Big Brother 2012 – Day 34 – Housemates discuss nominations, Adam apologises to Shievonne

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Tuesday 10 July 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 34 – Housemates discuss nominations, Adam apologises to Shievonne

Recap of day 34 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Monday 9 July 2012.


For the past five days, housemates have been competing in this week’s task Turf Wars. Team Blue and team Green have been battling out to win exclusive territory in the house. Today, teams will compete for the final and the ultimate prize territory, the diary room.

Caroline and Rebecca are wondering if there’s going to be a task today.

Shievonne comes to the diary room to reflect on last night’s events. As part of a task, Adam was called to the diary room and asked questions that the Blue team selected and watched his answers on a TV in the secret room. ‘I don’t know why he called me fake, that is his business. He can think what he likes, I know it’s not true but it hurts. Either way at this point we’re doomed, I can’t do right from wrong in this house.’ She signals that she’ll now keep her mouth shut, ‘No more from me.’


Adam, Lauren and Luke A are in the garden. Adam says, ‘I really want to apologise to Shievonne as it was her birthday yesterday.’ Luke A replies, ‘But you know it will kick off?’ They agree and comment as it was her birthday yesterday.’ Luke A replies, ‘But you know it will kick off?’ They agree and comment on what a rubbish birthday she had.

Shievonne is still talking about what Adam said and announces, ‘It’s OK as I’m going to be like, (to Adam) what time is it? Oh OK, I’m probably due a cry today.’

Adam, Lauren and Luke A look on from the garden and think that those in the living area are playing up to the camera. ‘Fake, fake, fake!’

Adam walks into the living area, Shievonne asks him, ‘Do you know what time it is?’ He says no. She replies, ‘I think I might start crying on cue.’

He says, ‘I’m upset that it was on your birthday and I’m sorry about that’. She replies, ‘Don’t worry about it. If I don’t laugh about it I will cry and then I don’t want to be called fake.’ And they continue to bicker.

Shievonne adds, ‘You said I’m not to be trusted. You actually put my family in your mouth that’s my problem. I can’t believe you went there.’ Adam replies, ‘It’s my opinion.’ She adds, ‘Do you know what it feels like to be cried out? I was cried out.’ Adam says, ‘Yes I do. I’m allowed to say what I want to say, don’t hate on me as I thought it was trustworthy.’

Shievonne snaps, ‘Do you think I would be in here if I could cry on cue? I would be on Hollyoaks or Eastenders right now, why would I be in here?’ Adam replies, ‘I don’t know what that is. It’s my perception, my opinion.’

Not backing down she asks. ‘I’m intimidating?’ He replies, ‘Not to me, it’s what I’ve heard (from other housemates).’ She continues, ‘You are judging me. It ruined my birthday. I don’t want to show emotion in this house.’ He defends himself, ‘It was my opinion, it was what I was asked. I’ve apologised about your birthday but don’t put that on me, I didn’t ask to do that.’

She gets up to leave for the smoking area, ‘Forget it…I’m not going to start crying so he says it was fake. Its fine, it’s OK.’

10.25 am

It’s been five minutes since Shievonne and Adam’s argument. Sara asks him if he’s OK. ‘I am but its f**ked up it was on her birthday.’ Sara adds, ‘It’s not your fault. Adam replies, ‘But half these f**kers in here won’t say that.’

Adam gets angry; throws down his bowl and spoon and storms of to the bedroom.

Caroline follows him and asks if she can give him a hug.

A choked Adam replies, ‘You can do whatever you want. I don’t want to hurt anybody and its f**ked up that they put me in a position that I could hurt somebody.’ She adds, ‘You were so nice, contained and amazing. I think the world of you.’

Luke A and Lauren cross territory lines to comfort their friend in the bedroom.

Deana adds, ‘It’s a game, you did what anyone else would do. You did what you had to do.’

Luke A reassures him, ‘Don’t get aggressive, it’s not worth it.’

