Big Brother 2012 – Day 32 – Arron Lowe evicted; Turf Wars continue

Big Brother 2012 – Day 32 – Arron Lowe evicted; Turf Wars continue

Recap of day 32 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Saturday 7 July 2012.


Today is the fourth day of Turf Wars; so far the Green team has won control of the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom. The Blue team has won control of the living area and the garden. Last night, Arron went rogue and jumped in the pool and invaded the Blue team’s territory. The house is about to face the consequences. As the housemates wake up, Big Brother announces that as a result of Arron’s “selfish action,” the luxury shopping budget has been removed and the Green team has lost control of the kitchen and bathroom. Both rooms will be out of bounds until further notice.

Arron is sitting up in bed and grumbles: “I didn’t expect that amount of punishment.” Rebecca claims that Arron broke the rules to gain more “air time.” “Please don’t, it’s nothing to do with air time Bex!” Arron retorts. In the Blue team bedroom Shievonne tells her fellow team mates that this will be a “learning curve” for Arron and the Green team, “That’s what I call karma,” she adds. Luke S is visibly fuming and Lauren encourages him to calm down. “D**k!” he shouts before kicking the sofa on his was to the diary room. “All I wanna know is do we get our food back when this task is over?” he asks. Big Brother replies that the food will not be returned. Luke S charges out of the diary room and informs members of both teams that they now have the same survival rations. “This is the second time my protein shakes gone,” Luke S fumes.

In the bedroom, Luke S moans to Arron about the loss of his protein shake and mentions the food rations. “I didn’t think,” Arron muses and Luke S explains: “We have luxuries to lose; now you have to sit here all day on your last day instead of hanging out with your mates.” Arron is silent. In the garden Lauren and Luke A secretly giggle about Luke S’s reaction to the punishment.

In the living area, Luke S explains to Adam that the food has been permanently removed. Adam retrieves the anchovies from the fridge and intends to use them to prank Arron. Luke S giggles as Adam quips: “He can’t shower right, so he can jump back in the pool if he wants too.”


Rebecca is still fuming over Arron’s rule break and resulting punishment and accuses Arron of trying to impress people in the house. “Bex, shut up. It wasn’t to impress anybody, it was for my own f***king entertainment!” he shouts. Adam enters the bedroom and heads for the toilet. In the garden, Luke S tells Ashleigh that she would better understand the situation if she was in his team. “You’ve got nothing to lose, we’ve got it all to lose, my protein shake is gone again, there’s not gonna be a third time I’ll be able to win it,” he explains. In the bedroom Adam exits the toilet carrying a basin and heads towards Arron who is still sitting up in bed. “Is that for me?” asks Arron as Adam pours the contents of the basin over his head. Rebecca laughs hysterically, Scott hides his face and Deana grins. Ashleigh and Luke S are watching from the garden. “Now that’s horrible,” she exclaims.

In the bedroom, Arron strips his bed and housemates point out the anchovies, “Stinks of p**s!” Rebecca comments. As Adam enters the garden Ashleigh questions his treatment of Arron and tells him he will get in trouble. “That’s like physical abuse,” she warns. Adam disagrees adding: “How can it be physical abuse when Arron and Conor do that s**t all day long?”

Arron heads to the diary room. Luke S is in the living area and calls to Arron who is waiting to enter the diary room. Arron doesn’t respond. After calling him four time to now response Luke S quips: “F**king deaf now as well or what?” “Don’t bro, just leave it. Leave me alone for five minutes. You’re throwing away a f**king friendship for the sake of a f**king shopping budget?” shouts Arron. Luke S tells Arron he was “stupid” to do what he did and explains that he only made the ‘deaf’ comment because Arron ignored him. Luke S walks away while Arron explains that he needs time on his own in the diary room.

In the garden, Luke A tells Adam not to “get into trouble,” by seeking revenge. Adam defends his position and says that if Conor and Arron can get away with pranks then so should he. Luke A agrees adding: “Give them a taste of their own medicine.” In the living area, Arron is repeatedly pushing the diary room buzzer. Caroline has entered the bedroom and Rebecca tells her about the incident adding: “It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.” Caroline looks unimpressed and leaves the room.

In the diary room an unrepentant Arron comments: “I’m glad the greedy bunch of f**king animals have had their food taken off ‘em.” He claims that his team mates have “terrible senses of humour.” He tells Big Brother that he loves a good prank says that Adams action was “retaliation.” Arron mentions that his original prank in the pool wasn’t targeted to one person. “Some people are treating this like I’ve walked into their house, I’ve took a s**t on their bed and I’ve destroyed everything, I’ve stole from them, and I’ve left, but they know it’s me,” he explains. Arron tells Big Brother that he would like to know the ingredients of the basin and Big Brother reassures him that the basin did not contain urine.

Arron exits the diary room and goes into the bedroom. Adam tells him that he will try and prank him again and Arron explains that everyone will suffer because he will be moving from bed to bed and therefore, all the beds will suffer. “Game on,” Adam quips and warns Arron that he will get him again.


