beams. Ashleigh and Luke S are canoodling in the bedroom. Scott is lying on his bed watching the couple and hides his face with embarrassment. Ashleigh jokes: “There’s nothing to see Scott!” “I wasn’t looking!” he smiles adding: “I’ve got a semi erection.” Ashleigh giggles and moves her hand onto Luke S groin.


Adam and Deana are in the bedroom. She tells him that she and Shievonne are now “cool” with each other. “She ain’t gonna talk to me,” Adam retorts and Deana tells him that he is being “very strong.”

For wining today’s task, housemates receive the first of many treats. Later in the diary room Ashleigh shows off her spray tan and admits to feeling like a new woman. Conor also makes a visit to the diary room and jokes that Luke S looks like an Oompa Loompa with his new hue. Lauren tells Big Brother that she likes Ashleigh’s new look. “She looks beautiful, like the girl who first walked in here,” she gushes.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom discussing the joys of spray tans. Lauren is in the kitchen talking to Adam about Deana. “I think Deana is gonna go ‘bye-bye’ to the group,” Adam confides and says that Deana will not tell him what’s going on with her. Lauren says that Deana and Sara are “becoming close” and Adam thinks that Deana is “completing” something.


The housemates’ party is in full swing.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Lauren is feeling paranoid and tells Caroline, “It feels like every time I ask a question I get one word answers.” Caroline shrugs as Lauren asks: “Am I just being paranoid?” Scott reassures her adding: “It’s just this environment.” “Are you having a low?” Lauren asks Caroline who is sat in silence and asks her if she would like to cuddle her teddy bear.

In the garden, Deana is in a suspicious mood. She asks Adam if he thinks that Lauren may have repeated things that other housemates have told her. Deana reveals that Shievonne had raised her suspicions and warned her that she may be “looking in the wrong direction” for her detractors. “Be a bit careful,” Deana warns him and says that the live audience on Friday were not calling for Conor but were instead, chanting to get Lauren out. The conversation shifts as Lauren joins them in the garden.


Rebecca and Sara are talking about their annoying housemates. Rebecca tells her that Caroline has branded everyone “ludicrous.” Sara says that when they leave the house she would like to keep in touch with her, Deana, Scott “and Caroline when she’d not bitching.”

Caroline is talking to Deana about Luke A, “I can’t stand him,” she moans. Deana advises her to keep away from the housemates that she doesn’t get on with, “Me and Conor never speak,” she adds as an example. “I need to grow up,” Caroline muses but tells Deana: “Luke A hates everyone in here.” “What is real won’t be hidden, we’re on a TV show, at the end of the day the truth comes out,” says Deana.


Rebecca, Conor, Sara, Ashley and Luke S are in bed. “I’m gonna make you two feel like d**ks!” Conor shouts to Ashleigh and Luke S. They ask him if he is serious and Conor laughs then says that he likes seeing them together: “It just makes me jealous cos I can’t do it!” he adds. He continues: “You two make each other laugh, then you’re right for each other.”

Adam and Lauren are talking about Shievonne and all the whispering that she does. Deana and Shievonne are in the kitchen and Shievonne says there are “evil forces at work” in the Big Brother house that are “stirring up s**t.” Shievonne mentions that Lauren always denies things that she has done and brands these actions as “blatant and cringe.” She says that a housemate once repeated the “same phrase” that Shievonne had previously used in a conversation, “and I called (Lauren) her out on it.” The two housemates plan to invent something about Ashleigh “Something she’d want to spread,” and if it gets back to Ashleigh: “Then we’ll know for sure.”

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