Rebecca gives Adam a hug and understands why he got upset, he then leaves the bedroom. Rebecca and Lauren both get visibly upset for him as they feel awful about his situation. Lauren cries, ‘I can’t deal with grown men crying.’

In the garden Sara sees Adam upset and goes to comfort him. Luke A apologies to Ashleigh about crossing territory lines to console his friend.


It’s been over an hour since Shievonne and Adam last spoke. They are now both in silence in their designated smoking areas. Adam returns inside.

Scott is telling Caroline about his fall out with Rebecca. ‘She’s not nice to me…it’s the first time someone has made me cry, she called me a nasty person.’ Caroline asks, ‘Did you do anything?’

He replies, ‘No I didn’t, I got a bit stressed. I wasn’t being horrible. She kept calling my nasty and I said she was. She never apologises…the way she talks to me sometimes isn’t respectful. We’re carrying on as if nothing happened.’


Some of the Blue team are thinking about this week’s nominations. Conor announces, ‘I’ll be out next week.’ Caroline responds, ‘No I will be!’ Ashleigh adds, ‘I’ve already got mine, 100%.’ Conor says, ‘I’ve got four.’ Caroline confirms she has 3 that she could nominate. Conor believes, ‘I think the diary room is the key, I think if we won the diary room we would be immune from eviction.’

They continue talking. Caroline asks Conor if he is thinking the same as her. He says B&D. He goes onto share his theory about nominations and adds, ‘But we don’t know who is going to be up. The Green team could be up or we could be up.’

Lauren listens on out of sight; armed with evidence she goes to the diary room to tell Big Brother that three of her fellow Blue team members are discussing nominations. ‘I hope you know they are out there discussing nominations. It’s so awkward. You could cut the tension in here with a knife, it is horrible.’ She concludes, ‘My house of harmony has not last very long at all.’


Caroline and Lauren are speculating about today’s task. Lauren says, ‘I’m really not looking forward to it. They know tensions are high right now in here and they will pray on that.’ Caroline agrees, ‘Tenions have never been higher. Let’s be honest.’ Lauren nods.

Conor is the topic of Deana and Scott’s conversation. She says, ‘Anyone he can’t manipulate or can’t have under his power he wants to get rid of.’ Scott agrees. She continues, ‘I’m not going to do want he wants me to do.’ Scott adds, ‘He’s so sad and childish.’ They both agree that they must win the task to get control of the diary room.


Some of the blue team are snoozing in the smoking area. Lauren and Luke A admit to Deana that they will sabotage the task; Deana smirks.

Lauren and Luke A continue to talk about the task and agree to stick to their guns to sabotage so the Blues don’t win control of the diary room and nominations. Lauren concludes, ‘This is going to be so interesting.’


It’s the final battle to win control of the diary room. A member from each team will go head to head and race to reach the diary room by unlocking a series of boxes to get them access to the diary room button. Luke A volunteers himself for the Blues and Adam for the Green team. Let the battle commence!

Luke A rattles through the keys and is the first to unlock his box…it looks like his plans to sabotage the task will fall flat. The Blues are then asked which housemate has had the most nominations altogether, they correctly chose Deana which automatically unlocks the diary room, winning the task! Luke A is in the diary room learning about his win, which is being broadcast to the rest of the house. Big Brother confirms that only the Blue team will have access to the diary room and able to nominate. Conor whispers, ‘I’m so happy.’

However, there’s a twist. Big Brother announces to the housemates that Conor, Caroline and Ashleigh were caught earlier talking about nominations which are a clear breach of the rules, and as a result the control of the diary room and nominations is passed over to the Green team. There’s a look of shock on some of the housemate’s faces. The Green team cheer! Conor is visibly disappointed.

Still in the diary room, Big Brother reveals to Luke A that his previous conversation had been broadcast to the other housemates; however it is now a private conversation. He beams, ‘Thank you so much I was trying to fail that task so bad. We didn’t deserve to win that as people in our team are backstabbers.’