Scott and Caroline are discussing the Arron and Adam saga. Scott muses: “The thing is, it’s Arron’s fault and now all the negativity will be directed at Adam.” Caroline explains that housemates should be no more angry by Arron’s “bad deed” than they were last night. Adam is in the garden standing on the smoking stool. Caroline sees him and comments: “Look at him, it’s like he’s Martin Luther King reigning down his people.” In the garden, Luke S gets the camping shower ready for smelly Arron. Arron enters the garden and tells Adam to stop the pranks. “I’m sitting in your s**t till Thursday!” exclaims Adam and implies that he won’t. “Look, leave it alone, I feel intimidated by ya, you got me back, it was a good shot.” He adds: “I didn’t expect them to take both rooms off us but continuously doing this is pure bullying.” Adam looks surprised.


Rebecca, Deana and Adam are in the bedroom. Adam apologises for ruining what could be their last day. Caroline, Conor and Lauren are in the living area. Lauren tells Conor that the house would be “boring” without him. “I don’t want to lose Arron, he’s a really nice guy,” continues Caroline. “I love the way he breaks the rules,” adds Conor. Adam has come to the diary room to discuss this morning’s events. He tells Big Brother that Arron’s only interest is to “impress Conor,” and how irritated he is by recent events. Adam tells Big Brother that he is unsure how genuine his fellow housemates are and worried that they may be behaving a certain way “for the game,” and claims that he is now viewed as “Public Enemy number 1.”


Sara is tired of all the drama and has come to talk to Big Brother. Rebecca is in the bedroom trying to make her own pain au chocolate by holding a slice of bread with cubes of chocolate on it, under the lamp light. Caroline is investigating Lauren’s history and asks her: “Why do you think you don’t have girl friends, have you always been a tomboy?” Caroline tells Lauren that she has a side that appeals to girls so finds it odd that she can’t relate to them. Luke S says that he is more girly than Lauren and prefers shopping to “watching a match.”


The housemates have been gathered on the sofa for the result of this week’s eviction. After announcing that first Deana and then Rebecca are safe, host Brian leaves a short gap before making the final announcement. Some of the housemates hug Deana and Rebecca who are clearly ecstatic. Arron is announced as the fifth person to leave the Big Brother house and he and Conor jump up. Arron is excited but Conor is angry. Before leaving the house Arron tells him: “I love you loads bro, go and do your job!”


It’s been two minutes since Arron left the house. Rebecca and Deana are in the diary room. “Good overcomes evil!” Deana shouts while Rebecca claims to be in shock. Caroline is at the sofas talking about Sara and brands her insensitive for celebrating Deana’s reprieve in front of Conor and Arron. Sara is in the dining area and realises that Caroline is talking about her. “I just wanna go home,” she cries and queries why one of her “good friends in the house,” would be so horrible.

Luke S is comforting Conor who is very upset following Arron’s departure. “Remember why you’re in here, it’s just not your time,” he tells him.


Sara is still upset with Caroline. In the living area, Caroline tells Conor that Sara isn’t speaking to her, “She’s being f**ing ridiculous!” she snaps. In the diary room Sara tells Big Brother that Caroline is “just so nasty, nasty about everybody!” “I’d rather people talk about me but not speak to me, she’s supposed to be one of my good friends,” she adds and mentions how “two-faced” people can be.


Sara has been in the diary room for 1hour and 20 minutes. In the living area Conor stares at Deana’s portrait on the wall and snaps: “I can’t stand that picture on that f**king wall!” Ashleigh agrees and claims that Deana looks “sly.” Caroline says that she has come to the end of her “tether” with some housemates. She claims that Luke A “never says anything to peoples face,” and brands him a “coward.” Ashleigh says that Luke A is “a nice guy” but doesn’t have a “place” in the house, “I picture him on the outside with a rucksack and anorak” she jokes. In the garden Lauren and Luke A are talking about Caroline. “It’s amazing that a 20 year old girl can run this house,” Lauren sighs. “She can suck my d**k,” she quips and Luke A agrees. Lauren says that she feels bad for initially thinking that Sara was just like Caroline.


Conor is in the diary room reflecting on the emotional night. He confesses to Big Brother that being up against “one of your best mates in the house,” was a horrible experience. He explains that his angry reaction to Arron’s departure was heightened by knowing that his girlfriend and family were just outside the house, and that he wasn’t able to see them.

Sara and Caroline are talking in the garden. Sara tells her: “You’ve been so horrible to me and I don’t understand why.” Caroline says that she hadn’t realised that she had upset Sara and claims that she has just been “bumming out” about Conor and Arron facing the public vote. Sara thinks that it must be more than that and Caroline suggests that people must be “stirring things” between them. They agree to talk through any further problems and then head off to bed.

Posted on Sunday 8 July 2012
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