Conor and Ashleigh linger by the diary room, and admit to each other that they think it will be them facing eviction. They apologise to Luke A and he tells them not to worry.


The Blue team are feeling deflated following their disqualification. Conor says, ‘I’m glad that’s happened, I’ll be going. I want to be up.’

In the bedroom the Greens are celebrating! Adam announces, ‘It’s the first time he’s (Conor) fully been involved and it’s cost them massive.’ Scott adds, ‘What comes around goes around.’ Deana is happy.

In the Blue bedroom, Ashleigh apologies to Lauren and Luke A. ‘I don’t know why I was involved in that conversation, I just sat there. I was like sleeping. I am sorry Luke.’

Ashleigh leaves the bedroom and Lauren exclaims, ‘What a load of bulls**t! She’s lying.’ Luke A agrees, ‘They are s**tting themselves!’ The two friends are overjoyed.


Scott and Rebecca are making up over make-up.

Luke A is in the pool and Lauren in the smoking area soaking up some Blue territory.

Luke S is in diary room. ‘It feels good…But we have to stick to the rules.’ He goes onto to say, ‘They (Green team) are all very upbeat I can assure you, and are looking forward to nominations. The Blue team are speculating who will be getting nominations. I’m friends with most of the people in here but more friends with the Blue team.’ He concludes, ‘We’ll soon find out, I hope mine and Ashleigh’s names aren’t called out.’


Big Brother has called the housemates to the living area. Big Brother announces that Lauren and Luke A crossed territory lines when they went into the Green team’s bedroom which is a clear breach of rules. For punishment, the Blue team have now lost access to the pool and hot tub which remain out of bounds until further notice. They apologise and Luke A defends his actions, ‘I did what I think was right, my friend needed consoling.’ Conor says, ‘F**k that, I’m sleeping in my bed tonight, f**k this house.’ Caroline replies, ‘We only have one night left, let’s just do it.’


Ashleigh announces, ‘I think tomorrow when the task is over, we all get in a circle and just love each other.’ Adam says he may get his penis out! Luke S tells Ashleigh that he won’t allow her to stand next to Adam in the circle; they all laugh!

Rebecca goes to talk to Big Brother. She loves the green diary room, ‘It’s like Emerald City!’ She continues, ‘I’m really happy! Conor is so manipulative, never known anything quite like it. If they (Blues) would have won it I would have started packing my bags!’

Ashleigh tells Caroline and Conor about her circle of love idea. Caroline thinks it is the most stupid idea. ‘It is not going to happen. Can people stop pretending?’ Conor adds, ‘I’m not doing it, I’m not fake. Me and Caroline will watch.’ Ashleigh tries to get them onside, ‘We can give each other second chances; we all need to rejoice.’


Luke A and Deana are talking about Conor. Luke A whispers, ‘Both him and Shievonne want to go home.’ Deana says, ‘It’s like they want sympathy but they are the ones doing everything wrong! I went through three weeks of hell and no one gave me sympathy. He’s (Conor) getting worried.’ Luke A adds, ‘It’s a shame as on a one to one level I get on with him, but when I see him with Caroline its all whispers. I can’t bear to look at her.’

Caroline and Conor look on at Luke A and Deana’s conversation. Caroline thinks, ‘They are going to be having the most mundane conversation you can imagine…about cheese.’ Conor adds, ‘No it will be how much Deana will make when she gets out of here, she loves money.’

Luke A tells Deana, ‘Him and Ashleigh think they will be in the final, team CAC. Shievonne is like the ring leader of everybody in here. Scott and Rebecca are doing the same here but are better at it.’


The Green team are in bed, Scott and Rebecca laugh loudly whilst Luke S sleeps.

Conor is called to the Diary Room by Big Brother. ‘This whole task is s**t, the situation is s**t. It’s pack your bags time again. I can put my house on it that I’ll be up for nomination. I’m furious with myself. I don’t care if I’m up. Will see what happens.’

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